2010 Predictions Part 3

Burning – 85 Broad Street, in the Lower Manhattan, New York City

Relating to Bank vandalism of last Prediction. Beyond mere Bank Branches suffering vandalism such as graffiti, smashed windows and arson, we can go to the source of what turned public anger against them. 2010 is the start of the great decline of the banking system as you know it and the end of criminal banking practices being established by 2011/2012.

If you are not familiar with 85 Broad Street, in the Lower Manhattan, you will be if I say Goldman Sachs Group Inc. 85 Broad Street is the HQ of this bank holding company who made a killing out of the global financial crash. It’s not difficult by any stretch of the imagination to figure out that this company had a dark hand in what happened to our financial system and therefore the hardship which befell millions of people in the aftermath. Unfortunately, knowing and proving something is two different things. Now it seems that Karma is preparing to play it’s dark hand.

When I scanned this situation I fell upon some knowledge which further suggests that our whole system is as corrupt and rotten to the core as the entities placed in it.

Although to the majority of people it’s obvious that any company making trillions of dollars while others are going under and the rest are begging for ‘Bail Out’ money, must have ‘Insider Information’. It is not feasible by any form of logic that one company can not only survive a financial Tsunami but massively from it when their powerful competitors are simply swept away. As mentioned. Accusations are one thing but proof is another bedfellow entirely.

It seems this proof already exists and furthermore is known not only by entities in the highest echelons of the US Government but by some other Governments too. Between four, six or even eight or more people are to die before disclosure of this information. I feel some have already been disposed of which will eventually trigger their downfall. It seems one or more people involved will succeed in releasing this damning information about Goldman Sachs driven by fear that they know to much and will end up like their deceased colleagues if it is discovered that they hold this information. The problem they have now is who in authority can they trust because some political figures will fall when this material reaches light of day.

Between June and October is the time to watch or listen to rumours circulating about inquiries into the dealings of Goldman Sachs Inc. I feel they are not satisfied with the heist of the century and greed for another public robbery will expose them. The released information will then seal the fate of that company and those at the top of the ladder.

I see angry protests outside their HQ 85 Broad Street which escalate into violence and attempts to torch the building. The building will suffer major damage and it’s staff will fear for their lives. This marks the beginning of what is to come to other Elite bodies.

Un-United States Of America

The Goldman Sachs Prediction of demise is only one instance of public retaliation in America.

Between March and July at latest, the US Government oversteps the mark with their public by introducing draconian measures concerning ‘Homeland Security’. Expect a ‘False Flag Attack’ as an excuse to bring in and enforce more oppressive laws on American citizens. I have already mentioned cold war type road block checkpoints in the US. I revisited to make sure I was not confusing this sight with images from a bygone age Eastern Block Country. It was then I found the reason.

It seems there are two types of checkpoints. One is draconian to keep people in. The other type is designed to keep undesirables out. I have mentioned such an event in the past but it did not manifest. This year it will. The USA will not be ‘United’ any more as people force out corrupt or weak state Governors who cannot stand up to a corrupt Central Government and it’s increasingly Communist style demands.

This revolution will start with the unification of other unrelenting States through the medium currently know as ‘Tea Parties’ based on the Boston Tea Party of December 16th 1773, when State officials in Boston Massachusetts refused to bow to British Tax demands of returning three shiploads of (British) taxed Tea. They threw the cargo overboard instead. It was the grassroots of the American revolution.

Seven rogue States will become independent before Winter sets in. Other struggle with legalities when they attempt to join them. I think we will see at last the start of another American revolution but more Political rather than violent although there will be much Civil Unrest and inevitable casualties.

More Trouble For The Federal Reserve

As things begin to unravel about the past practices of Goldman Sachs and their cohorts et al, the domino effect ripples right up to the Federal Reserve. (And doesn’t stop there)

I Predicted trouble for them last year and indeed that is what happened. The call for the Federal Reserve to be audited is growing. The Federal Reserve in response is doing everything in it’s power to deny the request. Remembering as I have informed in the past that the Federal Reserve is not a Government controlled company but a private Jewish Banking Enterprise owned and run by the Elite Illuminati. Although the majority had difficulty accepting such a claim a few years ago, I think there is enough material proof on the internet to verify that the Federal Reserve is indeed a Privately Owned enterprise.

