2011 World Predictions PT2

2011 World Predictions Part 2

Racial Riots America

Not so strange then that the same is happening in America with citizens taking back seat to Mexican Immigrants.Race riots in California and Mexican bordering States.

Although they may be covered by racism in the press, other riots will be of discontent over the state of things there, which will be much worse by Summer months.


Demonstrations Against Federal Reserve, Wall Street Et Al

Mass demonstrations against the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and the usurper President. Who still has not produced valid ID)

Massive mis-dealings on Wall Street connected with Senators and Government will Leak!

These months could be a big turning point for America if she fully wakes up. Meanwhile much scandal sees people demanding Impeachment of Obama. The issue of his true ID resurfaces on a much bigger scale but the main anger is hardship and ever growing loss of freedom and a big financial scandal. This could be the time when the average or disbelieving American will open their eyes and see The Trojan Horse which is Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama II. (See Below)

Goldman Sachs Investigated

At last. The entities who engineered the 2008 Financial Crash that has led the world to this point finally get their come uppance. I think six or eight scapegoats taking the fall but the main ones are a grey haired male and a younger arrogant dark haired male. This may be the straw that breaks Wall Street’s back. (See Below Wall St Crash)

American Wrath – Foreclosures Continue

This came some time ago so I do not know what the situation will be at the time of posting because until now the Foreclosure situation being much hidden by the MS media got so bad that the real estate and mortgage entities had been ordered to halt foreclosures. I think you can rent your house back once its been foreclosed.

Although it is an outrageous scam by the corporate entities who in effect are stealing homes from under peoples feet, it is better than living in one of the widespread Tent Cities which can no longer be avoided nor denied. So in an unfair way it makes sense not to increase homelessness until things settle down. But Corporate beasts are beasts with no emotions and an order is given somewhere to continue with Foreclosures on innocent people whos change of situation is not of their making or choice but manipulated by insatiable greed of the corporate and banking elite working hand in hand. Go Figure.

It seems to me looking in from the outside that this is almost like the old Highland clearances where people got evicted to make way for more profitable Sheep Farming or the Irish Potato Famine.

Is this the beginning of a dispossessed America..


Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Go Bust

The now Federal owned “Too Big To Fail” corporations above, besides having stupid names for a company WILL FAIL again and produce the begging bowl again? To fast too soon and the American Public will not stand for it this time especially by the time this event occurs, things will have reached a dire level of hardship and decline. Not only in the States but Globally.

Although the US Administration like others are shills to the banking and corporate elite, the Fannie and Freddie situation sends the US Government into near meltdown. Although it would like to appease its paymasters, I think on this occasion they will have no option but to either refuse the bailout or fall from power amidst scenes of violent riots and great unrest. They will go bust in a sense where they get taken over and swallowed up by another Corporate beast who are the same entities.

It is another attempted scam to empty Americas Coffers. The trouble could arise because Americans are beginning to realize that the Federal Reserve is a Private organization owned by the European Banking Elite and not a Governmental Department which as unbelievable as it may seem, over 75% of Americans do not know.

You can see by my other Prediction that the Federal Reserve will buckle under pressure in 2011.


Wall Street Crash

Is it because of previous Predicted events that leads to a crash or is it planned?

I would state my reputation that it is a planned event connected with crashing the US Dollar once it loses world reserve currency status. But either way it does not matter because the outcome is the same.

Beware if you are still crazy enough to be gambling on the stock arket because you are about to be sucker punched as the elite insiders prepare to mop up what money you have left. The Prediction above about Goldman Sachs et al being investigated ties in here because Insider Trading by the favoured and privileged of the latter will miraculously cash in their fortunes days or hours before the curtain comes down.

An explosion of hatred against the banks and corporations is born. People are calling for heads to roll. Financial establishments get damaged and burned.

Ironic that the PTB stage none existent terror and further promote through their MS Media propaganda machine although nothing ever actually happens. Now real terror comes to haunt them in the form of the masses.

I can also see a rash of physical attacks on the corporate culprits who still seem to be laughing off the mess they have caused. Watch for stabbings in public especially.


US UK EU Police Curfews?

This is obviously another stealth tactic by the elite controlled governments as an excuse to bring in a police state or Martial Law and possible curfews. (Could be race related or dressed up as)

There is trouble on both sides of the Atlantic around the same time. (Summer) Much of it is pointed at governments. Especially US, UK, France and Germany where all concerned will be fighting a losing battle for their Political lives.

As previously told. “The time is coming when the arrogant politician will fear for their lives”. They will understand the depth of this Prediction next year.


Japan Troubles

Japan has been dogged by political scandal and financial woes. Besides the Earthquake situation in 2011. (See Japan Big Quakes Below)

If countries or Land masses go through cycles like we do, then metaphorically speaking, Japan is about to enter a Winter Cycle. the worst cycle of the seasons unless you are an Eskimo.

I dont know where to start here because Politically, the Japanese government has yet another PM resignation scandal.

All these resignations of course are smokescreens because once one has carried out his unpopular orders, he is simply replaced by another YES Man. All this boils down to the strange goings on between Japan’s and the US political entities. Blackmail, bribery, you name it. But the fact is that the entities based in the White House hold major influence over the Japanese.

Like America, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Canada and Australia et al, the Japanese Government and high position has been infiltrated by lackeys of the Banking Elites.

They are about to get sucked further into the quagmire being created by the US. They are being set up for a fall like most countries as you will soon see.

