About 2010 Predictions

About 2010 Predictions

As mentioned in the open blog. I would like to take a slight detour from our journey through our Hidden History and Forbidden Knowledge because we are now standing on the threshold of 2010 and there are more important things to deal with at the moment. For Instance, the Future as opposed to the Past. I would also like to lead you into my World Predictions for 2010. As subscribers you will gain access to most of them in the first week of the New Year instead of late March when my year of 2009 ends in real time. I may or may not have add a few more at that time if any there are any to add. And of course when they will officially be released to the public. So you will get them exclusively in the old traditional way of your New Year in January.

I changed the traditional release last year because of mass plagiarism of my World Predictions on the internet and beyond. I decided not to give those who stole my work any clues so they could pass my Predictions off as their own by me not posting in the New Year as I had traditionally done in the past. The years before I had merely thrown in a few Red Herrings to confuse them so my more outrageous Predictions were not copied. (Although many came true so my ruse worked)

I decided to start releasing them in March instead to coincide with the Mayan New Year or the Zodiac New Year starting in the first sign of Aries. This tactic was not only to foil some questionable people but also to give a stage to any new genuine Psychics who could pip me at the post as it were. Unfortunately none seemed to have come up with the goods and picked up on any of the unbelievable things I saw. At least not self proclaimed Psychics. It seems the trend forecasters are the ones backing my Predictions these days. When non Psychic research begins to run parallel with Psychic Predictions, then there is cause for concern if the conclusion is not in anyone’s interest.

Allow me to repeat a fact about Precognition again.

In 2008 I warned about the crash of September. A Prediction that wasn’t taken seriously at all back then because money was running like a raging river and a Credit mountain was available to every man and his dog. Even the worst of payers with bad credit records could walk in any mortgage company and walk out with a 110% mortgage. I’m not joking about 110% because I personally know people who have them so go figure. So indeed, I cannot blame anyone for taking my Prediction lightly. But as the feel good factor engulfed and seduced people, I had the uneasiest feeling growing day by day. If you read the past blogs of 2008, you will remember me insisting month by month leading up to the crash. Something like ‘Remember remember the 8th of September’. I’m not sure if I got the day bang on but none will forget that Month when out of the blue with no warning from Government and so called experts, people awoke to the news that Banks were teetering on bankruptcy. People went into some kind of shock. How the hell can a bank go bank-rupt? they cried. Especially in these free flowing easy credit times!

Can you see how some things ‘Seem’ like they cannot happen? And when the impossible or unlikely does happen, it’s after effect is called shock.

Financial Shock and Awe my friends. Those who listened were prepared. They stayed alert and watched for the signs just in case old Levi was right after all. Unfortunately I was. Fortunately they listened. Knowledge is power. To be Forewarned is to be Forearmed. To remain in denial will bring about much hardship. I have many witnesses to this. People who say they ‘Wish’ they had listened to my warnings ‘But everything looked fine at the time’.

In this surreal reality we are now passing through, the Prediction was in the greater case of no use. It was impotent because the greatest majority did not listen. As mentioned, nobody can blame them because they were being manipulated by money, greed and blatant consumerism on the never never or Credit as it’s called these days. Spend spend spend and the hell with tomorrow. Everyday was Christmas.

Then suddenly it stopped. Someone somewhere turned off the free flowing money tap and pulled the plug on peoples materialistic lifestyle as though by a simple flick of a switch as Predicted.

To some of you who have asked me about Precognition or Predictions after our Tarot Readings, you would have heard me explain many times that Predictions are impotent to the greater degree. That’s why I give them free and do not charge as some others do. Ironically, those paid for Predictions seldom come true. But the point I’m making is that if a Prediction is uncomfortable people in general will shut it out as demonstrated above. Then when the worst happens and it comes true, then it is no longer a Prediction, it becomes fact and people have to deal with it from that point on. So you see my friends. Predictions on the whole are impotent. That is unless, you stay alert and then they can become omnipotent instead and give you the edge. Also I will remind you that no Psychic in the world is 100% correct so you yourself must use your own psychic ability which you call instinct to decide which are right, which are wrong and of course which are close. After that it’s simply a matter of keeping your ear to the ground. Watch for the hints and signs then react accordingly.

