World Predictions 2011 Part 4

Watch The Skies – Again

For the past few years I have asked you to Watch The Skies. I have done so cryptically without clear explanation to create curiosity in hope you will spend more time sky gazing than looking at the ground. It has worked because now you know there is more going on up there than people realize. This year is going to very busy for sky watchers whos ranks will swell this year because events will be almost impossible to ignore. Strangely that also goes for the MS Media who usually ignore, play down or make fun out of UFO sightings.

Each year UFO sightings have increased dramatically as Predicted. 2011 sightings will increase even more.

Strange sightings are not the only reason.

When I say watch the skies it does not mean UFOs exclusively. We have had many Cosmic Events since 2000 and especially 2005. Eclipses, near asteroid collisions and a myriad of new discoveries which are beginning to reveal than there is more to our immediate Solar System than you have been led to believe. See Below.

Earth Axis Shift

Governments always try to bury or propagandize real Nature Events in order to avoid mass panic. Trust me. If a killer asteroid was heading for our planet, the people would be the last to know. The first hint of any danger would be the sudden disappearance of major figures and politicians from public sight as they scamper underground.

Listen carefully folks. 2012 is a time of real Cosmic Events. You will see and experience things which the government mouth pieces will no longer be able to explain away.

There will be a noticeable change in weather patterns. Observe for any coinciding major volcano eruptions.

There will be a massive wobble in Earths Axis around Summertime. (July To September/August?)

This will not only effect the weather and communications, but people and animals also. You will see months of madness and strange behaviour from both animal and human, but the unsettled energy could get dangerous when political strategists are effected. A Tense Summer ahead where you could be forgiven that the world has lost the plot.

Watch for mega scary Thunder and Lightening storms in some places. Snow where its not supposed to snow and destructive mega hail storms. (America?)

Scientists beware. Choose your sides very carefully, because if you are a government stooge, then the chances are your gravy boat days are at an end and you too will eventually live in fear of the public mob.

This is not a warning or a threat. It is FACT. You see my friends unbeknownst to most of you, many mini axis shifts have already been taking place for a number of years. It is part of the real reason behind our increasingly bizarre weather. To the blinkered sheep, this is pure Science Fiction. To the enlightened, it is proven fact.

Hope my timeline is right but in 2007/2008 we had such an axis shift. You may remember the GPS system going haywire. It was blamed on a Solar Flare knocking out the satellite. The Sun is currently going through a quite period as we approach its eleven year cycle in 2012. The MS Media played it down and where reported made fun out of it with stories of drivers ending up in fields and not so funny stories like the guy who drove over a cliff.

What really happened was that the Earth shifted access by over 2000 miles. In other words your country is not exactly where it used to be. So if your weather has dramatically in the past few years its because you may be relocated somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic or wherever.

The point in lack of trust in those we are asked to trust is this.

Scientists conspired with the MS Media to lie about this event. From September/October until May of the following year they kept the truth of the shift quiet. Six months later we discovered the truth. Their excuse? To avoid mass panic and public disorder of course. If you are depending on being foretold of any major events by your government and or the weasel scientists and non experts who they employ, the you need to rethink your strategy.


Earthquakes And Extreme Freak Weather

Natural And Unatural Events

appleThree Volcanic Eruptions And Freak Weather Signs For 2012

A few years ago, I mentioned something about three volcanoes erupting at once. I felt this may have been in a TV newsreel not yet shown. However, I remind you that three spectacular volcanic displays shown simultaneously is a positive sign of my interpretations of 2012.

By the law of averages there are bound to be many times in a year where this scenario happens with much more than three eruptions at once but not covered by actual news footage So this event is only unusual because it will appear On TV or in Mainstream News) And when it does my friends. Watch nature make herself seen and heard.

Furthermore it is also a sign that there will be great upheaval in many parts of the world in the form of Earthquakes, Ocean or Undersea Quakes and their Tsunamis. Extreme freak weather events intensify causing Floods and Drought. Remember I have told of this increasing phenomena in the run to 2012 and nobody can be in doubt that things are getting more intense.

I see this weather I speak of, or should I say the carnage it leaves in its wake!. So if I am right again about increasing intensity in the run up to 2012, then the weather pattern in 2011 will intensify much more than the weird weather of 2010. I hope I am wrong but doubt it on this occasion.



Who can doubt me wrong on California Quakes so far?

I have always avoided the famous long term none Prediction about “The Big One” made by almost all Psychics over many, many years. Decades in fact. Never got sucked in simply because I never saw it year in year out. Its not a fad anymore because too many reputations have been damaged by the claims. And the trail of tears it has caused, has left this Inevitable event lost somewhere in the ether. And so it is that not many bother or dare comment on the dreaded Big One…. Maybe should start tuning in.

