2012 AD

2012 AD – It Begins

Greetings my friends. The mother of all Years has finally come around so now the speculation, rumours, conspiracies, wild guesses and disinformation will begin to unwind at last. Many instant Experts, Authorities, doom sayers, Prophets and awakened overnight overnight Psychics on the Maya and 2012 ‘End Times’ will try to slip away quietly during the course of this year as it unfolds in a way never seen before.

Another New Years dawns so for traditions sake I will Wish You All The Best For 2012 AD.

After all, it may be the last one the human race sees according to the army of End Times wizards who have surfaced from nowhere with no reputation or previous track record of accuracy or expertise. These types stick in my craw. Besides enjoying their brief encounter with attracting attention, they only succeed in spreading fear and uncertainty. This kind of disinformation makes the task of keeping people positive much harder for the rest of us who truly know what is what.

This is not a year where you can afford to listen charlatans, fakes, vagabonds and especially the low life entities posing as your government. If you think you have been lied to before, think again because there are so many attempted cover ups and disinformation heading your way by the puppets in suits that you will wonder if it is you or them that is losing the plot. That is one shackle that you must shed this year and do your own thinking instead of being told what to think by the entities who have stolen power.

Yes my friends. The day of the criminal career politician has entered the last cycle also but they will cause chaos before its time for them to pay the piper. It is a necessary step they must take in order to try to save their own skins. My tip when listening to government entities this year and any creature expert connected with them is this.

Instead of taking their words as truth and finding out the lie weeks or months later, take “everything” they say as a lie then any truth that was there will reveal itself eventually, but do not hold your breath for truth.

This year is going be trying enough without the continual interference by fake politicians who are hell bent on making 2012 much worse than anticipated. Many people are destined to awaken to this simple fact during the course of this year. Then they will see everything in a different light. Those that survive that is. Let us not beat around the bush here. More people will die this year than any other since WW2.

Many more will lose the plot and develop mental problems. This phenomena has been on the increase over the past few years but this year the spread is more like an epidemic. Remember my MMB – Mass Mental Breakdown theory? Not all of them will go insane. They will just lose the plot for a while. Those trying to block out the chaotic energy by medication will exhibit strange behavior. It will not be hard to spot them in a crowd. No one I know is sure how they will come out of all this or whether their mind gets stuck in limbo.

This new energy I speak of is not to be shut out no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

You know the score. Panic attacks, extreme tiredness and exhaustion etc etc etc. All those symptoms which tells you that your body clock and mind is starting to adjust and tune in to the new energy and reboot your human system.

Bear in mind that today is the beginning of a “New Calendar Year” and not the “Real New Year” which is decreed by Nature and backed by the Zodiac to start in the Springtime and the Sun enters Aries when it reaches the northern vernal equinox, usually around March 21st. Unfortunately our Calendar has been interfered with over the ages by the PTB – Powers That Be and Church of bygone times. Somewhere along the line we have been brainwashed into starting out New Year in the darkest depths of Winter on January 1st.

In fact it looks like a lot of people had a quite time over the holiday period and they New Year went off with a pop rather than with a bang. No atmosphere. It takes people to create that. But behind the Metaphysical is always a physical answer. People can sense that things are not right. They can sense the uncertainty of 2012. Forget the End Times scenario for a moment. The people who do not know about that or do not care if they do are also sensing that there is some kind of major change is coming and it will bring shock with it. Even financially secure people are being exceptionally careful with their savings and there lies the “shock” because no money is safe either in stocks and especially in Banks this year.

Maybe this is the year when Banks burn across Europe because people cannot access their money. I would say that is a fair and accurate comment.

But for arguments sake and modern day tradition I will play along although I am still mentally in 2011 AD. Savvy?

No small wonder so many new years “Resolutions” fail. After all, your body is still in hibernation for a few more months yet and is not firing on all cylinders. It is far easier to use the time in between to practice or enforce any changes you are ready to make. Changes many people will be forced to make because of circumstances beyond their control. Financial changes may be out of control of the individual but a change in thinking and attitude is not.

We are all past the point of personal control now. We have passed through the 11 11 11 portal to 2012 now, and thanks to the slumbering masses the opportunity to change things has been and gone. The next stage is what we call hitting rock bottom or a rude awakening. An awakening that has been a long time coming but better late than never.

Maybe it is a shame they did not listen to the many warnings about what lurks on the Horizon nor how they are being betrayed by the very entities who have manipulated their way into power in order to carry out the agendas of their elite puppet masters. The shadow rulers who pull all the strings out of sight of the public or the vast portion of the MSM or Main Stream Media that they own. A very important “Propaganda” machine which the PTB have come to rely on increasingly.

That is the irony of all this mess.

If most people would summon up the courage to condition themselves not to depend on the Western MS Media by switching off, the PTB would begin to lose their grip of power. If they cannot manipulate public thinking via TV and MS News Mediums their position would greatly diminished. However, that is not going happen overnight.

For those of you still confused or sat on the fence as to whether the world of global conspiracy is fancy or fact, there is no time left to ponder. Do your research and awaken to the coming events and consequences in 2012. Alternatively step away and move on with your life in blissful denial until the reality of tomorrow catches up as the future inevitably does. But enough of that for now. I have said it all too many times before and I tire of it.

We have entered into very strange times and that is all that must be realized for now. Denial is futile and dangerous. Like a lie, denial only has a shelf life until the truth comes along. Truth is forever. Denial is not. Truth can also be shocking with devastating consequences if it catches you off balance.