Why am I refreshing your memory about these things you ask?

Because like 2008, the year of 2009 lived up to the expectations I gave you. Those in shock at the loss of their materialistic, hedonistic or otherwise easy lifestyles remained in denial. Many told me my Prediction was short lived and everything would be back to normal by March.. then June… then September of 2009 while I begged to differ and believed the opposite. I continued to remind everybody through the open blog and warned them not to believe the talking heads and so called experts in the MS Media. But it is easier of wishful thinking to believe a liar who is telling you everything is fine than to believe someone crying in the wilderness that everything is not fine and furthermore things will get worse.

‘In Denial’ is a formidable adversary. It bangs your head against a brick wall.

So many people who ‘Wished’ they had listened in 2008 also did not ‘Listen’ in 2009! That’s right my friends. You may have been one of them. Once again they made the mistake of listening to what sounded the best and most comfortable which of course came through the Main Stream Media who manipulate thoughts on a daily basis. Another mystery of the human psyche. Why keep on believing the same old liars? The mind boggles. People know the Politician creature is a liar by nature yet they keep on listening only to get let down. Same with the MS Media.

And so it is that year after year my passion for Precognition has waned.

On many occasions I have been tempted to let this website go. Prediction has become pointless. If you have a sneaky feeling that 2010 may be the final year, you may well indeed be right. Besides, I must make my own preparations for what lies ahead at some point. I do not want to be caught unawares by not listening to what I see ahead like many will. Not listening to something like finance is one thing. It results in hardship but is manageable. But when a situation can become life or future threatening, that is another matter.

Should I decide to close the website I will still continue contact with those of you who are still interested in the future. But at least for now I will plod on regardless so no worries.

I know many who have not listened or acted upon warnings of the past will no doubt plead to keep this website going for a few more years. Duh! Yeah ok. I’ll be dumb enough to waste valuable time warning about things so you can not listen and I can be caught unawares like many of you no doubt will be if you do not awaken. I am hoping 2010 is the year which will leave you in doubt. The past two years are nothing compared to what 2010 has in store. But I’m hearing it already!

Things will get better in 2010. The Banks will be brought into line. The economy will pick up. Lenders will lend money again. Mortgages will be released to jump start the economy. Jobs will be created.

Please… Somebody pass me a sick bag because I’m about to puke at this repetitive BS.

Yes indeed. You will hear and read all this utter tosh via the usual suspect channels.

But when you look around you at the real world, you will see the opposite is happening.

Here is a simple survival tip. If you are told things are picking up for the better. Take a look at your own circumstances. If your quality of life has improved, they tell the truth. If it has in fact gotten worse, they lie. It’s not rocket science but it is a complete mystery why people obey these lies.

The Poli-Tick tells them their life is better and they accept the fallacy when in reality they are worse off. Trust me. These sorts are Lambs To The Slaughter House. They have no chance and if you want to play the good samaritan, be my guest. But never say that Levi did not warn you to do the opposite. They will lead to your demise.

NWO – The Next Stage

Once again we hear those words coming back to haunt us on a more frequent basis. NWO – A New World Order

Why is this so? It has now entered the Main Stream Media through the mouths of Politicians. Stop, listen and think. Am I wrong in thinking that a NWO was a mere ‘Conspiracy Theory’ not to long ago and has been for years? Did my ears deceive me when I heard anyone who mentioned a NWO resulted in ridicule and being labelled as a Nut Case by the very same entities who are now subliminally planting this term in your mind?

subliminal – adjective Psychology(of a stimulus or mental process) below the threshold of sensation or consciousness; perceived by or affecting someone’s mind without their being aware of it.