The Yen hits big time trouble before or around June/July. Something to do with hidden toxic debt. The rash of quakes with a few big ones will not help the situation either. There seems to be an atmosphere of worry, panic and dread hanging over Japan. I see demonstrations Student related at first then a major public one of unrest.

On the up side. The next Japanese trojan horse PM will be the last one planted by the elites. So looks like some major awakening over there and action for people taking back their country.


Saudi Arabia Decline – Dubai Decline

What goes around comes around. A few years ago I asked you to watch the shifting of power and wealth from the West to the East.

Fast forward to today and you will now understand what was meant. As America struggles and with underlying problems dogging the EU system, we see the BRIC countries of China, Russia, India and Brazil on the rise.

It seems that the good times in Saudi have had their day in the sun.

I will renew an old Prediction that Saudi Royal House will run into trouble again but much more serious and threatening to their existence as leaders of that country. Saudi is bizarre to fathom because although it sides with the wrong entities, there is an underlying current that their loyalty to the present PTB is a cover while they covertly side with other Arab Nations.

I am not sure whether further financial grief is caused because of knowledge of this fact reaching the PTB and is therefore a retaliatory warning or not but Dubai is struggling again from April onwards.

The folly of the Palm Tree Sea Complex comes to complete grinding halt and much scandal surrounding property in the complex surfaces. many rich and famous will lose money.

There could be a possible staged event surrounding the Dubai Skyscraper there connected to terror-errorism.Truth being the dark hand of Israel will have been at work.

See later Prediction below about eventual fate of Palm Tree Sea Complex.


Saudi Arabia Terror

Ties with Iran completely severed. Not just because of Wikileak rumour.

I think we will see actual bombs going off here if not scares because of Israeli Black Ops and Iran will be blamed. Syria may become involved here somehow along with Libya.


More Israel Outrage Intensifies Middle East

As America descends into chaos, those in Israel who all but control American politicians through constant bribery and lobbying will see a sacrificial lamb ready fro slaughter. The mad dog state of Isra-Hell will outrage the world again the same way as the Freedom Flotilla and the assassinations in Dubai as well as other covert crimes.

I see two things close together. One is some kind of Black Op Attack in another country similar to the Mumbai (Bombay). It will be leaked and lead back to Isra-Hell. Turkey figures strongly somewhere in all this.

The main outrage is tied to an audacious attack on Lebenon or Sysria or Both.

As always Ira-Hell will play the innocent victim when they in fact drew first blood but that is where the outrage comes in. The world will see through the blatant and obvious lies.

And as always, the acolytes in power there will have another motive. To stir up more trouble and sucker their protector into a war they crave for. That being one with Iran.

Iran – Middle East Intensifies – China rattles its Sabres

To those who remember growing up in the Cold War under the constant subliminal threat that you could be nuked any minute on a constant basis, will understand the atmosphere around the Summer of 2011 onwards for awhile.

I think something will kick off around March April or May but possibly June which will lead to this. With China already realizing that the US is not exactly a healthy partner to deal with financially, this event could be the straw that breaks the Camel’s back.

Isra-Hell manages to instigate the trouble has bit off more than it can chew. It realizes that Big Brother America is no match for China nor its Allies on a military basis. Therefore begins a descent into fear cycle for Israel and sees the beginning of a Historical Prediction. The taming of the lawless State Of Israel.

I Have Seen The End Of Israel… It was a terrifying sight to behold.

At last we see the illegal state being put in place and abide by global rules not those of their own. They have spread fear world wide, now Karma will direct that fear back to them.

Afghanistan Killing Fields For US And Allies.

Last year I Predicted US Soldiers getting cut off from supplies in a Khyber Pass scenario. The prediction came true. However, it was a small scale event in comparison to what lies ahead next.

As the poli-ticks et al talk about winding down troops in the Mid East, I see the opposite happening of what is said so listening to their hot air and lies is futile. Afghanistan is about to intensify and the US and allies will be on the receiving end.

Its hard to make sense of what is going on in the Middle East because there is so much about to happen there its hard to figure out what is what. Thats why I dont understand all the political talk about trouble winding down.

Similar to last scenario, news will come that a number of US or/and allied troops will be cut off from supplies and surrounded. I feel the news will be about surrender from a US or allied division to either Taliban or Afghan fighters and used as an hostage exchange situation.

The Afghanis seem to better organized and armed than usual and the US et al will feel the effect this year.

US and Allied deaths plus casualties will reach an all time high.

And yes. After all the talk of winding down there will be another massive surge of troops as things intensify adding more casualties to the Occupying Western troops.

This Zone is about to escalate..


India v Pakistan (Brought Forward)

This scenario will come to the very brink of Nuclear War and could possibly spin further out of control of the manipulators.

In order to get their oil pipeline through Afghanistan and Pakistan, and also to keep control of the drug trade now operated by the CIA and other government power brokers, the dark forces behind the US government will start a war with Pakistan. I say US government because there are a few more events like the recent Mumbai Black Op. The aim is to trick India and Pakistan into a full scale war. The US will dupe India by promising weapons and military aid.

If Indian politicians believe the promises and accept blood bribe money, things will not turn out quite like they expected regarding their old enemy, Pakistan. Watch the new Warmonger Hilary Clinton as she struts around above her station believing she is actually the President. Like Conda Lizzard Rice before her, everywhere Clinton goes, she will leave a trail of blood and corpses.

2011 Predictions PT3 Tomorrow

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