Otherwise if it was Government owned, there would be no need for the present controversy of refusal of an audit. There would simply be an internal audit. Once again, we can see the veil of corruption slipping as many shocks come to light as to who is really governing America. The Politicians or the Elite Bankers?

The question will be answered this year but here it is anyway.

Us Congress In Complete Disarray

If you have suspected that politicians are controlled by the Elite, then you are correct and the proof is winging it’s way towards you. Evidence will surface that the Us Congress is controlled by agents of the Elite who are either corrupt or blackmailed into to doing the bidding of their masters. These weak entities would rather see the destruction of their country and millions of livelihoods in exchange to cover up their not so snow white past.

Expect mass resignations over an invented scandal as if they try once more to save their own skins before justice comes down on them for corruption, fraud and more serious crimes. Even at this point they will continue to lie and attempt to fool the public by insisting they are protesting against some oppressive new legislation on behalf of the public. Yes folks. After all the betrayal and fraudulent acts, they will still try to play the hero in order to safeguard their lives and ill gotten gains.

The Demise Of The Western Career Poli-Tick

Not this year but eventually within the next two to three years. As a result of the above Prediction, will see new laws come into force which will strip much power from the politician. In effect, you are now seeing the final batch of so called “Career Politician’. Entities that have wormed their way into governmental power to further themselves and not those who elected them. Once in power they have awarded themselves more power. This process has made them completely forget that they are elected to ‘Serve’ and not to ‘Rule’.

This taking back of the Government by the People is not just contained to the UK and America but will spread through all Western Governments.

This is not a violent removal I see but more of subtle one. Once the power and perks have been removed, these parasitic entities will remove themselves because politics will no longer be lucrative and therefore no longer be attractive.

Governments Declare War By Stealth On Their Citizens

You must watch for these signs to appear in both the US and the UK first but rumblings in Europe also.

As things begin to crumble in Brussels, the HQ of the European Union, those politicians under control of their Elite paymasters will be ordered to bring an already increasingly angry public under control. Of course such a move is political suicide but is also a good example how the Elite backtrack on promises of power and wealth once the politician has served his or her purpose and is sacrificed as the pawn they were employed to be. Meanwhile, like sheep, they will obey their masters and bring the UK to the brink of a breakdown in society.

It seems that cost of living rises to an unreasonable level while pay is frozen or reduced. (See 3 Day Week)As people struggle to make ends meet, it will be leaked that MP’s have tried to sneak yet another Pay Rise for themselves through behind the back of the persecuted public. I think this may be the straw that breaks the camels back. All hell breaks loose and politicians tremble.

The pure incompetence of the way their plans are executed will blow the cover off what they are up to.

Once again I see strikes but much more volatile than last year. More jobs are lost starting in March and the situation gets worse by Summer as political promises amount to nothing. A Summer Of Discontent Is On The Horizon

Credit Shutdown?

It is wise for you to read between the lines of some things I say to grasp the bigger picture.

For instance. Why would people be financially screaming? There have been times many times over the past ten years when money got tight. No Problem! Break out the old Credit Card. Problem solved, Yes?

No! Not this time around. You have already witnessed my 2007 warning of money being taken from circulation in September 2008. I also reminded that things would not get better by September 2009 but worse. The opposite of what the politicians and TV pundits told and it seems convinced the majority of. Well that’s water under the bridge now and we have all seen for ourselves that the so called recovery did not happen. It is evident that the government and their talking heads lied.

They lied then and they are lying now. Once more they are hinting things are improving. The UK is officially came out of recession on the 26th January 2010. It also officially came out of recession in October and again in December of 2009. Aside from the arrogance of conceit for the Public’s memory cells, this pullout from recession has been measured by a mere 1%. Premature is not the word here. However. In true Political style to save their skins, they cleverly add (for future arguments sake) a get out clause, that things could yet change. It would have been wiser not to introduce this news to the public yet and waited until a more realistic figure on a continual upward trend was evident.

But once again we a failed Government clutching at straws. A mere 1% straw at that and obviously some political ploy against opposing parties as the elections grow nearer and maybe nearer than even the politicians think when the proverbial BS hits the fan.