It’s similar to advertising. It breaks down the free will and convinces you something is better for you than anything else. We hate TV commercials but obviously they work on most people because companies spend millions a year on them to create a Brand. Without them, Independent TV would simply cease to be. Then of course when a brand is born they charge their customers for the advertising by stealth because you will always pay more for a brand product although it’s probably no better than a cheaper product made at the same plant or factory. This is one of many dirty tricks your friendly faced corporations play on you everyday. I say you because I react the opposite to anything advertised and boycott it instead. Have you noticed how advertising is becoming more in your face? You don’t even need TV because it’s everywhere. Unceasing and relentless. At every turn you are bombarded by one form of advertising or another, be it visual or aural.

There is a reason for this mass assault on our senses. To keep you off balance and loyal to the illusion of the society you have been conditioned to accept as life. But that’s not it.

It is what they, ‘The PTB’s real reason of what you must be aware of. They must occupy your mind with trivia, stress, worry, debt and other negativity so you won’t realize who you are and what your mind is capable of should this negativity be removed. A forbidden secret that decrees you are all one collective energy and collective mind.

They must you segregated at all costs by such age old tactics as sex, race and religion. Dump a load of stress, worry and debt on top of the hate and Bob’s your uncle. They have you. It shows how much ‘they’ the so called ‘Elite’ fear you should you all discover this ancient forbidden truth. The sheer energy of collective thought would destroy them overnight. This is what we call a heightening of consciousness. A phenomena of which the meaning has been kept from us for the past few thousand years and indeed is due to happen again around the period of 2012.

Once again I say to you. Why will governments et al not even entertain anything pertaining to 2012?

After all, they have laughed and ridiculed the NWO as a crackpot conspiracy theory.. that is up until now. But any question or comment about 2012 is taboo although it is now breaking into the mainstream by sheer force of public interest. The MS Media cannot give the game away by completely ignoring such a growing public interest so they are forced to cover it like it or nay. But notice how they cover the subject in a light hearted or contemptuous way. Normally I would say this is bad, but something is happening here. A growing number of people are for once in their lives, are actually seeing through the ploy. Their thirst for knowledge about 2012 is not being quenched by the MSM and encouraging them to look elsewhere like the internet.

Remember when I was trying to interest people about the 2012 event there was sod all on the internet. There simply was nowhere to send them except for stuffy academic websites which have the capability of killing by boredom. But in the past few years the 2012 subject has exploded onto the internet. Much of it is disinformation of course but once again I ask you to ask yourself why.

Why should a deluge of disinformation about 2012 suddenly appear? Some power somewhere is scared and I for one can feel and smell their fear. But that’s not it either.

An even more important question to focus on is why is a growing number of people around the globe suddenly becoming interested in 2012? People who have never been remotely interested in things like this. What is drawing their interest and thirst for knowledge about 2012?

Could it be the very thing that the PTB fear so much? The Beginning Of A Collective Heightening Of Universal Consciousness as we end one Earth cycle to begin another?

Remember that such event would even affect sheep people or dumb people to. Even they would suddenly see things the way the wise people do because that is what collective thinking is. It is a sharing of minds and knowledge. Those who already have wisdom will rise to an even higher consciousness. A state where you just know the answer to any question without knowing anything about the subject. This is more common than you think but not on such a high level, ie regarding the mysteries of life.

But Meanwhile…

Have you noticed that TV advertising is fast becoming coordinated?

This recent new phenomena is barely short of brainwashing powder. Remember how you could surf channels during a commercial break? Flip to another channel now and eight times out of ten you will land on another commercial.

It’s a softening up process. A mind control to break your will and exercise their will over yours by desensitizing you in preparation for the push of control over your life in 2010.