No I am not going to Predict the actual Big One. Well not quite. But there is another kind of big one that isnt quite the big one if you get my shake. There is going to be a hell of a lot of activity in California in 2011. More than ever seen. There are many of those tiny rolling mini quakes San Diego has been experiencing but has been ignored by the MS Media. These are signs that there is much activity going on down there as everything takes its place for the grand finale.

The LA area is facing a Two Big Shakes which may come in Three Quakes one after another. I cannot pinpoint but I would go for these Months. April, July, August and September. Remember there will be at least two Big Quakes in California during that timeline. San Francisco may be hit because there is an event surrounding the Golden gate Bridge.

Watch For… A regular run of small quakes around 3 and 4+ pointers followed by a stronger 6 or 7/8+ pointer Earthquake. There will be around nine decent sized quakes 5 to 6+ point plus two big ones around 7+ and 8+ points.

I must warn you that South California (LA) will fall into near lawlessness as mentioned above. It is not a going to be a very good place to be in 2011 and even worse in 2012. If you are thinking of getting out, then now is time to act, not think or merely talk about it.

Its thought that the energy created by sliding Tectonic plates send an energy frequency vibrating through the earth (Quakes) which effects the behaviour of animals can effect humans in a number of strange ways like hyper madness or fear and panic one sees during riots. There will be quite a few of those around this coming year so beware and alert. Especially around Southern LA and surrounding Area.

This scenario could spread into Arizona and beyond.

Water And Power Shortage S CA

I have touched on this before concerning mainly South California. Nothing has been done by the authorities to fix the problems which are many except of course to play them down. Therefore expect the inevitable, except this year the situation will become so serious that it will not be able to be buried.

July September or August 2011 is a very difficult time for the USA in general but CA seems to have the greatest proportions of those problems. Many people have already CA since I first Predicted the slow and painful decline of this once wealthy State. This year the decline turns into turmoil.

There will be a demand for a change of governorship because of anger about bad management.

Once again I will point out that many people in this Zone will have mental breakdowns or develop strange anti social behaviour. I would connect a growing build up of Seismic activity under the South LA area effecting those people as well as growing hardship. Every year when I scan this area it becomes more uncomfortable which is strange since I have spent many years up and down the CA State and know it and the people well so its uncomfortable to post this let alone trying to understand what is happening here. One thing is is for sure. Even if it was possible to for me to travel safely to America and gain entrance without getting turned back by the authorities or worse, I would forego the West Coast especially the South and Mexican border areas.

Relating to power outages and water shortage is a scandal about unpaid bills. Another attempted cover up to quell public anger will be an excuse of minor quakes, although at the time the quakes will be too weak to cause such chaos.


US Drought – More Food Crop Concern

It seems the farming belts will suffer this year again. The Mid West of America especially will see some bizarre weather patterns this year. Think Snow in Summer and you get the gist. The East Coast zones will see more rain than usual leading to floods and broken river banks. The Mississippi will cause chaos either early Summer or late Summer months.

There is much controversial anger at this point surrounding the use of food grains for making Ethanol car fuel while there is a food crisis looming.

US Eastern Seaboard

Although the West Coast of America is much the norm for Earthquakes, there is another trend beginning on the East Coast in the form of increased undersea activity off the coast. NY will feel experience a few minor rumbles and at least one strong enough to do structural damage and cause power cuts.

However this is confusing because the power shortages are not entirely caused by natural means.

There are dark agendas taking place. Could be the US getting sanctioned for not paying fuel debt in full. Meaning dispute about the US Dollars realtime currency worth.

Expect this to be dressed up as Cyber Terrorism and a probable attempt of the US Admin to exercise its new Internet Kill Switch. Biting off more than one can chew springs to mind.


Even Stronger Quakes In More Places Besides Ring Of Fire

Now we arrive at the uncomfortable section which unfortunately is usually quite accurate.

Dare I say that the original Zones I asked you to watch over the years have now established themselves as future Danger Zones? Now is the time to warn of that danger especially the Indonesian zone which will be battered this coming year. At least six major quakes between 7+ and two could be 8+. But the elusive 9 pointer will make the news. Indonesia zone.

Java zone

Must brace for another massive eruption but bigger than the recent last one I warned of. Big big bang reported scores of miles away. Large quake but very strong undulating aftershocks for weeks after. Much evacuation. TWO Tsunamis very probable. This one will really blow.

Japan Big Quakes

Japan is very unpredictable. Although they have had some decent size quakes this year although they have been relatively lucky because the quakes have mainly been the Undersea variety or remote. 2011 the luck is now overdue and about to run out.