You will see the same entities idly stand by and watch the big companies like utilities screw you to the floor.Money has been faded out of reach, so now you can expect Credit to go the sam way. Although this may have begun already but not on any noticeable scale, they may wait until after Summer to gauge how many people cannot afford to holiday abroad this year and to screw those who can by introducing higher interest or other unfair stealth penalties.

Yes I accept. We are climbing out of Recession because we are entering a Depression.

They have it all planned friends. They are all in cahoots with each other. US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada et al politicians are all on the same payroll of the Elite corporation who want a NWO.

World Currency IMF Con – System Crash

On January 27th (=9) to January 31st (=4) the so called World Economic Forum meets in Davos. These self appointed Messiahs are pledging to “Rethink, Redesign, Rebuild” the global economy. Think about that. Also I have drawn your attention to the numerology which adds to 13 so I hope you are not superstitious. Thing is they, the Elite are heavily into symbolism and the number 13 is important them.

Let me tell you about this meeting before it happens. When they say “Rethink, Redesign, Rebuild” the global economy, the majority will say ‘Hooray. Our consumer life style is back at last’. But the feel good factor will not last when the results of this meeting begin to come into play.

This meeting is quite the opposite of what many think. Read their mantra between the lines. “Rethink, Redesign, Rebuild”. Rebuild? Before you can Re-build you must first knock something down, yes?

This meeting is to decide which month is best to crash the World Economy. After this meeting watch your leaders go into a traveling frenzy for ‘Talks’ with other Elite yes men and women. Your country’s domestic problems will not matter to them and you will wonder why you are paying them in the first place. But they will be indifferent because they know your complaints mean nothing. They know your concerns won’t matter soon because they are close to the final goal of dismantling the Old World Order and replacing it with a draconian New One.

If you think the global financial situation is in bad shape now but is slowly improving because the same entities are telling you so, then I advise you to brace yourself. You will see what I mean with signs between March, April and May then especially September or October for implementation . My New Year starts in March so I may update this Prediction because I am sure you will have heard some media or political hint by then.

They have already turned off the ‘Credit’ tap. Next they will cause a financial drought by doing likewise with money to crash the system or at least make it appear so. Expect their MS Media machine to go into overdrive in order to instill fear. Then listen for these three letters ‘IMF’ or these three words ‘International Monetary Fund’.

You must not forget that the Elite’s quest for a New World Order is to centralize everything. A one world Army, Religion, Government and Bank. The IMF is run by these same entities and was originally set up for the purpose of being the World Bank. Interesting to note that Gordy Brown was offered a job there but refused it in order to fulfill his ambition to become the UK Prime Minister. Or at least that is how it was presented. Now we can see the method in the madness. He is in a far better position to his elite masters bidding to finish his predecessor’s task (Blair) of destroying the social and financial fabric of the UK.


Anti-Semetism Becomes Anti- Jew

The ADL (Anti Deformation League) have spun increasingly out of control over the past two to three years. This organization receives millions of dollars per year to persecute anyone who speaks against the Jew. The name is wrong also, otherwise they would defend any race against deformation of character or race. But the ADL is exclusively Jewish. They have unfairly labelled speech makers, film makers, authors, reporters, writers and so on as ‘Anti-Semites’. And if you deny the ‘Holocaust’, chances are you end up in jail.

During 2009, this hypocritical agency of persecution has gone too far. It has pushed many frayed tempers over the edge. People finally got tired of trying to please these people or being careful not to speak the word ‘Jew’ in the wrong tone. Unfortunately, this effort backfired and the ADL went power mad. However, it has exposed them as anti every other race resulting in retaliation from every other race. In the ADL’s own words. Anti-Semetism has increased in 2009. Well that is what happens when continuously pick fights with innocent people then anger them further by trying to play the victim.

Expect much reaction against the Jewish race this year as innocent Jews get tarred with the same brush. Zionist Kazar Jew or nay. There will be a massive global offensive against these trouble makers this year and I doubt the so called ADL will be in existence by next year as the members go underground for fear of their own well being.