The recent ‘Snowed Out’ Global Warming Conference was nothing to do with it’s title or claim to save the planet. The protesters there knew that fact but the MS Media makes them out to be troublemakers. Ask yourself. Why should these so called Green Save The Planet people protest against governments who have the same aim? They simply wouldn’t. They would encourage and support them instead.

Treachery! That’s what this meeting of traitors was all about. This den of backstabbing vipers in suits. That’s what the arguments were all about. Who gets what in the divvy up of money, power and most of all CONTROL. Greed and Power was the order of the day. To have a One World Order with a One World everything, then leaders of other countries must agree to the Elites plans so they can go back to their respective countries and implement the treachery against their own people.

No matter which country you reside in, you will be bombarded by yet more taxes called Green Taxes or Carbon Taxes. Many will be laid on you by stealth in 2010. Your honourable leaders are planning to sneak these taxes onto just about everything you can possibly imagine. While of course skimming a bit off the top for themselves in order to qualify for the new Elite. But first they must break you financially. That is their mission.

The alleged breakdown in talks is yet another illusion. Poorer nations walking out is no different than negotiating the best deal for a second hand car. The seller won’t go any lower so you walk away. If he desperately needs to sell he will change his mind before you get through the door. Hence poor countries have walked so the Elites will have to offer a bigger bribe which they knew from the start. They were merely testing the water to see how cheaply their puppets could be bought for. There is a lot more to it of course but I think you get the gist of things.

A Lead Up – What To Expect In 2010

For the Elite to have a NWO, they must first make the masses dependent on them.

I think it was a Rothschild creature who said he cares not who governs a country as long as he can control it’s money.

Control The Money And You Control The Country… Control The Food And You Control The People…

Why is this a mantra of the Elite? Why as ‘Food’ suddenly entered the equation?

Here is my Prediction. There will be signs of a Global Food Shortage in 2010. Food is a powerful weapon of control which we take for granted. This generation has been fattened up for the kill so to speak. A person who is not used to eating three or four times a day can handle hunger far more easier than the former.

They may add Water to the equation which is more important than food but They will on the most part hold that as an ace card until 2011 when events of 2012 will no longer be deniable. They have started the propaganda about droughts now to subliminally prepare you.

Funny that! Especially when parts of the world are being deluged by floods!

I Predicted problems for American farmers because of freak weather. The freak weather came as promised.

Yet only a month or so ago, I saw a goverment report that American farmers were harvesting a bumper crop!

I also knew before all this that a food shortage was coming in the run up to 2012 and indeed have hinted and advised you to begin stocking up on things bit by bit.

So news of a bumper crop doesn’t add up. Neither does Freak Weather and Bumper Crop.

Oh joy if I got it wrong. But you see my friends, some Predictions are clearer than others. Some are vague and can be put to one side for awhile but others cannot. They are to vivid. To full of certainty. Time to enter the world of Parallel Thinking.

Then the ‘whole’ began to fall into place. To catch the people unaware then ‘Control The Food’.

Once again ‘they’ are lulling people into a false sense of security through their propaganda machine, the MS Media. They are fully aware that a growing number are beginning to think for themselves or read between the lines. Instinct or entering a higher state of consciousness? That’s your call. But the fact is that it’s happening. The PTB are aware of this. They are scared that a heightening of consciousness will indeed happen in 2012 as the ancients and history has shown us. When slowly but surely people will begin to see through the illusion of what they have been taught is normal life. When they begin to see the futility of governments and elites in their present forms. When they begin to become conscious to the fact that those who govern them do not have their best interests at heart and in fact have an opposite agenda.

The PTB have proof also. Guns, ammunition and survival food sales have literally gone through the roof. Many companies are struggling to keep up with the demand. Remember there is a recession. When others are going bust, these people are doing the best business in decades. Food is logical but what about guns and ammo? What collective consciousness is making a few million people sense an impending chaos? Animals of nature do this when a severe winter is on the horizon. They stock up on food and fat to survive the winter.

