2011 World Predictions Intro

2011 World Predictions – Introduction

Since 2006 I have endeavored to bring you online Predictions for the World around us. Now for 2011. These are Psychic Predictions, not computer forecasts or watching trends, because in most cases no data is usually available at the time because the event has not happened in the Physical World.

The idea is to give you a hint by way of Prediction or Precognition as to what lies ahead so you may gain the edge. It is not a quest to prove the Metaphysical such as Precognition or Psychic Ability. That is up to the reader to research or ignore and is of no consequence to these World Psychic Predictions for 2011.

Instead, try to exercise Logic. Knowing something negative could happen before it happens has a few uses. One. You are prepared. Two. A shock or nasty surprise has a lessened impact. Three. Sometimes danger can be avoided altogether. A good Prediction can do that if you can see it beginning to manifest into reality and act accordingly.

Internet Police

Also this intro is longer than usual for reasons explained below. Mainly because the battle to regulate and control the Internet will reach a crescendo this year. The danger being it will be done by stealth. In other words, the preparation for Policing of the Internet by the PTB (Powers That Be) takes place without your knowledge, up to a point where by the time you find out, it is too late to react. This point of least resistance has almost been reached. It is important that you recognize and realize that this agenda has already been in progress for longer than you know.

Therefore if you do not want to endure this important but draw out ramble, please feel free to access the first part of the 2011 Predictions. The button for PT1 is on your left.

The original excuse was to use Pedophilia. It was a good taboo subject until the Church Child Abuse Scandal leaked out so another excuse was needed. Enter a new term into our vocabulary. “Cyber Terrorism”. You will hear this term more and more as the PTB manipulate their position to completely control and dominate the content of the World Wide Web. Therefore it is inevitable that any websites which inform of the truth, deliver Alternative News or speak against the PTB and their agendas will cease to exist and will be replaced by Pro Government propaganda sites and therefore promotion of the NWO agenda (New World Order). Once these sites are down, there is no recourse left to inform former visitors.

This website for instance, is on the blacklist and WILL be interfered with a number of times in 2011. One of which may prove fatal. Although I have the means to continue with the Private Blog without a website, the point is that when all sites of this ilk or similar have been removed from public access, the once free internet will become an extremely boring shadow of itself full of advertising and misleading political propaganda. In a nutshell people are abandoning the MSM (Main Stream Media) for the very same reason and the PTB cannot allow this to happen. Otherwise how can they con the masses?

Answer? Infiltrate the internet as they have done with governments and world politics.

Of course it is not totally about control. There must be profit involved. Its been a few years since I informed you about Internet Micro Payments. Another fingerprint of the elite PTB. They are parasites pure and simple. They take something for free then either charge for it or create payable interest.

Traditionally I have been delivering World or Psychic Predictions Offline for much longer, but have had to endure much frustration and loss of data with previous web hosts who have blamed the problem on a number of things so I know how quickly things can happen and how powerless you are to do anything about it except give up and move on. Even with the current safe site there have been occasional attacks and ongoing problems with communications with Oz (The Great Australian Fire Wall), Canada and the US especially.

Why attack a harmless websites like this which is classed as “Entertainment Only”?

Because some things are said here which certain entities do not want you to know. I think the term is “TRUTH”.

Also the vanity of these entities is second to none. They simply will not tolerate anything negative being said about them including the truth. Although they are destroying lives, the standard of living, financial and job security and a myriad of other hardship inducing factors behind the backs of the people… they still demand that you like them for their “Value Destroying” shenanigans.

Am I annoyed? Not really. But I am a little flattered that this site is on the same hit list as some big truth and alternative news websites like Jeff Rense, What does it mean and others so let us recap.

The final agenda is to wipe websites like these completely off the internet and replace them with MS News propaganda and Corporate websites. Many will spring up in likeness to those which disappear. But they will be nothing but clones and Trojan Horses to ensnare your thinking.

A good example is Glen Beck from Fox news. Fox is a Zionist owned organization. R. Murdoch. They have seen an awakening because viewers are beginning to see Faux News as the propaganda machine that it really is and deserting them. Reaction? Create a wide eyed idiot called Glen Beck so they can jump on the “Tea Party” bandwagon in order to infiltrate such “Freedom Movements” (And eventually destroy them further down the road)

If you are American and you support Glenn Beck who is embedded in the biggest MS Media propaganda machine, namely Fox Media… You are clearly either stupid or naive or both. I do not fancy your chances of survival. Be it physical or mental. Look before you leap! Join a genuine Tea Party not a Trojan Horse.

