2011 World Predictions PT3



More Mysterious Suicided Cases

My last call was very accurate. There has been many suspicious deaths among political, corporate, banking connected and especially scientists who’s conscience betters them and they try to warn the public exactly what is being planned. I made the Prediction because I know the time of the elite’s NWO agenda is close to completion and what the elites do to someone who knows too much and their usefulness has worn out.

Most will never make the press but there will be so many covert Assassinations in 2011 that many will leak through. Again, most will look like travel accidents especially flying. Others will be staged as suicides.

Record Plane Crashes And Airport Strikes

Some could be related to the above and others will be down to weather before human error is blamed.Is this Karma at work? As the PTB make it more uncomfortable and stressful to fly, they are inadvertently saving our lives. No need to grope search after all. Flying would have been in question and put many of for safety reasons any way.

Besides safety issues, the industry will be plagued will strikes, further making the idea of flying less attractive.

The most severe is one by the Pilots themselves. Almost everywhere comes to a grinding halt. Much travel chaos. Could be connected to forcing cabin crew and pilots through body scanners. It will be challenged on health safety grounds. (Not a good year for flying)


Mysterious Resignations

Likewise there will be a swathe of Political and Corporate including High Finance Resignations around March or June timelines. Besides scapegoats, others like above have outworn their usefulness. Some will be tied to more scandals of dishonesty.

At least Three Major Sea Events

These are large ships like Cruise or Ferry. One is Terror-errorists connected and could involve Israeli hostages.

The other two are tragic losses. One connected by explosion but is surrounded in controversy. The other is related to fire on board.

I dont know which one buy probably a cruise ship will have someone famous on board.


USN Ship Attacked

Alright. I have seen this playing over and over in my head. I have Predicted it before and although we have seen still pictures showing a naval ship on fire, it still does not match what I saw. This was more like watching a newsreel in realtime, not looking at a still photo. So this headline is not fulfilled. North Korea or China could be involved.


Famous Deaths

As you know I do not do celebrity so I wont. But it is the enigma of how many famous people will shock death this year meaning not from age or natural causes.

2010 had a few shocks in store but that be expected in Hollywood show biz types who indulge in access. But 2011 will break any record. Strangely enough it increases more in 2012 to the point of drawing suspicion. Still wanna be famous kids? Beware Of Star Whackers!

TV Fixing And Fiddling Again

While on about the fickle game of fame…

Massive scandal surrounds a top trash reality TV show. Fixing and personal scandals hit the airwaves.

It appears there will be a re-run of “Telephone Call In” Shows and Competitions Fixing again which was allegedly stopped and outlawed a few years ago. It will be revealed that it has continued throughout 2010. simply do not call these Phone(y) In Cons.

You are being suckered and vote does not count anyway.


Google Googled

I have mentioned before about Google running into trouble and it has done twice with its Street View Vehicles.People have forced them to remove personal images but they really broke the laws of privacy when it was discovered the vans were also collecting peoples Wi Fi Data.

Google has been the omnipotent Search Engine for years but now it begins a troubled cycle.

It is debatable whether Google is still a good guy or a shill to the PTB. I feel it is already being sucked in as a lackey to the elite’s NWO of things and attempts this year to infiltrate it could begin a period of demise to bring it in line with other search engines if the powers at Google try to resist the NWO structure.

Google Down

A number of cyber attacks will be launched on Google. It will slow to a crawl in many parts o the world. At one point in the first part of the year Google will go offline for two or three days in some instances and possibly a second or third time in the latter part of the year around August or October. The culprit is their own Government but China, Cyber Terrorism or Radical Hackers will be blamed… again.


Cyber Attack America – Internet Shut Down USA

This is complicated and vague, meaning it is not what it seems. Let me give some months here.

February, April, June or July. There is a massive amount of disinformation for Americans and perhaps the world in 2011 because many covert things are going on behind the backs of the people. In this case a Cyber Attack is planned. If the US blame China once again, Chinese American relations will become very intense because the Cyber Attacks are illusional. They are caused and blown out of proportion by the MS Media under order of the government. The purpose is to distract from something much bigger which is hard to pin down because so many other things are happening.

When you see this time occurring, please remember my ample warnings that the PTB (Powers That Be) at some point will come at you from all angles to create distractions and smoke screens away from the real agenda. Be on your toes especially for yet more freedom robbing laws and regulations being snook through congress.

I can tell you around this time the present US Admin is in deep turmoil. Much proof about Obama aka Barry Soetoro is exposed which will end in a bang.

The Federal Reserve is swamped in controversy and a growing movement for severance from the government is demanded. Goldman Sachs et al are involved in the scandal somewhere. Let me tell you what is really behind the US Financial woes and indeed the World’s.


The Federal Reserve run by elite European Banking elites have a 99 year contract to manage the finances of the US Government. This lease expires in late 2012.

Many concerned entities do not want to see that happen and are preparing to release the stranglehold that the Fed holds over government. Meanwhile the Federal Reserve do not want to lose the opportunity of their license to print money out of thin air and indeed, especially what is a world reserve currency which gives them the right to print as much as they wish. So in a nutshell the banking elite are planning to bring the system to the point of teetering on the edge as a blackmail tactic to governments around the world.