If you analyze Precognition these are the real factors you should look for beyond what one person is telling you. But for me the most important fact is why are the authorities or agriculture agencies in the US reporting a bumper harvest? We have seen the freak weather in the agricultural zones of America ourselves via their own media. Not only America either. Other countries including China have suffered the same crop failures due to adverse weather conditions. Floods have increased around the globe this year also.

The fact is that the puppet leaders, governments et al do not want people to be prepared. They see increasing numbers doing so and are powerless to stop them stocking up without giving the game away. Can you image what would happen if they made stockpiling food illegal? But then again, don’t be surprised if they appeal not to instead.

Add two and two. They have said ‘Almost Everybody’ will have an ID Card by the end of 2010. By 2011 ‘Everybody’ will have one. Either a card or a Veri Chip.

Look back on the year and you will see it’s already been happening. It’s in progress now. Even the unelected PM of the UK has stated this fact on more than one occasion. Another privacy freedom destroying method of control I refer to as the Mark Of The Beast. Read the Book of Revelations in the Bible and you will see an eerie resemblance to what these creatures in suits plan for your future. Without this card you will not be able to function in the NWO so many will accept it without a whimper. “I have to feed my family kind of bullshit excuse”. Those people do not have an inkling what they are letting themselves in for. Not only will they be betrayed by the Elite and their monkeys but they will eventually suffer the wrath of the people who will refuse this kind of Orwellian nightmare and complete loss of liberty.

But at least for a moment look back on 2009. The banks have got away with murder. (or should that be Daylight Robbery?) They have been bailed out with Public money which they now refuse to either hand back or use it for the purpose it was meant for, ie to lend and stimulate businesses etc.

Then with this new found money, they decided to award themselves big fat bonuses as if they had actually earned it. As another kick in the teeth for Joe public, a court ruled in favour of them so now they don’t have pay back all the illegal bank charges they have stolen over the years. Furthermore, they can carry on charging overdraft fees and other forms of extortion. Now they are icing the top of the cake with a coating of defiant arrogance. Because the government is paying lip service and threatening to tax the bonuses, the banks are threatening back by moving their staff abroad to avoid this tax.

Government traitors. Would it not be better to say go ahead but take your stinking filthy greedy companies abroad with you. You can’t have the cake and eat it. Oh and by the way, you will either pay back the money you owe to the public with interest or have all your British assets frozen and seized before your greedy employees have reached the airport.

Time for new governments and not any of the top three! If you are blind, then you will not question the fact that your vote is a joke. It is yet another fact before your eyes. Your vote is worth diddlysquat! It’s merely a pacifier.

In the UK, all three parties have recently agreed to an American style TV face off! Labour, Conservative and the Lib Dems…

Pardon my stupidity but aren’t there more parties to choose from and if so why aren’t they getting an equal share of MS Media coverage? Let me answer. Because the election has already been decided by the Zionist Jewish Bankers who control this country and who also own the top three parties. The left right and centre.

I will give you fair warning this day. The British people must not under any circumstance vote for any of the top three parties. This action would not only expose the fixed elections but would also throw the elite’s plans into total chaos by bringing in a hung government. Now that would really screw up their NWO plans.

Time to open your eyes and look back at what has already been done to you and assess what lies ahead because if you don’t, then expect and accept things to get worse in 2010.. much, much worse… You will not like what I have seen if you continue down this road you have already chosen.

For those of you skeptics out there remember this. For years now I have brought you Predictions of which almost all of them have manifested into reality. Even now at this moment you can see one in action.

Philippines, Malaysia Quakes And Extreme Weather

Although I expect a large increase of seismic and volcanic activity in the Indonesian zone, you will see news of Malaysia and the Philippines experiencing the same. Both of these zones are connected to weather so expect news of worsening floods and mud slides besides tremors.

Jakarta Massive Indian Ocean Quake?