The Cyber War And Wikileaks between the people and their governments has already begun. The PTB (Powers That Be) are closing in on the Net so they can completely control how you surf the web and see only what they want you to see. The same tactic they have done with MS Media. This is not new info. The PTB have been planning and manipulating the internet for quite some time in preparation. The message is that this year they will make the visible push to regulate the once free internet.

The Wikileaks fiasco will be the mainstay excuse. The same old tactic. Threat to national security and so on. Necessary to keep you safe of course when no real threat exists. Read between the lines of ALL MSM. (Mainstream Media ) Also do not allow yourself to be taken in by Wikileaks thinking it is a people power website. As yet nothing has been released which we can call mind blowing or threat to National Security. It is all gossip about who said what about someone else. So far, the leaks have only caused a few red faces on the two faced backstabbers.

Seeing as politicians and their ilk are lying two faced sociopaths to begin with, then the leaks come as no surprise to no one. They do it for a living. However, it will be on the list excuses to regulate the net. First Nail In The Coffin. If this is allowed to go ahead, you will not recognize the internet in 18 months from now.

The reason being that people are becoming aware of the lies and falsities of the MS Media in general so seek truth elsewhere which is a massive headache for the PTB and their lackeys. The reason is simple.

If they cannot force you to watch and obey the MS Media, they cannot control public opinion and situations of which they would prefer to keep you in the dark. Otherwise they lose control of you and that is extremely fatal to them. In fact if I had one wish it would be this.

For people to wake up tomorrow and discover exactly the true extent of what has been done to them by their ruling entities. But more importantly what the same entities have planned for them.

I can say in all certainty that should the above happen, the Global Structure of politics would disintegrate overnight and the PTB would run and hide in terror from the wrathful masses of people baying for their blood. They see this could happen because of the free internet so something has to be done in order for them to survive and continue their draconian rule over the masses.

I mention this again in the intro because there will be a massive push in 2011 to regulate the internet which is an important PP (People Power) Weapon against those who dismantling our social fabric, way of life and standard of living.

Besides the face of the internet, you will not recognize your lifestyle in 18 months either if nothing is done.

In fact they plan to have 80% to 90% control before 2012 is out. That includes control of the populace as well as the net. That is no wild boast my friends. They are much closer than you think, as indeed they are with their NWO agenda. I remind you at this point what I have said many times. “They Will Come At You From All Angles to keep you in a state of flux while enforcing more oppression”.

Yet another blow to freedom of speech. Yet another step to a NWO (New World Order)

Twitter Gone Already

Oh yes I almost forgot. My Twitter Account has completely disappeared recently. I guess the same old faceless entities somewhere do not want my “Entertainment Only Predictions” to receive widespread release. Either that or the timing is coincidental. In which case please do not depend on the security of this website because it could disappear at any time during 2011/2012 along with many others.

Although I will endeavor to keep it up and running, I cannot guarantee its survival this year.In fact I doubt any alternative websites can guarantee their survival unless they have they have their own servers. An expense which smaller sites like this cannot afford. Even then it is only a matter of time.

Having said that. There are alternative ways to reach visitors should their websites get taken down so expect many underground tactics coming into play. For instance the PB (Private Blog) members will be directed to another place in cyberspace which will not officially exist. It will not be registered with search engines so will not officially exist. Also officially it will difficult for authorities to shut that avenue down because it is not in the public domain as such. It is private between you and I. It will also be password protected.

To be honest, they will never succeed in regulating the internet fully. It is too big now and anyone who tries will spell the end of their political careers. However. Be under no illusions here. They can damage the internet for quite some time so solutions for in between are needed until the PTB get the message.

And before anyone starts screaming about that the PB should be free, (yes there are one or two) forget it. I have expenses to keep this up and running to give you everything else for free. Savvy?

These small minded people are almost impossible to reason with and I am sick of explaining to them. Flogging a dead horse is more productive. I have explained the planned “Micro Payments” until blue in the face but they still do not get it. Basically they will out price the internet. One more time..

You will pay fees to visit and gain access to certain websites. The working title is called a “Micro Payment”.

Not only will this vastly limit your internet surfing but it will also build a profile on you by which sites you visit. So while alternative news sites are still running and you visit them, you will probably be classed as an enemy combatant or possible “Home grown Terrorist”.

