A Warning To All Political Shills And Traitors – Yes You Too Cameroon!

This is not a blog as such but a timely warning and explanation for my erratic internet absence and appearance over the past days.

First A Warning o All Political Shills And Traitors.

I tried to post an earlier blog to warn about the obvious outcome of the UK Referendum debacle but weather internet problems dampened my efforts. Full explanation later. Meanwhile a dire warning.

In this case I will use the UK as a mere example but all Western or European connected countries including Canada, Australia and the US would be wise to take heed and think deeply. Especially Europeans.

I was trying to post the obvious outcome oft the so called Euro Referendum rebellion by entities in expensive suits posing as politicians. Although it is now yesterdays news I am sure many of you already knew the result beforehand because the lying MS Media is becoming more predictable with each passing day as well as the fools who control government spin, propaganda and compulsive lies.

If it sounds like Treachery it is because it is Treachery. I will remind all politicians that your actions will not be overlooked and also remind you that Treachery is still punishable by death under “The Law of the Land and of the People”.

Did you shiver in your ivory towers when you saw video clips of Colonel Gadaffi pleading for his life?Did you break out in a cold sweat when you saw his limp lifeless body being kicked around by the angry mobs?

If you did not, then your arrogance has vanquished your fear and therefore survival instinct and clear thinking about the consequences awaiting you for your actions.

If you did feel the cold grip of terror running down your spine however, you have had a brief experience of precognition and a glimpse into your own future and fate.

Let me tell you why Precognition exists in Nature. It is a warning that you are standing at one of the many crossroads we encounter in life. It is an early warning that tells you think very carefully about which road you are about take. Everyone of is born with that sixth sense. A sense which has dulled in some and sharpened in others. It is not a spooky, weird or supernatural enigma. It is merely a heightened sense of “Instinct” which keeps us safe and alive.

Would you put your hand in a food blender then switch it on? Instinct tells you no! Common Sense quickly follows and registers the bloody outcome of your stupidity so we usually do not entertain such insane thoughts.

Here is the problem.

If you are a Politician or hold any position of power which affects the life of others then things are different.

You have a duty to those people. You have been elected to serve them and Govern their respective countries. You are an elected Civil “Servant” by the people. That is the way it used to be. Now there is no such thing as a peoples vote or fair election. But as a politician that does not make you immune from the law be it cosmic or the people law. You can hide behind your political immunity for only so long.

So you little pieces of cowardly scum. Remember those images of the Libyan leader because they are part of your own destiny. The problem is that your arrogance and wishful thinking is clouding your true instinct.

Do you really think they will reward you for your treachery against the people? Especially when you know what they do to you when you have served your purpose. They chose you because of your treacherous flaw and lying ability. Dv you really think they will take a chance that you might not betray them someday?

Because they wont. And should you know too much you will be suicided or meet an unfortunate accident. Joining their organizations is like joining the Mafia, once in you can never get out except by death.

I will also remind you that you are putting your own families in great danger because of your greed and lust for non existent power.

You truly are a bunch of top class idiots with a degree in utter idiocy…

You are also on the losing side Arf Arf!

To The People

You have just been the victim of government spin to distract you from the true state of things.

Things that the government impostors know damn well will have a devastating effect on your life and standard of living as well as your freedom and rights.

I will say this here and now in the public domain because I know this site is monitored by sneaky government yes men and brown nosers just to remind them that they too are guilty of a sovereign crime for supporting the impostors.

David Cameron the unelected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is a traitor.

Notice how I have spelt his name correctly instead of Cameroon? Nor am I taking the rise by reminding you all that he resembles a Cabbage patch Doll even though he does uncannily look like one!

Why? Because I am stating publicly that he is a treacherous sneaky entity who is nothing but a shill and puppet of the elite bankers and architects of a new order.

I am pointing out the utter farce and bad acting between him and the tiny French Napoleon Sarkozy, another Khazar Jew hell bent on power.

A few weeks ago they were sharing the limelight and fawning over each other as they paraded around safe zones of Libya like rock stars to celebrate yet another “Illegal” invasion of a sovereign country.

I keep mentioning the word “Sovereign” in the context of a fully independent nation determining its own affairs for a very good reason and that is because Sovereign countries are being stripped of that status. If this fact does not bother you it will when your memory is jogged. Iraq may not have concerned you back then but it too used to a Sovereign country. Now it is a sovereign in name only because it is run by shills and puppets of the Anglo American Empire and the elite corporations who control them and have stole the Iraqi peoples oil and wealth.

Afghanistan was not in turmoil until the greedy Western powers illegally invaded it using Bin Laden as an excuse yet still remain there now that he has been killed twice.

A few years ago I warned that the war in Iraq would shift to Pakistan. That is a Prediction now in process. I would rather not go to deep as to the reasons for this here suffice to say that it confirms the plan for a massive attempted invasion of the Middle East and a planned WW3 by the elites.

I shook my head in disgust when I heard the poison dwarf slagging of cabbage patch… Sorry I meant Sarkozy and Cameroon because they work for the same entities and that does not mean the people they are meant to represent.

This latest Euro debacle has clearly backfired and exposed the entities in suits for what they really are.

Cameroon hate the British as do all the current Euro leaders hate theirs. do you know why my friends?

Because they are similar to Communists. They beleive in one massive superstate similar to the old and failed USSR of which the EU based its blueprint on.

This compulsive British hating entity posing as the UKs Leader is totally for Britain getting sucked into the EU black hole superstate.

I told you all this many Moons ago when he was smuggled or sneaked into power.

Let us take facts and glue them together with “Common Sense”.

Is he mentally unstable?