I have mentioned Jakarta before but this year, news of something big will be reported. In fact there could be two or three different incidents involving the Jakarta Zone.

Volcanic explosion and Seismic Quake are two.

But the third event is linked to the Indian Ocean and massive undersea seismic activity between the Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Christmas Island. The latter may not be an ideal place to be if this event manifests into reality.

In case you don’t know, there is a volcano about to blow it’s top big time. Thousands have been evacuated from the zone so xmas won’t be very enjoyable for them being homeless and all with no certainty that they will have any home or belongings left in the New Year. As I write this there is ticker tape news of a big quake in Indonesia on boxing day, the anniversary of the Tsunami.

And get this. Did you know they have adjusted the measurement scale of Earthquakes? They are making strong quakes appear weaker. An eight point is now reported as a six pointer. Go figure. They are suddenly trying to dumb down everything to place people in an unsuspecting vulnerable position. Like food. If you have no emergency stock and suddenly the truth comes out in the form of ‘Wer’e sorry but we got the data wrong’, then soon after the panic buying has depleted and there is no food to have because the government has to control the stocks instead of the supermarkets… They have you.

Furthermore you will be required to hold a government Bio ID Card in order to entitle you to your food ration.

Sounds like Sci-Fi fantasy and that is what they hope you will think until it’s to late. Like the Great Depression, people were completely unaware. It could never happen to them but it did. Just like it could never happen to you… right? Just like they pulled the plug on your finances in September 2008. Couldn’t happen could it? But it did. And what’s more it happened while you were sleeping so do not rule anything out in 2010 because you are going to see the unbelievable with your own eyes as they, the PTB Elite begin to push the next phase of total control.

Once they have you dependent you will not dare to speak out or question your government otherwise they will simply press a button and render your ID Card useless similar to how they can cut your credit card off in a heartbeat.

Watch for the distractions also because they are about to lead the world to the brink of a Third World War where the word… ‘Nuclear’… will be bandied about in the MSM to gear the fear factor. This war will be instigated by fulfillment of my Prediction of an attack upon Iran by Isra-Hell and the already stretched USA. Russia and China will side with Iran because of massive investment in energy they have there. They will protect that investment and energy because it is necessary.

Expect a great distraction as an excuse for this war. Terror attacks across Europe and America. Also a major assassination. My Prediction about this being Obama still stands firm. In fact it has almost happened Twice this year but failed. Either way, if it fails again, I don’t see Obama in power before the end of year or even Summer. By assassination or impeachment I just cannot to see him around.

You will see a massive increase in the Prediction about politicians etc in fear of the public as more shenanigans come to light and indeed as they try to enforce dictatorial laws. We have already seen Peter Mandleson attacked with green gunge, the Italian PM with a statue and more recently the Pope by a mad woman.

Although these stunts will be used as excuses for more security and to further distance themselves from the public whom they are supposed to serve, they will alienate themselves in real terms. The plan is to reduce public appearances which will place them in danger as they attempt to imposed aforementioned Draconian Laws befitting the Soviet Communist Russian Empire. Fortunately this tactic will backfire with the public.

Watch what happens in 2010. They will be fearing for their lives.

Can you see how they will use fear and hunger as a distraction? Worry of debt is only the first stage and debt itself is but an illusion that cannot depend. They know almost everybody will default sooner or later because food and domestic energy is more important than paying interest to them and you cannot jail an entire country for debt nor even a small fraction of it without an uprising and your puppet government being overthrown.

There is hint in that remark because although 2010 is going to be a rough ride, it is also the beginning of the end of the NWO Utopia Dream.

Bad Moon Rising

Probably for the first time in a decade, I will be bringing ‘GOOD NEWS’ at last. Yes there is bad Moon rising but for the Elite and their Politician puppets as well. 2010 is going to turn into a far bigger nightmare than they have planned as things begin to go awry and backfire.