Oh yes. To the moaning Minnies out there. Enjoy Free while you can. The owner of a website will not get any of the “Micro Payment” even though they do all the work and stump up expenses. The government will take it for nothing. 100% profit for doing nothing except causing grief. Hence many will have to go underground and a two tier internet will be born. It already exists.cMore sites are now asking for either donations or subscription fees for reasons described above. Private None Public Domain Access. Out of government reach until they expose themselves by going after the underground internet doing no harm to anyone. This is some time off yet though.

Man Made Disasters

Those same darkly obsessed control freak entities may have more cause to hide their actions this year because there are double the usual amount of Predictions this time around. This means of course that they themselves are busy causing chaos.

The reason is not solely Metaphysical or coincidental. It is because many events you will see next year will actually be man made and the PTB appear to have an urgent need to bring people under almost all control by 2011/2012. But because there are so many of you out there, they cannot control by force no matter what you hear about Martial Law. It is nothing but a bluff. An illusion that can be busted and buried using simple maths and of course by looking at past events in modern and bygone times.

Those of you who can see what is happening with the increase of constant nanny orders and new laws from governments, all of which are designed to break financial dependence and quash freedom, will also know that this year many more will begin to awakened by necessity and join the ranks.

Therefore they can only control the masses by mind manipulation, illusion, lies and bluff. Hence the need to control those who are opting out of MS News etc. by infiltrating the world wide web. Wherever the public go for information, the corporations will follow, infiltrate then destroy the original source and replace it with the information with their own version.

They are parasites who feed of the people. And when the blood runs out they will begin feeding on each other.

Governments and Corporations are like a parasitic Cancer feeding off innocent and trusting people because they are staffed by ambitious greed ridden parasites. “I refer to them as entities not people”. People experience feelings for other people. They are not emotionally equipped nor capable of feelings. Therefore they are not complete human beings. They are “Entities”. If you doubt me, simply look into their cold lifeless eyes then Try to doubt me!

The aforementioned will eventually be tamed by the people because they need people to feed off while exercising their self awarded powers.

When the people decide not to oblige any longer, the illusionary powers of Government, Banks, Corporations and local governments et al will disintegrate overnight. The “Time Of Upheaval” which is coming, is an event brought on by the latter’s impatience, flaws, arrogance and pushing too much to soon because they think they have already won. Many a boxer has stepped into the ring with a lesser opponent and been defeated because they arrogantly underestimated the so called underdog.

In case I am not around for another set of Predictions next year, I will tell you something now for Long Term Precognition and ease of mind. I may yet give into pressure and write an e-book taking you up to and past 2012 and 2013 as a precaution.

Be warned that the PTB operate by bringing order out of chaos. Chaos “They Cause” but make it appear otherwise. You are seeing it now with your own eyes in the form of “Austerity Measures”. The talking heads tell you there is no money but fail to explain where it has “Disappeared” to.

It is this caused chaos which you must prepare for. Unfortunately for the PTB and their NWO, the chaos theory will not happen as they expect. The modern public and new generations will not respond by begging the government for help as expected, but will blame them instead. Although there will be front line violence as the Police etc get overwhelmed, the main movement will be one of “Mass Disobedience”. An historical event in the making. The Government barking out orders and the people doing exactly the opposite. It almost looks as though an alternative society is being set up for the people and by the people leaving the creatures known as Poli-Ticks to order only each other about.

At this point I would urge you research “The Freeman Of The Land Movement”. (See Links in nav menu)

You must realize that you can still claim your Sovereign Rights as a “Sovereign Of The Land” and defeat many Government Laws because they are Laws Of The Sea (Admiralty Law) and are illegal to enforce on land.

People must realize how simple it is to remove a government that is damaging them, their children’s future and their society. Start at local level and remove the cancer from town and village councils first. Simply remove the lackeys. They are easily identified. They do the opposite of what the people want them too because they are taking orders from London. And like London they have no real power. They are administrators for Brussels as is the current Hung Government.

Take back your town halls and cut all funding to London who are handing your local taxes over to Brussels who in turn order their lackey governments to make things worse for you and your family.

Violence Not Needed But “Civil Disobedience” or “None Compliance” Is..


Draconian Laws Equal loss Of Freedom

Oh and Guys! A message to the majority of you. Learn to grow some balls in 2011 and stop letting women and students do your fighting for you. Stop smirking at everything as if its a joke or dismiss reality as a conspiracy theory. Because when the time comes, the people around you will remember your none action and will remember you. Actually we can scrub that because I doubt those sort of guys visit here. Truth is too heavy for them to handle. But if you know any, pass the message on anyway and tell them I sent you.