I feel there will also be a realization or blame put on Jews who seem to have penetrated almost every government, for the demise of the financial system and the loss of the standard of living. I would not wish to be Jewish over the coming years. Bona Fide Jew or nay. And to those of Jewish persuation who know me, I would ask you to be very alert during these times and keep a very low profile. Mob mentality does not think nor distinguish.

Mysterious Deaths In Politics

I have chosen to place this Prediction here because I believe the Khazar Jewish Banking Elite have declared war on the Goyim. That is anybody who is not one of them. A Gentile in other words.

I and Babason scanned a few covert meetings of late. We became suspicious when Isra-Hell recently recalled their political minions back home. Orders where given. To myself it was spreading a virus but something much more dangerous. These entities who have been planted within various governments or positions of power have been ordered to up the ante. In other words, they have been told dispose by any means anyone within or connected to governments who oppose them or stand in their way because there has been a growing realization of what the PTB (Powers That Be) entities are really up to. Their acolytes are beginning to become exposed in their underhand dealings and some powers within are trying to stop them.

The patriotic powers that are throwing a spanner in the hidden works of the PTB can no longer be tolerated and must be either silenced by blackmail or physically destroyed before they can talk or warn the public what exactly going on in the corridors of power in various countries around the world.

Although you will only hear of high profile deaths or so called suicides, I would urge you to seek this news from the alternative news internet websites. You will hear of an unnatural amount of suicides by people either connected or within government. Also note that suicide is taking ones own life whereas ‘Suicided’ means someone else has killed them and made it look like suicide. (Even when the person has shot themselves twice in the back of the head)

There is going to much scandal and mystery centered around Washington DC this year.

Political Assassinations

I am sure that sometime over the last decade or so, governments agreed to suspend the dirty game of assassinating each other. Although the practice of shooting someone in the head has stopped, It has been replaced with another kind of assassination called terrorism. For instance the USA is still assassinating people by using unmanned drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Isra-Hell is less secretive and just use fighter jets to air strike suspected Palestinian or Syrian dissidents.

In most cases you find the the hidden hand of both the CIA and Israel’s Mossad, the latter becoming completely out of control. The latter also is going to either caught or proved to be involved in the killing of a high ranking (US) Politician or Government representative. I think there will be a Hotel Blast involved here.

After a short period of calm, the killing will be avenged by the death of a high ranking Israeli politician or representative to send a clear message that if assassination is back on the agenda, so be it. There is very prominent letter ‘A’ in both victims names.

Mass Shootings Increase

L.A, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle and New York are the main places you will read about concerning lone gunman mass shootings. These incidents are becoming more telling of mind control experiments. You will find the majority of these shooters have either a military background or have ties with government agencies. These are not simply ordinary people who have had a mental breakdown and decided to start shooting anyone and everyone. We will wait and see if the random shootings of the past are trials and exercises for the real thing meaning the Prediction above. Assassinating Political adversaries.



Quakes And Natural Disasters

Now we enter Earthquake and ultimate freak weather season proper. Although there are hundreds of quakes around the world every year, many are remote or not strong enough to grab attention. Last year was quiet as in ‘Normal’. A couple of decent sized ones but nothing to shout about. But the Sunspot activity has also been fairly dormant until the last few months of the year. We only have two years left before the next Sun Cycle in 2012. These cycles occur every eleven years but the 2012 cycle is going to be a big one.

We can also expect some big shakers measuring 8 + on the old Richter Scale. I say old because I informed recently that the ‘Seismologist Agencies’ are in disarray. Years ago I Predicted that Earthquakes will become increasingly stronger on the run up to 2012. I have been correct. However, it seems that the PTB (Powers That Be) do not want us to notice this fact. Maybe it’s a cover up of the 2012 event and they do not want a mass breakdown in civil order. But the fact is, like chem-trails, no government or politician will address 2012.

As was seen in Haiti in January 2010. A no nonsense start to the year. I will not go into the suspicious circumstances of this particular quake because that’s another story for another day. What I would like you to ponder is this. The quake was originally reported as a six point plus. A week earlier a same magnitude quake happened in California with almost zero damage yet Haiti was razed to the ground. It still took some time for the Media to realize their mistake before upgrading it to a seven point magnitude quake. An incompetent decision. This was a magnitude eight quake because the ground was described as rocking and rolling around.

Why is the government ordering these agencies to cover up the true strength of earthquakes?