If you divide the year into four seasons you can base the large quakes in Japan by that theory. In other words four big ones on or effecting land spread throughout the year. But March, June, August and October are strongly on my mind. Two major cities will suffer much damage.

Tokyo will be hit and another place with letters “T” and “S” or “A”. (Could be all three or three different places each with one of those letters)

(Its not the only trouble for Japan – as in Japan Troubles above)

Mediterranean Rumblings

There will be many small tremors building up in the Med zone as it gears up to 2012. Greece zone most intense.Many will originate offshore.


Iran 3 strange Quakes

Same as last year. First, one quake offshore followed by two on land. One is a powerful 8 point plus and near Nuclear zone. I do not think these are natural quakes and could be made by HAARP Technology.

Turkey Quake

This is around the time of the Iranian quakes. This quake is indeed a powerful one with aftershocks continuing for weeks. Many building destroyed but I think it will be linked more to mountain rural areas.Turkey Quakes


Australia – Floods

Similar to a few years ago when the Indonesia Zone sent freak weather to OZ in the form of drought yet floods in other parts, this year will be the same but more intense.

Some drought zones will get rain. Some will suffer floods so its one extreme to another. Snow in OZ will make the news.

Australia – Plague?

There is something about some kind of plague hitting Australia in the form of insect or animal. Do you guys have Locusts down there?

This could be a double barrel Prediction. In other words it could be a ruse to get Australians to take some sort of vaccine when the planned global scare one like Swine Flu comes along again and the Aussies just plain do not fall for it. We will see. March to July then September to November are prominent months.

Australia – Comets And UFO’s

There seems a lot going on in the Australian Skies this year so keep your eyes peeled if you reside down under.

I see a Red Moon but I dont think any eclipses are due. However. Someone catches footage of a Green Fireball like Comet blazing across the sky. I am not sure whether this happens in OZ daylight time but somewhere it does make a daylight appearance. This being the case it may be over India.

In any case it disrupts the weather for awhile.

Interestingly there is debate about the trajectory from two or three different country sightings claiming it is impossible, therefore it was not a natural comet unless it could fly curved? (See Below)

Australia – Many UFO Sightings And Orange Orbs

If you are a Jolly Swagman camped beside the billabong… Forget Waltzing Matilda and watch the starry skies.

Australia has never been one for reported UFO sightings. This year is different. Especially from April to September which sees a batch of the together. Maybe Seven or Twelve flying in formation.

Heres the kicker. Many sightings will be Secret Military connected but others not. Use your common sense!

Also it seems that descriptions differ so there are more than one type.

A hint here seems to be that the most intense reported sightings when Oz is having some kind of natural upheaval. Could be the mentioned plague, freak weather or possibly a series of small Earthquakes. Whichever. It seems that these (Orange Orbs?) are observing something.

To explain secret military UFO looking craft in Oz, check out Pine Gap.

New Zealand – More Quakes

New Zealand has become more active over the past two years or so. This year tectonic and volcanic activity will increase due to what is happening under the Indonesian Zone.

I will repeat what I have always said. Although NZ will get badly shaken in the run up to 2012, it, along with Australia will be one of the worlds safe zones or human arks during any tumult that may occur in 2012 – 2013.

Where many places will yield to the sea, NZ land mass will be pushed upward although the shape of the landmass may change. (I cannot be certain but this may be where we get the footage of Three Volcanos erupting almost at the same time.)


Dubia Sea Complex Underwater By 2013

Although I dont see this happening yet I will add it as a Prediction I can carry forward later. I post now because Saudi Arabia is entering dangerous times. Both naturally and also of their own making politically.

The Royal Folly of reclaiming the Sea to build a complex shaped like a Palm Tree will end in tears.

This concept not only challenges nature but morality itself. To a financially struggling world, this no expense spared folly looks like an in your face squandering of money. Soon it will have no money to fritter away willy nilly as investors abandon the folly. (See earlier Prediction Above)

On the physical side, Nature will “Eventually” reclaim the land back and the Palm Tree folly will disappear beneath the waves by Tsunami. This area could also be hit by an Earthquake in the Summer months.

(As mentioned earlier. There could be a possible staged event surrounding the Dubai Skyscraper there connected to terror-errorism)


Israel Gets Warning

I was not sure whether to put this Prediction in the general section rather than natural events because I cannot say for sure whether this is indeed a natural event or a man made one coming from China or some country who has HAARP or Tesla Technology. But there is something strange and vague that is connected with said technology going wrong and hitting Israel instead of original target. (It is not yet a perfected warfare)

This concludes my predictions for now. I have released early this year because some of these are imminent and may happen before March when I would normally post them because that is the start of the real New Year.

There will be other Predictions as usual in the free blog and the Private Blog along the way.


Thank You For Reading My Predictions for 2011. (All 18,000 words)

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