2012 AD – It Begins PT2

A Spark In A Powder Keg

To continue our opening shot for 2012 AD we must first glance at what is going on in plain sight and being played out in the MS Media. It kind of gives you a hint of what to expect in 2012 AD in order to prepare or brainwash you into accepting the unacceptable.

The USA and Iran are rattling sabers again on behalf of Isra-Hell who like to get America and others to their fighting for them as cowards often do. It does not take a genius to figure why the world is full of outrage for the mad dog state but to tell you the truth, it is not worth bothering yourself anymore. The time of hatred for the rogue state has been passed. Next time you hear of another outrage instigated by Isra-Hell.. and there are still quite a few to come this year.. do not be angered.

Instead just shake your head with a wry smile upon your face in the knowledge that it is in its last cycle of existence.

The PTB are preparing it for the sacrificial lamb it was always meant to be from its conception… But that is for another day.

Meanwhile, the poli-ticks have much shit stirring to do in the Middle East before Isra burns in Hell.

The US knew Iran was holding war exercises but two war ships taunted Iran by impeding its drills. Next thing we hear is that the US Navy is on the way because Iran has threatened to shut down the Strait of Hormuz.

The pebble has been dropped into the pond my friends. All the warnings and Predictions I given here over the past years are now gathering together for the grande finale.

The first ripple comes. Meaning much of the worlds oil passes through the Strait of Hormuz. Look at a map and you will see that Iran can do that effortlessly and keep it closed indefinitely. All governments know this. The elite are obsessed with Iran but always failed to take it. They tried backing Saddam. A war that dragged on for a decade and produced millions of casualties. Saddam failed. Plans were made to invade Iraq and take it by toppling Saddam. First military base for a future attack on Iran.

But we are not rippling that way today.

We would have to go to Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt and so on. Then how the US would be spitting defiance at both China and Russia who have both told the US to back off Iran or else. They have minded their own business while the entities who infiltrated the American Admin have been busy invading every sovereign country to steal its resources then turn it into a military base as is the fact in Haiti and other so called Human Rights campaigns in countries that have nothing to do with the West.

Besides, when the West gets involved protecting foreign civilians a strange things happens. The casualties triple.

Instead we are concentrating on the entities not the politics who cause problems.

The PTB know that the military forces they control cannot simply open up the oil route in the Strait of Hormuz. It is strategically impossible because it will become a graveyard for sunken ships which will block it off indefinitely.

Heres the kicker.

The American Admin has started all this by threatening other countries not to buy oil from Iran because the latter refuse to accept the US Dollar for payments for their oil seeing as the US Dollar is worth diddlysquat. The only thing keeping the US afloat is because the Federal Reserve is printing the greenback like its going out of fashion… which ironically it is…

Iran et al will accept the Euro however so no coincidence that it is also under attack.

As we all know, you cannot simply print your way out of trouble. If you do, then your currency loses value.

The world is so flooded out with the US Dollar that it was last valued at 30 cents meaning that America in theory is bankrupt and has been since I last Predicted it. This year it will no longer be doubted. I know it is hard to accept but history proves that no civilization lasts forever. Empires rise and fall. They have done so since bygone times up to the fall of the Roman Empire to the fall of the German and British Empires in modern times.

Now it Americas turn and it will not be alone. The wealth is shifting from the West to the East. And there lies the problem. History also proves that when a superpower begins to wane, there is only one desperate throw of the dice left.

We call it “War”.

The US and allies have planned the Iranian invasion for a very long time. I do not mean mere months but decades. Trouble is that war machines need millions of barrels of oil to run it. Therefore they need oil from the safer side of Iran where they can access oil without confrontation. Therefore the war mongers need a flow of oil which cannot be interfered with by Iran.

For arguments sake lets say er… Libya. If I said that to anyone a year ago it would be met with dismissive wave of the hand. But like I said, a major event can happen overnight and catch you unawares… Like Libya did. Expect more of these covert invasions by the US and NATO in 2012. But that is by the by and we must suffer the consequences of letting unbalanced entities worm their way into power and rule over us like dictators.

We have made our bed now we must lay in it.

