2011 World Predictions PT1

World Predictions 2011 Part 1


Stock Market Crash – The Great Depression Official

The 2008 Prediction was spot on. 2009 will be better you was told. It will be worse I countered. For most of 2010 people still believed it was a hiccup. But now even the false authorities are agreeing with my warnings.

The title gives my answer away. Prepare for something on the scale of a Great Depression.

As in history it will probably be caused by a Stock Market Crash. You will see signs in the first part of the year although April to July or September is the period when it would happen. The US Dollar will crash the system.

US Dollar And GB Pound To Crash

I started Predicting the crash of the US Dollar a few years ago but somehow the PTB have managed to keep it artificially afloat so very few would agree with me and labelled me as Mad! But if it helps I thought I was Mad too! How can the mighty US Dollar ever fall? Impossible!

That was then and this is now. Look how the situation has changed. The USA is virtually bankrupt and drowning in debt to other countries like China. ($800 Trillion and rising)

The US admin have been provoking innocent countries around the world and the world has had enough. The US will take one step too far with China especially in the first part of the year. Relations become frayed and split between the US and China. This could possibly be tied in with an ally of China’s like Iran.

The Chinese are a much older and advanced race than the relatively young in comparison with America. They know there is more than one way to skin a cat and the Chinese know every way there is. I see China pulling the plug on carrying anymore US Debt. Although it leads their own position in a quandary.

The US Dollar becomes unsustainable which then reverberates around the world like a Ripple Effect. This will be the Great Depression proper. The Pound will succumb and plummet too. By October the Pro European illegal UK Government will then use the situation to adopt the Euro. They will say a temporary measure but will stay with the Euro until that too collapses and a new IMF (International Monetary Fund )currency is brought into play. Its called the Bancor. Mainly digital and they HOPE to have it fully operational by 2012.


US Dollar Replaced World Currency

My longstanding Prediction of the crash of the US Dollar will become obvious in 2011. It is in fact already dead in the water but has been kept on life support for the past years because of its status as the world’s reserve currency and of course the banksters agenda. Unfortunately the rest of the world will find the ongoing dark practices of the Federal Reserve no longer sustainable. As mentioned before. The Euro could be a temporary caretaker currency until that too runs into great difficulty. (See – EU Woes and Euro Collapse Inevitable – Below)

I believe the US Dollar is already dead in the water so this is a Prediction in progress.

US Dollar Crashes

Another stalled prediction. When the US Dollar loses World Reserve status it will be replaced by the Amero which is printed and ready to go. However. Because the whole NWO (New World Order)concept will also meet great challenges from growing people dissatisfaction and desperation, the banking elite and architects of the NWO may skip past the Amero and attempt to introduce the Bancor as a Reserve World Currency. The Bancor is the IMF (International Monetary Fund) currency. The IMF is the NWO one world bank.

This could tie in with the EU Woes Prediction lower down.

US Gun Control – Gun Lobby Clash

There seems to be some big confrontation between the US Admin and the powerful RCA (Rifle Club of America) plus supporters which can only mean that the hidden document for future gun control will be dusted down and forced through congress and the Senate. Like all of these new laws designed to destroy the constitution, it will be craftily written with hidden meanings. Once again, Homeland Security (The New Gestapo) will use false non existent terror as the excuse to confiscate guns from Americans.

Heres the deal. If the confrontation is between the RCA and Barry Obama who is still in power, you are seeing him in the final months or weeks of his illegal reign. (See Below)

Obama Assassination Or Political Assassination By Impeachment

I Predicted an attempt on Obama’s life. Three have been made but one was close. It involved a bridge that he was supposed to cross but was foiled and a shootout took place. It was later reported as a Coastguard Exercise. (With live ammo?)

There are two plans to take out the CIA invented Vatican Plant Obama.

One is the old bullet shots. This would be used as another excuse for war by blaming an innocent country as with Iraq and Afghanistan who had no connection to 9/11 whatsoever. In this case a Middle Eastern country like Iran or Syria

The other is by Impeachment which can be done anytime by exposing is Non US Citizenship. There are those high enough up the power ladder who already have the proof and will sit on it until Obama becomes a threat not an asset. His popularity is already lower than any President in history so I cannot see him around much longer one way or another.

October is not good for the US Admin who by now will be embroiled in a financial scandal.

Similar scandals will be exposed in Brussels, UK and EU officials and leaders who will lie for their political lives but only expose themselves as liars. Many political resignations in 20011.


EU Woes

It would be nice to say the unrest in Europe is over but the opposite is true.

I warned about strikes across Europe last year and the year before. The same will be true this year but will be more intense and widespread. Many will become so violent the Governments will be forced to call out the army to protect themselves against the people the are supposed to represent but who instead are betraying them.

I have been disappointed with the total Non Reaction of the UK concerning Austerity Measures by a hung and illegal government. Things will deteriorate so much in the UK that unbending hardship measure will at last force the Brits into action. I see a crippling National strike on the horizon in the early part of the year and spasmodic strikes especially through Summer which could possibly see the end of the present UK coalition government.