Either they, (the independently Elite owned Federal Reserve) secure another 100 year contract or the present dollar system crashes and creates a domino effect on currencies around the world. Can you say “Great Depression”?

As mentioned many times before. Although the elites and their lackeys are sociopathic and psychotic they are far from stupid and therefore many steps ahead of the game. They already have another currency planned should they decide to collapse the US Dollar (which they will). The new currency will then be touted and manipulated into the new world currency.

Although the new US Currency is supposed to be the “Amero” when joined to Mexico and Canada to form the NAU (North American Union), be aware that it could now be short lived or even bypassed in favour of the proposed IMF world currency “The Bancor”.

If The IMF’s Bancor Currency Is Allowed To Come Into Play… The Fat Lady Has Sang!


Dollar Crashes GB Pound – Welcome The Troubled Euro

Let me remind you that the present financial situation is not a rare unknown event. It has been manipulated from day one. It is wise to understand that everything you have been conditioned to believe from the day you could talk is an illusion created not by your politicians and leaders but by the shadow government of this world who call themselves the Illuminate Ones or Illuminati. Elites for short.

These same elites whos bloodlines are ancient have decided that the system must be revamped and updated so to speak. They have the power to crash the system because they engineered it in the first place.

Unfortunately what is being attempted by them now, ie, money being removed from circulation, loss of jobs then homes and so on, is not a beneficial upgrade of society, it is merely the final part of a long time agenda.

Although there is a growing awakening to what is occurring, there are still many people who live in a twilight world of none reality. They still look at the NWO Agenda as a Conspiracy Theory. In 2011 they will no longer be able stay in that denial. They will be experiencing its push by the political lackeys in the growing coincidence of “Hung Governments” around the world. Yet another strange and coincidental phenomena.

In reality the “Hung Government Scenario” is for the destruction of national Governments and sovereignty to eventually come under one umbrella of a New World Government.

The point is this.

In similar fashion of Americans still thinking the Fed is a government department and not privately owned and the same way they think they are independent from Britain instead of the truth that America is still a British Colony and therefore still under the Yoke of european royalty, black nobility and banking elites…

The British themselves are under a similar illusion by believing that they are independent from the European Union when in fact they are very much part of it. If anyone bellieves otherwise they should ask themselves why a sovereign country opposed to the EU should bail out the EU country of Ireland!

They should also question the illegal and hung government leader why he has suddenly back tracked on a British EU referendum.

If they are still in denial they wont be in 2011 or early 2012 at latest.

The final push for assimilation to the European Borg Superstate NWO will come with the collapse of the US Dollar and its dragging down of the GB Pound. You will see political debates and talking heads trying to convince the nation that temporarily hooking up to the Euro Dollar or indeed fully joining the European Union is the only beneficial option.

Problem with this agenda is that at the time of occurrence, the Euro zone itself is experiencing great upheaval and mounting dissent so the stealth plan will not be easy to sell and therefore may be delayed until 2012.


European Union Begins To Fall Apart

The signs are there to see already, but troubles like theses usually die down as it is doing now.

This year is different. EU Government tactics of bunkering down during storms of public discontent will not work this time around.

It tells us as stated here, that things are yet to get progressively worse. At least to the point where desperation will force the Public to act and create much Social Upheaval. This also could tie in with Politicians and Bankers et al needing protection and fearing the public at large.


Spate Of Banker Attacks/Killings

In the early Summer Months there seems to be a spate of shootings aimed at Financiers especially in the USA.

Branches of Banks are set to experience attacks across the world, but they will spread to big finance entities such as Lehman Brothers and especially Goldman Sachs whos fortunes are about to take a massive downturn.This scenario could be tied to a Wall St Crash.

There is some outrage about a Goldman Sachs chief having criminal charges dropped against him even though the evidence of insider trading is solid proving once and for all that Wall St has been infiltrated by corrupt entities.


Israel Nuke Scare

Among the Natural Event Section I have described a strange earthquake in the zone of Israel.

Meaning I am not sure that this is natural event or man made one. However. It is confusing because reports first come out as an explosion at an Israeli controlled Nuclear Facility. As usual, Israel tries to shut the reports down or confuse them but eventually the truth will out that it was caused by a strong Earth Tremor.

The damage will be more serious than reported and deaths will occur.

Although Israel is secretive about its nuclear weapons, they will be forced to ask for specialist outside help but in true fashion will deny everything and try to play things down.

This is another bad year for Israel with each year becoming worse than preceding ones as global patience becomes threadbare because of increasing outrages committed by the state.

I cannot pick up on exactly what the event is because Israel is steeped in political and military Black Operations globally. But come the Summer months one of them backfires and reveals them as the culprits. Anger grows because same as last time with the Freedom Flotilla, even though they are caught red handed they will still try to deny. The State of Israel is coming to the end of its existence as we now know it.


Part 4 Posted Over Weekend.

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