Even with stolen Libyan oil, there is not enough to feed oil consuming countries like the US, UK and Europe so rationing will be enforced to the public. Military and civil Haulage will be priority. The shops have to get stock and that is only the beginning. Another problem arises. As the oil blockage begins to strangle the West who depend on it and other countries who have nothing to do with the conflict will eventually get sucked in because their countries are suffering and people are rioting. All those small governments could easily lose total control of its people. In a scenario of an escalating war, shipping itself will become difficult. Many suppliers will dry up because they too need oil to manufacture, so many imported items in your supermarket will disappear either through an opposing country refusing to supply or the suppliers themselves cannot supply. I am hinting a Food Shortages here. Are you stocked up with emergency supplies? Are they edible without cooking?

Trust me. Even your pets will start to look tasty when hunger becomes unbearable.

I know.. slap your hand Levi, that is a cruel thing to say. That maybe so but until you know what real hunger feels like you are not qualified to say it will never happen. I am not talking feeling peckish and knowing that it is almost dinnertime. I am talking starvation when your stomach begins to eat itself because there is simply no food available. Take at a good look at those TV adds of kids starving in Africa. If it can happen to them in this day and age then developing circumstances would suggest that the same could happen to you.

Ask your grandparents about rationing in WW2. Research the Great Depression of the “Thirties”. It was not as long ago as you may think. People will eat grass if they have to.

The next ripple will hit utilities.

Not much point in having food if you cannot heat it or boil water to cook and wash. People tend to take hygiene for granted in a survival situation and forget how important it is. When I was a kid, every cave had a open fire. A power cut could be shrugged off because an open fire could still keep you warm, have some light, cook and boil water to bathe. Not so with most modern dwellings.

Most European countries now buy their gas and oil from Russia. Most European countries happen to be a member of NATO who will be involved with the attempted takedown of the Middle East by the USA under orders from… Guess who! Russia is also extremely pissed off at the European missile defense system which is unnecessary unless of course you intend to invade Russia and the latter are not stupid by any means. They can see what is going on as well as you or I can. The same country who along with another superpower called China have warned the former countries to lay off Iran or else. Meaning or else be prepared for WW3. But hey, lets not go off on such a trivial tangent. The masses do not give a damn about a war more devastating than the last two so the subject is trivial.

Skirmishes and small wars happen overnight. A Wold War is a different story because it out of the hands of Western governments. Therefore it will start with an incident such as what is happening now in the Strait of Hormuz. It only takes one rogue rocket or fighter jet incident to spark the powder keg. Then in come the politicians et al and jump on the bandwagon in games of diplomacy, sanctions and chaos as per usual. But while all the windbags are running their mouths off… the public is already feeling the pinch.

These political entities who people have been misled into believing and trusting, have already planned the hardship ahead to suit their agendas and offshore bank accounts. Not that they will ever to get to enjoy it but that is the irony and futility of it all I suppose.

The greed of the few make the many suffer.

Meanwhile the key to surviving this year doom laden year is to remain “Positive” and do not take the End of the World doom merchants seriously. They are cashing in off your fears and know feck all about the Mayan Prophesies.

If I am not here in 2013 AD it will be due to other events or circumstances and not because the world ended and we will all be dead. I will give odds of 10,000 to 1 on that Prediction.

After all, this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.


Stay Positive – Levi

Another PB almost ready to post!

The year is off to a busy start. This year will fly by yet there is much work to do so I must concentrate on the PB more because the PBT are really clamping down on content as they continue their agenda to limit free speech in the public domain via the Internet as you will see.

Press TV for instance has now been taken off the Sky Platform as promised. Sky says it is political.

The real reason is because the Western MS Media does not want you to find out what is going on around the world or even in your own country unless it is from their warped and twisted point of view.

The next PB is a kind of continuation of the last one about how the underground “Safe Havens” of the elites are being taken down. If there is nowhere to run then they have to think twice about their agendas.

We are also covering the Mr David Wilcock interview when he broke down on a radio interview because of death threats for releasing the kind of information that I have been releasing for years about the above and gold etc. If he finds it too hot and cannot respond to death threats with gusto, then he is better not touching the conspiracy world at all and sticking to what he is good at about consciousness etc. A niche in which he excels and worth checking out.

This is not a game of conspiracy we are playing here. We are dealing with reality. Hard facts about a world hidden by the MS Media and ridden with some extremely dangerous entities and characters who do not take kindly to anyone who expose them and especially their agendas before they reveal them themselves.

Watch them feck around with me this year and watch me feck around with them back. Arf Arf

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