“A coward dies many times before his life expires”.

For each none action against increasing hardship measures, you are allowing your human rights to be abolished.

Ironically, while you begin to struggle, those who caused the hardship reward themselves in a world where “Hardship” is an unknown word.

There is a battle of stealth being played out against you by your governments which have been infiltrated by lackeys of an elite criminal cabal. These entities in dark blue suits get richer while you get poorer. They preach one thing to you and do the opposite to benefit themselves. It is time to wake up to the facts of reality and put down the oppressive political regime that is trying to be created now.

So next time my none action apathetic friends. Do not moan about shortage of money or your kids having do without. Worry by all means, but do not complain about losing your home or stress out because your job has either gone or is getting very uncertain as more businesses are forced to streamline to survive. Also do not get angered when the next raft of “Draconian Laws” are rammed down your throat like it or not, because all these things have grown out of none action and apathy of Nations where the brave are a minority.

Example: Will you miss a Free Internet?

Why do you think the term “Cyber Terrorism” has been invented and is being mentioned more frequently? You will here a lot of this term in 2011. Then there is the usurper President in the White House. An illegal alien called Barry Soetoro who goes by his Muslim name of Barak Hussein Obama, the long legged mac daddy. This entity has now been assigned an “Internet Kill Switch” in case of Cyber Terrorism. (Which the authorities will stage in the first place) Watch April to June/July.

In fact it may even be blamed for a Wall ST Crash!

I do see another wave of awakening especially in America in 2011. Not through realization but desperation.

Having said that. Do not conjure up scenes of mass revolution in America. We must not be sheeplike by ignoring facts and replacing them with wishful thinking or denial.

Even as more people do awake to what is happening, 40% to 60% will still remain ignorant because they are already mentally beaten and cannot function without government help. They have been labelled “Sheeple” but I still prefer to use the term “Sheep People”. Same difference!

This applies not only to America but all Western countries. That is how dire things are and why the poli-tick lackeys walk around with a confident smug look on their face. An arrogant expression that shouts “We Have Already Won”.

There is so much government betrayal over the horizon that even the average sheep person will begin to see what is really happening to our societies as we know them now and indeed what they are going to be replaced with.

We hope the majority of Americans and Europeans, Australians and Canadians too will awaken to the fact that their Governments are Trojan Horses designed to destroy the old ways and replace them with new ones. All fine and well until you look at the details.

In fact the US Admin has already declared war on its citizens. They already intercept email and can tap telephones without lawful permission. Spying on your own is a Gestapo tactic where you treat the people as the enemy. Paranoid entities are dangerous ones when in power. It can lead to “Communism”.

Unbelievably, it is now illegal to home grow food in the US. I informed you about this numerous times during the year. Now it is no longer a conspiracy theory and has been passed into law. A man in Georgia has already been arrested for growing vegetables. You can also get fined for collecting rain water. Yet Barry Soetoro’s pretend amazon wife has turned the White House garden into a veggie patch.

Before you say it… It is not hypocrisy. Far from it. It is a sign of what is coming. The message from these power chasing entities is this. “We can do whatever we like because we are the New (world order) Elite. You cannot complain and will do whatever you are told.” So the usurping Presidents pretend wife can grow vegetables but the people they er… “Serve” cannot. Isn’t it time someone sued her for breaking her husbands new law?

Having said that. I am completely fed up to the back teeth of the growing anti American attitude.

While these sorts laugh and scorn Americans for not seeing what is going on under their noses, they completely fail to see what is happening under their own while getting shafted by stealth at the same time.

And like any nationality. It is their own government who creates a bad reputation for their people not the people themselves in most cases.

Although America is the place to watch, this problem is a global one because the agenda of a NWO is a global one. If the global village population is going to preserve the future freedom of their children and children’s children, then a massive demonstration of none compliance and civil disobedience must occur in order to reign in the out of control acolytes who have infiltrated our corridors of power in all Western countries.

You can lay siege to a castle or simply sit, wait and starve them out. Cut off the source. In this case money. You know the deal. Sorry Mr Council man. I need my council tax to buy my hungry kids some food. When that runs out I’ll need the TV License money too! Sorry! But either cut prices or put wages up. Simple is simple as.