I would say yes without a doubt. He campaigned as anti EU yet has denied the British People a referendum on the EU because he and is wanker cronies know the outcome. “NO” with a capital “N”. Yet he pretends he is On their side.

He simply does not get it or give a damn or both, that the people of this World have seen what is happening with the Euro meltdown.

We the People and ironically by their own MS Media have witnessed what is happing to Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain et al. All in financial chaos with worse yet to come.

The rabble who are in government are cowards. They have been ordered not to take part in the rebellion for a referendum and have obeyed like frightened mice because they are scared of losing their cushy jobs and perks while the masses struggle. They do not want to join the misery like the rest of the public. Self survival is their game. Some will be fired as an example but do not let this sham fool you because it is was all orchestrated from the beginning.

It is a clear to the British People. There will be no Referendum and will do as I damn well please because I have been told to do so by my elite masters.

The sad thing is that the masses still think they live in a democratic society even when they are told how it is going to be like it or not.

Who is this stinking rich spoiled brat to deny the freedom of the peoples will?

This fat faced hokey looking bastard has now shown his true colours and exposed himself for the lying traitor he is. He should have a citizens slapped on his cabbage patch ass for lying about his true intentions before he got sneaked into power by other entities posing as politicians although they too knew damn well that a Tory government was the very last thing the British people wanted or needed.

The bunch of muppets in power need to be kicked out pronto before they move on to the next stage.

The so called rebels insist we still need to trade with the EU Zone but simply want to repatriate power back to Britain which has been given away by past traitors like Tony B, Liar et al without permission. Who do these jerks think they are?

Yet a few months ago British businesses and Town Halls were “ordered” to fly the EU Flag or face a heavy fine!

And people in the UK insist that they are not ruled by Brussels and the EU HQ which is systematically destroying UK industries like Fishing and Farming. The same corrupt organization that cannot account for the billions of Euros which disappear every month yet still have the audacity to impose Austerity Measures and Hardship on innocent people who were conned into the EU by shills of the elite.

They are going to break you all like a twig!

We can see what they are as clear as rainwater. They are dictators running a regime. They say and you obey. Your opinion is not negotiable.

They Rule not Govern. The servants have become the masters. The nutters have taken over the asylum folks and you better believe it. If you do not now, you will soon see, witness and experience it first hand.

Cameroons orders have always been to make happen what is happening now. I warned back then what you are now seeing. The three main political parties are all on the same payroll and opposition is nothing more than act to keep the masses subdued. Their collective mission is to destroy the British Peoples Government by making all parties unpopular. At least they are doing a great job there. Eventually, or so their plan goes is that people will be so dispossessed they will welcome joining the EU fully with open arms.

You see my friends this is has all been planned for a very long time.

The European Union is, and has always been the blueprint for a “Superstate” and the launch pad to finally establish a NWO, ie the New World Order.

As you read this they scoundrels meet behind closed doors because only a democracy is transparent.

Their MS Media propaganda machine tells you they working on a solution to the dire meltdown of the Euro as if they are heros. What are they going to do? Fork out some of their stolen money and put it into a kitty? Not bloody likely! In fact the concept would never enter their heads.

I will tell you what they are doing because I have seen.

They are finalizing the next stage.

Get ready for what I warned you about last time. Another bank bail out on a massive scale. They are already hinting this in spite of false promises that the public would not have to bail them again. The new term for this is “Refinancing the Banks” because we are so stupid that we will never figure it out. Duh and Duh again!

Meanwhile prepare for the ride of your life because soon you will not be able to make head nor tail of what is going on until the unexpected happens.

The whole idea of keeping this website in the public domain for as long as possible is for you to gain the edge by knowing what is around the corner before it happens. Many of you trust what is said here simply because the results of information beforehand have turned out to be correct with a great degree of accuracy.

Yes I know the best things are free but the state of the financial system can no longer sustain some of those free things and if not supported will disappear as many jobs seem to be doing and therefore your standard of living. 2012 is going to be a very rough ride if people do not switch themselves on so I must practice what I preach.

Even then, accurate knowledge kept hidden from you is an integral part of survival and making it through the storm to come. I am willing to donate the time and knowledge if you are willing to help me keep this website afloat.

I too must make preparations by stocking supplies and taking necessary measures which also costs money. Money which has until now been spent running this website for you since 2006/2007. Now like you I must prepare by putting a little extra money into preparation because I cannot eat a website, nor will it keep me being thirsty. That means I starve to death so no more website anyways. More below.

Weather Problems?

Apologies for the delay of the Private Blog or any other business I have with you. Nothing sinister unless the weather is sinister.

Then again Comet Elenin is still passing us by and quakes have been on the increase and floods look like they are practicing for the next great deluge.

Having said that there has been much static electricity in the air which is no help to Wi Fi products and my mobile phone has been rendered almost useless at times. I have managed to get a few windows to the internet here and there except when I have a powercut. Funny how I have managed to deal with contact in the US for a considerable time before getting cut off but not the UK. Must be the bad weather in both countries at the same time. Not much I can about anything in that situation. Three days of torrential rain and window rattling thunder. Looks like the UK has suffered the same resulting in floods again. Ironic that lately the MS Media have been spreading fears of drought. I will wager they still will once the floods have subsided.

Anyways, the forecast is for a break in the weather for a few a days but still heavy rain and stormy weather expected here and there.

By the way, the old song in the film “My Fair Lady” is wrong. The Rain In Spain does not fall mainly on the plain. It bounces six inches off the ground everywhere and anywhere it pleases.

If this blog goes through ok the PB should follow on Wed or Thurs according to WG who has been experiencing similar problems.


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You are no longer Governed by those you “Think” you elected.

You are now “Ruled” by them!

The NWO is closer than you think. Uncomfortably close.

On The Wind – Levi

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