As the battle intensifies between governments and people, the strikes and demonstrations across Europe will intensify. Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain but France and Germany will probably bring down their present leaders. Ireland will join the ranks of violent strikes.

If any of the Euro lackey leaders including the UK are around in 12 months from now I would be very surprised.

Sarkozy, Merkel, Cameroon et al will domino effect out of power. That goes for Australian and Canada.

Euro Dollar Collapse Inevitable – But Not Quite Yet

I doubt this will happen in 2011 but its best to look further ahead sometimes.

I doubt it will be allowed to collapse just yet and once the Dollar has gone, it will be manipulated by the elite banking cabals until it suits their agenda as to when it should collapse to make way for the one world currency. The IMF’s Bancor. The US Dollar has been kept afloat the same way and will be crashed when the moment is ripe and suits the agenda.

The Eurozone Chaos

The Eurozone bureaucrats in Brussels will be plunged into chaos as a fresh and more organized rash of demonstrations and flash strikes paralyze Europe as we witness the beginnings (And signs) of the break up of the European Union. A union of some sort will eventually be established but I see countries demanding thier independence back and perhaps their newly valued currencies re-established also.

Record Euro UK Fear Tactic Spin

Get ready for a myriad of media/political spin stories as the shaky governments try to distract the public from the worsening hardship. Much public discontent.

Black Op Bomb Scare EU – UK

I Predicted a wave of bombing across the EU zone last year. Although there has been some threats, its not on the same scale as I have seen therefore I am classing as unfulfilled and repeating the Prediction.

The spin will start around February. False alarms or claimed to have been foiled by the authorities.

When the public remains apathetic from the spin but still angry about their situations, there will be a wave of bombings across the EU zone Capitals. Paris could be first.

City Of London Attacks

Like reversal of Karma and Irony when a lie actually manifests into reality and comes true, amidst the terror-errorist spin of the government, some real bombings will indeed take place in realtime.

I am not here to back governments or tip them off. They have made their bed so they can lay in it. Therefore I will give no attempt of a timeline.

However, these attacks will be aimed at the “CITY” and financially orientated against the Banking and Finance targets. Big Irish link possibly a splinter IRA cell (Real IRA) linked to a British connection. Its rumoured the Real IRA have already made a threat to this degree but so far it has not been proved 100% but will manifest into reality.


Political Bodyguard Fury

As Predicted. The time has come when MP’s (UK First) will be in fear of their own people.

I relate this to the ongoing Great Awakening where many sheep people will snap out of the comatose state they have been conditioned to live in. A time when one day a person wakes up and the blinkers are left on the pillow. For the first time they begin to see things in a new light and their political BS Detector is fully operational.

A time when one can see straight through the lies of the poli-ticks and become angered with them instead of being convinced of the lies. But that is not it.

2011 is going to be financially hard for most because that is the way it has been planned.

People are losing faith in Politicians. And as the veil drops, the people are beginning to see what I and many others have warned about these entities. They are your enemies not your saviours. That is the illusion that is now fading as people enter time of hardship caused and manufactured by the government. The elites can see the growing discontent and indeed expected it. Problem is that they need you to obey your government. The puppet illusion they need to control the masses.

And indeed as more people become disillusioned by those in power, the situation for the elites shadow rulers becomes more volatile. Therefore hardship is created so the average person then needs help from the Government so you can no longer be critical towards them.

However. This particular plan seems to be backfiring and ANGER rather than NEED seems to be winning the day. This leads the political entities in suits of being in danger during public duties. Therefore when the cost of protection reaches the public domain all hell breaks loose. Another layer of their deceitful agenda is peeled away and replaced with a fresh layer of anger towards them. Complete and utter outrage against the MPs and government.

I think this may the point when people begin to realize the great divide which separates the people from their own government. The elected who are supposed to serve them not to rule them.

I also think this will be a time of great realization for people to glimpse into the future of how a NWO would function. No honest people’s politician would dream of protecting themselves from their people because they would have no need to do so.


Racial Riots Across UK And EU

The Summer of 2011 is one of great national discontent as the governments continue piling on the pressure.

It seems that they still flouting the immigration rules and giving houses to immigrants immediately while Brits have been on five year waiting lists. There are arguments also about immigration benefits and treatment are priority over a natural citizen. The North West of England comes to mind. Blackburn?


More Vatican Scandal

The Catholic Church continues its slide into oblivion as more sex abuse scandals and arguments within come to light. There is also leaks of a murder in the Vatican.

These kinds of shenanigans go on there all the time but are usually buried but at least one will slip under the net.There will also be more scandal around the Vatican Bank for laundering money.

Bomb Threat Vatican

Maybe a result of above by concerned faithful followers showing their disgust and dissent.

Bank Branches Become Targets

Another Prediction brought forward. Some Banks have suffered Graffiti attacks but that is not what I saw so this is unfulfilled. I see Bank Staff in terror throughout the Summer months. The worse vandalism damage will be spread across UK. I feel this is the youth responding to their parents hardship and their own anger for lack of prospects.

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