The warning has been delivered.


Psychic Hacking/span>

The technique used is called Pyschic Scanning, Psychic hacking or Remote Psychic Scanning.

(An ability that each and everyone of you is born with so no big deal)

It is similar to a modern US Military technique attempting to mimic the real thing called RV (Remote Viewing). Except RV cannot hold a candle to serious PS (Psychic Scanning) and is a mere party trick in comparison.

I like to call it Hacking The Headlines Of The Future So You Can Gain The Edge.

As many of you who have followed this website know by now, some Predictions have seemed very unlikely to happen because they were either unacceptable to the reader or considered downright outrageous if not impossible. But after all these years many of those Unbelievable forecasts have manifested into reality so the world seems like it is going insane. Does that mean people now listen to hints or knowledge about future events? Not really. Not until they actually happen. Then they become entertainment value.

So there is no power in Precognition to those who seek proof but remain in denial of future events, only the entertainment value is left.

To you who can see the signs of the future events told here, the value is much greater.

Intensity Grows

I have pointed out many times that every year will be more intense than the last one in the run up to 2012.

That claim can no longer be denied as untrue because anyone reading this can now either see or are being effected by the growing intensity as it builds up into a mighty crescendo of the People against the politicians trying to force through a NWO. The so called “Austerity Measures” are merely part of the agenda to break the spirit of the people and make them become dependent on government handouts.

On the other hand.

If you are passing through here and this message goes completely over your head, then you need to open your real eyes and LOOK before a harsh reality prizes them open with a crowbar! I do not know where most people have been these past years. Maybe Ignorant Bliss Land Far Far Away in the magic Kingdom of Nod. But what has gone before does not matter now. People must take off the blinkers and simply look at what is happening under their noses In Plain Sight. It is indeed easier than they think. But my friends it matters not whether they do or dont because 2011 is the year when their rose tinted spectacles and blinkers get rudely and brutally torn off. Like it or nay.

However my friends…

If you still believe that Governments are helping you and know what is best when they hand over your tax money to the Banks…

If you still think Banks are honest because you keep ALL your money in one…

If you still believe that your local Politicians are genuinely trying to serve you…

If you still think handing mega Bonuses to Bankers and bailing out an EU country while you financially struggle and your security, future prospects and future of your children ebb away is fine by you…

If you still believe that the Vatican Church is good, loves little children and serves God…

If you still think that this is a minor cash flow bump and things will be back to normal this year or next…

If you still do not think that Davy Cameroon looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll…

What can I say except You have seen nothing and never have done. Or to put it simply. You are Naive and the year will become a survival factor.

I know its easier to think that after a run of unstable years things would calm down as cycles do, but as we see today, this is not the case and the former is true. We have not completed the cycle yet my friends. The best and worse is yet to come.

Things will get much more intense in 2011. In fact 2010 was the point of no return as warned. 2011 is the tipping point for the increasingly (promoted by politicians) NWO (New World Order).

It is not the NWO agenda you should fear, but the way they intend to bring about. Food, water, money and fuel shortages. Anything goes including WW3 if necessary.

Many of yesterdays Conspiracy Theories are Facts of Today. No excuses! No Denial.

To think the PTB have denied the existence of the planned New World Order for decades until now, should come as no surprise. Nor should using sneaky Stealth Tactics to mislead people. If this new way of doing things is so good and beneficial, then why dont they explain how good it is so people would embrace it. I doubt there are many people out there who would not agree that this world and the way it is run does not work for the majority but for the few privileged elite. Therefore some radical changes need to take place and some adjustments to our societies. But there is the kicker.

They need the new way in order to keep themselves privileged. But we also need a better way.

Namely stripping politicians of the near Ultimate Power they have awarded themselves over the past decade or so. And stripping them of the…

Power to take us into costly and illegal wars without the consent of the people.

Power to sell off half our Gold Reserves for no reason and rock bottom price.

Power to steal from the Public Coffers and give it to the wealthy Banking Elites.

Power to cause hardship while they hypocritically do the opposite.

And So On…

The people of this planet have now past that point of no return in 2010. We cannot slip back through the portal now. Had people stood up and taken action by causing a shift in events, this Winter would not be half as dark as it will be now. They find themselves entering tough times because they failed to act against their governments who are conspiring against them and manipulating them into the much vaunted NWO (New World Order).

