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“Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” – “So Passes The World’s Glory”.

Last year the time came for us to go underground so to speak. Time to Run Silent Run Deep.

The free and open Slog Blog is a place to let off steam against the growing arrogance of those in authority and their indifference towards towards the public they were elected to serve. So in the open blog I merely say out loud what the silent majority feel.

However, there are some things that cannot be said in public. These things are not about slight or diatribes against the PTB (Powers That Be) and their puppet politicians et al, but deeper things they would prefer you to remain ignorant of. Beneath the surface of the society you have been conditioned to accept as normal, there is a completely different world of which is hidden from you.

Hidden Knowledge, Hidden History And A Hidden Agenda

These hidden things are hidden in plain sight. It would be impossible to hide all information throughout history so the PTB simply make it hard to find by flooding the world with disinformation to the point where only the initiated can sort the wheat from the chaff. With the birth of the internet the task of negotiating your way through the disinformation minefield has become even more difficult.

The question you must ask yourself is WHY?

Why would those in power create a false illusion of life and society for us? The so called Elite or Illuminati meaning ‘The Illuminated Ones’. Even by the name they have chosen reveals much of how superior they consider themselves to us. This is not a Conspiracy Theory my friend. The Elite and their agenda is real time fact. Furthermore, the proof is all around you if you care to open your eyes and look. Hidden in plain sight as they like to boast. They are the Elite so they ‘Can See’. You are an inferior so you ‘Cannot See’. They are initiated to ‘See’. You are not.

Forbidden Knowledge

Most of the history you have been taught at school is false. Tampered with to mislead and condition your young mind when it is at the most impressionable. Remember that History belongs to the Victor not the vanquished so the Victor can write the history of an event to show the victorious in good light and his beaten enemy in bad light.

Similar to the book you call the Bible. Christianity is fairly young religion towards others like Islam et al.

It’s said that there are over a billion followers of the Bible who take every word as gospel truth. Yet the real truth is that most Biblical stories have been ‘borrowed’ from older religions and ancient texts written thousands of years before the Bible or Christianity was existed. Furthermore and completely unknown to those poor souls who support the church, they are ignorant as to what the church really is and indeed to what they are actually worshiping. Aside from that, they are unenlightened or blissfully ignorant of the fact that Religion in general is subconscious tool for controlling the masses.

Many are also hypocrites as indeed the church itself is. They are told that Psychics are evil charlatans who have no real unexplained ability. Yet they are willing to believe in an entity called God who has never been seen nor is there any historical evidence. Perhaps more mind boggling is that they are taught this disinformation by men who dress in robes and perform ancient rituals at a stone alter. They use all the accessories of what is usually associated with Black Magic or Devil worship, i.e. candles, incense and red wine to represent blood. As we learn year after year, these same self appointed representatives of God have steeped their church in sexual child abuse yet people still support them. Perhaps more perplexing is that besides ignoring the growing problem of child abuse within their church, these God fearing worshipers seem to be in denial of what their God is allowing to happen in the world. Wars, famine, disease and hardship. Things that have us now teetering on the edge of the destruction of the human race.

In the PB (Private Blog) we expose the church and their evil doings throughout history. The church is exactly the opposite of what it claims to be.


The PB is also called the 2012 Blog because yet again there is a flood of disinformation about this time and event which has been twisted out of context. I am sick of repeating myself here but unfortunately I must.

I have been talking about 2012 AD for decades. I have always been interested in ancient history not the modern version of it. I have been aware of the astrological link between the zodiac and the Mayan Calendar which coincides with 2012. The Mayan calendar ends in December that year. Because it has predicted every eclipse etc since it came into existence and because it suddenly ends in 2012, further backed by the Maya who called it ‘End Times’, it has been translated as the End Of The World. Literally.

A few short years ago I had nowhere to send you in order to educate yourself about 2012 (or 2013) except for a few academic websites that were extremely hard to navigate and mind numbingly boring to boot.

But now within the past eighteen months or so the 2012 event is everywhere including Hollywood. A multitude of instant experts have exploded into existence who rehash each others rehashed work. Only the initiated have a more accurate idea of what 2012 is all about because they have had access to ancient texts and have studied ancient history in depth with developed or heightened instinct ability.

The majority of armchair experts who sensationalize to cash in know nothing in reality. They are only scratching the surface of 2012/2013 and indeed will scuttle back under their stones once the world sees they did not have a clue after all much like the Millennium Bug doomsday mongers.

These people also need to be very careful of what they are saying because they are dealing with an extremely complicated and dangerous subject of which they nothing and false information now could lead to dire consequences not only for themselves but for others.

So things like 2012 AD are also discussed in the Private Blog also so you will be more knowledgeable than most internet experts and have a realtime grasp as to the event.

Parallel Thinking

The PB is more about mind expansion than sounding off. It’s more self educational. Learning things that should have been taught to us when we are young. Fascinating stuff but hidden or kept from us in order to halt our progress and discover who we are.. where we come from and why we are here. Because the fact is that if you knew these answers, Governments and Religions would crumble overnight and all those traitors within along with them.

Inside this secret place, you will learn Parallel or Lateral Thinking. A different way to think about something other than the way you have been conditioned to think about it. Similar to ‘Reading Between The Lines’ but much more potent. This kind of thinking also gives you the key to own subconscious where your natural born psychic ability has laid dormant since you was conditioned as a child.

So if you have reached the point in your life where you feel the MS Media is lying to you day in day out. Likewise, if you feel your intelligence is being insulted by equally dishonest liars who pass themselves off as politicians. Or even if you feel that something is afoot and is being planned by the very entities we elected to power but cannot quite put you finger on it….

We use a free and extensive online library for further reading links and your own research.

Then you are welcome to join like minded people like you in our 2012 Private Blog.

If you do not wish to pay a subscription for whatever reason. No Problem. The open Slog Blog remains pro gratis as does the rest of the website.

On The Wind – Levi.

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