I will not lie to you or lull you into a false sense of security. Yes things have to get worse yet. It is a necessity. A ball must hit the floor before it can bounce back up. That is what listening and thinking is all about. By making a few simple preparations a difficult cycle can become much easier with less hardship.

Think then lateral think. The Elite PTB are not simply going to give up something they have planned for countless generations. Even if they lose control over the public, they have prepared to make life hell anyway. They have a backup plan to sow chaos and disorder amongst the world population enabling them to retreat and consolidate. They will do something to buy time and begin their quest all over again.

Remember that these entities have been booted out of every major country in the world throughout history.

But they have never been fully defeated. They simply bide their time while covertly building another power base by feeding off a new ‘Host’ country. When they have reinforced their power and connections, they then cause problems for their former host who kicked them out. Usually by bankrupting that country or instigating a war they cannot win. So do not expect them to simply shrug off their zillion quadrillions of investment money and hundreds of years of effort and say ‘Oh well. We tried’…

The present host country is of course the USA.

It seems the rest of the world outside America can see the set up. America is seen as the the aggressor and her popularity has plummeted into decline over a span of a few short years. The fingerprints of the Khazar Jew is there in plain sight but for the majority of Americans stubbornly refuse to tear themselves away from their heavily controlled MS Media. They leave comments on websites outside their country telling the rest of us to quit the anti American rhetoric and usually employ the false boast of ‘If it wasn’t for us, the rest of you wouldn’t be living today’ kind of attitude. They are simply unaware of the fact that it is their government who has earned them their new reputation of aggression by occupying once sovereign countries like Iraq. A country which has become more unstable since their interference. Same goes for Afghanistan and increasingly so for Pakistan while once again provoking Iran without thinking about the consequences that in doing so, they are provoking China and Russia as mentioned above.

Like all former hosts, the Elite Khazar Jew will destroy America as we know it. It will take decades for the US to restore itself to their former glory if indeed at all because during those decades of recovery, other countries like China and Russia along with their allies will have been establishing themselves. They simply will not trust America to become powerful again and turn it into an international pariah. This will not be a racial decision but simple common sense.

Would you hand back power to a nation who has brought the world into a state of unstability after you have spent decades repairing the damage they have inflicted upon you?

Also remember what one of them Predicted with great accuracy. Predicted not in a Metaphysical way but a planned way.

Albert Pike. We have talked about here before. He Predicted the first and second world wars and who would be fighting who. He was spot on.

The Third World War, he said, would be the West against the East using religion. I.e. Christians against Muslims. Once again, another Holy War.

Of course that is the illusion to the people. The ultimate purpose is about controlling everything and oil is a major factor. To turn Russia against China and instigate war between them is a dream come true for the Elite. It would weaken both their main powerful rivals. Fortunately they have already tried this ploy and it backfired. Russia and China saw the game and outwitted the Elite by joining forces.

The problem the Elite have now is where do they go if their plan to destroy America as a superpower go when the truth comes out? It’s only a matter of time before even the most doubting America sees what is happening to them and more so, who is doing it.

I think we now have the purpose of the thousands of underground cities dotted around the world.

These are not simple bunkers until any 2012 chaos passes. They are for long term use. A place where they can plan their next move should things keep going wrong as they are doing now.

These entities do not quit. A defeat is a mere setback even if the setback is for the next fifty or a hundred years.

The only way that humankind can realize it’s true potential and evolve into what it was meant to be before the interference is to to wipe the DNA of the Elite, their puppet politicians, operatives and sympathizers off the face of the planet by extermination. This includes the families of the above. Not to do so will be a mistake that future generations will have to deal with eventually because it is a mistake we have made many times in the past. They play the sympathy and guilt game, the world swallowed it, then they sneaked back up on a forgiving world and stabbed it in the back again. And so it begins again.

After this is all over, they must be sealed in their underground city coffins until every last one of them has perished…. Then the world and humankind can at last be free.

On The Wind- Levi

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