A brave new world of oppression for the people and privilege for the elite. One of their mantras is “Order Out Of Chaos”. In 2011 they will step up that Chaos Factor of which they have already sown the seeds. These entities are the enemies of mankind. Sociopaths who are obsessed with ultimate power over every person on Earth. Not only because of their lust for power but because they are disrupting and distracting from a very real Earth change event in 2012.

Change Out Of Chaos – Number Eleven

So the trick here my friends, is to realize what has passed up until now. How bad things have gotten because of an apathetic public who have allowed the criminal cabal which has penetrated most western governments to get away with absolutely anything they like. It is because they have been allowed to do whatever they deem fit against the average person that they will push the limits in 2011. And there is a reason for that.

Its the number ELEVEN! As in 9/11. The Tarot has much ancient symbology within. I have seen some of these symbols in secret societies and not so secret like Freemasonary.

Look at the Twin Towers. They formed a gigantic number ELEVEN above the NY skyline.

To those elites in the know, that number ELEVEN to you means the Pillars Of Solomon to them. The Bronze Pillars entrance to the fabled King Solomon’s Temple. A Portal into another world of fabulous wealth and esoteric knowledge.

So we can look on 20-11 AD as a portal leading into a New Age and New Earth Cycle in 2012 and 2013.

Although I usually leave such deep or hidden knowledge to the Private Blog, you can add the 2+11 to 13. The number Thirteen is also a mystical symbolic number to the beliefs of the fat controllers.

But here is my warning. Be alert to distraction of all manners because the Pillars Of Solomon are called Boaz and Jachin. In the Tarot these feature quite a lot in the cards I use and like Yin and Yang, one is dark, the other is light. So as mankind passes through the symbolic portal into a new age cycle of understanding and learning, those who control the dark things in the world will try to draw the people towards the dark pillar/side by trying to form a one world order in order to control or quell the masses more speedily and effectively.

On the other hand the light Pillar (2012) will take mankind into a new and better age where those who have oppressed and betrayed the people of Earth will be vanquished.

It is now the persons Call. It is not about your future but your children’s. Get your Priorities right.

Your Priority at this point in Time and Space is not how to deal with 2012. There is still plenty of time for that.

Everybody’s Priority in 2011 should be the wrecking of the NWO Agenda to the point of no repair.

There are brave souls out there who are doing everything possible to stop this agenda. Some, although amazing beings still need your help. How? Public Disobedience and none compliant to the government until they are brought into line and reminded that the People are their Masters and they are mere Civil Servants serving the civil public.

See how they have reversed their roles? How did it happen right under your nose? Thats what is called Stealth!Distract with one hand and punch with the other. Or a sucker punch if you like.

You know like politicians do. “We are in this together. (translate as You idiots are in it, not us) We must tighten our (your) belts”.

Then these caring compassion entities allow the utility companies to slap every household with an increased bill just as the long cold dark Winter nights descend upon the land. Not forgetting Food bills, petrol, VAT Blah Blah Blah.

Natural Events

On a natural level we can also expect Nature to increase activity. Earthquakes and more intense freak weather. I have been right about this phenomena up until now so it is worth listening to this time around. In fact the worst scenario would be if the year was almost absent of quakes or at least quiet. That would mean the “Calm Before The Storm” and massive natural Earth problems in 2012 when all that seismic tension is released like a coiled spring.

Because we are entering Earth Changes and life changing times as a new dawn for mankind draws nearer, I will be bringing other Predictions forward from the past. Some have not quite happened the way I saw them at the time and some will indeed repeat themselves in real time.

As usual this is not exactly joyful reading in one sense. I am not a doom preacher or gloom monger. I only report what I see ahead which has been brought about by the apathy of the people where politics and freedom are concerned. I do not cause these situations, the masses of none interested people bring these circumstances upon themselves.

As for natural events? They are beyond anyone’s control except for Nature’s. But in a nutshell you will witness the power of Nature as it ups the ante in 2011.

Although many of these Predictions are of a serious nature, I would like to warn you again of the most serious first. Food and possible Water Shortages. The crash of the financial system. The control of the Internet. The seeds of WW3 in the Middle East or where China and Russia is involved. (Iran)

Ladies and gentlemen. I give you my Predictions for 2011. The Year Of Upheaval.

I am required by Admiralty Law To Remind You That They Are For Entertainment Purposes Only.

If Any Predictions Written Here Manifest Into Reality It Is Purely Of A Coincidental Nature./span>

On The Wind Of 2011 – Levi

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