Even the most hard nosed detractor or critic will have their eyes pried wide open before the Summer are finished. Some will be amazed and will quickly gain knowledge where for others it will be painful to accept. But even that is a step forward because the illusion of the world created for us by the cabal of the banking elite will begin to crumble. This is a very bad year for them, so try step out early instead of waiting to find out the hard way. Those of you tuning in to the secret world which runs this one will be aware that if the PTB are having a hard time enforcing their agendas, then they will make things very difficult for those they control.

Their Compassion is surgically removed at birth and replaced with Spite and hatred.

I would like you to cast your back for a moment to something I said many Moons ago at the beginning of this journey.

I warned that when the time is near, the Powers That Be will come at you from all angles. A tactic that has already begun.

It is important to remember that gem of information because they will never tell you of their agendas, but you can still see the hidden by their actions.

The coming Financial collapse is only the beginning of one angle.

Like dropping a pebble into a calm still pond. It causes many ripples and takes an age to settle back to a calm stillness again. But each ripple causes another ripple and so on and once started nothing can be done until the effect has run its course and nature regains calmness.

The masses should realize that they can also toss a pebble into the PTB pond and cause the same ripples for them and therefore upset their agendas. Life works both ways.

Knowledge is Power. To refuse knowledge is senseless. There is no harm in knowing somethings ahead of events. If it is bad and does not happen then all the better. If it does at least you are prepared, especially mentally.

In 2011 the UK anti depressant consumption has increased by a “Fifth”.

The figures of medicated people in the USA are staggering. Anything over 60% usually is because it means more than half. The UK is catching up on its American cousin for daily medication and obesity in less than a decade. But that is not worries me.

See all those sheep people that we have been trying to awaken? What if their lack of response is not apathy or denial after all? What if their laid back “I dont care” attitude is due to medication and they dont give a damn because they are spaced out on cloud nine man? They are at total peace in their own head because beta blockers have shut down the part of the brain that deals with reality. The irony is that many expensive Big Pharma drugs are addictive when they are supposed to be safe. Look how many celebs die off pain killers they are addicted to. More people die off prescribed drugs every year than the overdosed junky. Fact! But if they are not famous or in the public eye then you never get to know.

In other words my friends, we may be walking amongst medicated zombies who do not give a hoot because their instinct receptors have been dulled or shut down via their addictive medication. A retired GP once told me that the anti depressant “Prozac” was only to prescribed once as a 12 week dose. Yet millions were taking it on a regular basis for years. Maybe the friendly respected family doctor has become a drug pushing pimp for the corporate drug industry but making it all legal.

The point is this. This quick fix society is about to crash. It was never designed to work. In fact the solutions are not even a quick fix. They are more like botch up jobs so they can break down again, thus making it seem we need central governments and justifying jobs for wealthy entities posing as politicians and all the perks they get rewarded with.

You have seen yourselves how they spend the year jet setting to meetings in exotic locations around the world because it is rammed into your face on TV.

You have seen how at these 5 star locations, they sit at finely laid out banquet tables eating seven course meals cooked by the best chefs accompanied by the finest wines in the world… while discussing Austerity Measures and hard times about the rest of us.

My wish for this year is that the masses simply see the arrogance as I do.

Why do they do things like this? Wining and dining like Kings and Queens while the peasants sink further into poverty and hunger? Is it arrogance? Do they want to be hated or maybe they really think they are elite and better everybody else! Who cares? The showdown between them and us is about to begin. They want division so let us hope the people give it to them simply by ignoring them.

No Violence is needed although they would like that so they can establish martial law.

None compliance is the key. Civil Disobedience. But we will save that for another day.

The warnings are all around so wisdom dictates that you start to use common sense and think things out. Turn off the TV for a few minutes so you can think. Get a pen and paper. Shut your eyes and think of scenario. Then follow the ripples and connect the dots. A major event can happen in the blink of an eye. Because something has not happened yet does not guarantee it wont.

If 2012 is an awakening then it is time to awaken to the truth. If so, I can guarantee that it will be a very awakening. But when we see governments around the world using brutal tactics and even death against their own people, the rest of the people must realize who these entities are and see that their agendas are not beneficial to them in any way. Therefore the only solution is to remove them democratically or by any other means.

When the Police use water cannons, batons, tear gas, lasers, stun guns, microwave weapons and bullets against the people they have sworn to protect, things have gone beyond being serious.

When a government living in a lap of luxury enforces hard times on the people they are supposed to serve yet can find money to start wars to steal oil, then things have gone beyond grim.

The Police are walking a very line here because they are not serving the people but serving the puppet politicians whos strings are pulled by the elite banking cabals. They must decide which side they fall on before all hell breaks lose. They know they should arrest more than two thirds of politicians who have been bought out. They know they should have arrested many top government entities for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Until now they have chose to side with the entities who have infiltrated our governments.

Unfortunately they have forgotten which is the bigger army once the public temper snaps.

Listen carefully policemen and women around the world.

Listen carefully you military people around the world.

I will give you one Prediction that will happen beyond any shadow of a doubt.

If you carry on serving the enemy, you will be annihilated by the masses. That is more of a Promise than a Prediction.

You took an oath to serve the people not bent politicians. Break that oath and the people will break you into doggy treats.

Find your conscience or pay the consequences when you are over run by sheer numbers. Do not be fooled and used as pawns by the usurping tin pot dictators in government. They will desert you when the battle is being lost.

It need not be that way. Win the hearts and minds of the people instead letting the politicians make you look the enemy.

PT 2 Next Time – A Spark In A Powder Keg

On The Wind – Levi

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