You will see this year for yourself. Common sense will tell you that a reported quake must have been a lot stronger than you are told when you see the visual footage. Expect a lot of rhetoric once again about poor building standards and planning permission etc, etc etc…

For the record. It was America who built most of the flattened buildings last time they occupied Haiti!

Yellowstone Park

I will start with this because the authorities seem to be trying to hide much information about this zone which some researchers have claimed this is actually a ‘Super Volcano’.

In the past I Predicted that parts of Yellowstone would be off limits to tourists and so it came to pass. But news updates are few have become a rarity.

Expect an increase in quake swarms and tremors here this year. Although I do not see it actually blow it’s top proper, I do see it making the news with a reported ‘Minor Eruption’ which looks like smoke and steam. Yellowstone will not be a good place to be in the coming years.

Quite a few old time Psychics have seen this place go up in a massive eruption. Edgar Cayce (The Sleeping Psychic) is probably the best to research because in depth description about the effect of surrounding counties and states. Meanwhile keep your eye on activity being kept quiet or parts of Yellowstone closing off to the public for so called ‘Scientific Research’ excuses.

California – Increased Activity And Strength

I am dumbfounded what is happening here although I Predicted and foresaw it. Things just continue to mount up on this once wealthy vibrant state, but let us concentrate on the seismic activity.

Once again I will remind you that the ‘Big One’ which has been famously Predicted every year for decades until the past few years cannot be expected until 2011/2012. It seems this Prediction but has gone into decline or fallen from favour with most Psychics. Although it’s claimed the so called ‘Big One’ is well over due, it still remains a reputation destroyer and constantly fails to happen year in year out.

What these Predictors are missing however is the build up to this legendary Earthquake.

By Predicting the build up, it is possible to make some people aware of the signs and act accordingly. In other words, get well away from the coast inland bound. Wiser still get as far away from California as possible. Remember. It is not solely about surviving a devastating quake itself. It is about surviving the roaming hungry hordes who will be desperate enough to kill for food and water.

California already has a worsening water shortage problem so a big quake will have die consequences.

I will measure the quake magnitude based on the old Richter Scale which the American Authorities have deem to alter in order to stop us realizing my Prediction of increasing quake strength in the up to 2012. Therefore it is probably best to start getting quake data from foreign seismic monitoring agencies other than US or European.

Summer months are most vulnerable but I think the first will strike in or around mid April to May. It will be reported as 4 point plus but will actually be a six point plus.

Between Jun and July, expected at least three or four stronger ones. The proceeding ones will be reported as strong aftershocks but I think they are quakes because one of them is stronger than the original quake. Once again the data will be with in order to quell panic. Reported as 6 point plus but 7 point plus in actuality.

Then comes a relatively quiet period from the end of July through August and early September. However, when I say relatively it means just that. Because the sign you must watch for during this period is a rash of minor tremors or rumbles.

However, from September proper, October until November is the time for an 8 pointer plus to strike.

Once again I see authorities trying to cover up the true magnitude and report it as 6.9 to 7.4. This time the public will not be taken in because of the actual physical damage. I see quite a lot of damage this time. fly-over bypasses, bridges, Roads and buildings. Fires in built up zones spread here and there. It is likely that state of emergency will be declared if this Prediction manifests into reality which I hope it doesn’t. Unfortunately I feel this is one of my more accurate ones. Also remember not to take my time line as gospel. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Psychics to tune in to a specific time line for sure but I have done averagely good up to now so make your own decisions but more importantly watch for the actual sings.

Simply remember this. Around the same time as the Haiti Quake (about a week before), CA was hit by the same magnitude of quake. 6 point plus. Although the Haiti quake has since mysteriously been upgraded to 7 point, it is still wise to compare the differentiating damage done in both events. California hardly any damage compared to complete and utter devastation to Haiti.

The point being.. why are the authorities hell bent on keeping this kind of data or information from people who live in those quake zones. Obviously to contain panic but panic about what? LA will soon become another New Orleans event and once again you will see that so called government agencies are nowhere near as prepared nor have learned anything.

Conclusion? That is their plan. To do nothing. Why rebuild something they know full well is going to be destroyed again in the very near future?

US Eastern Seaboard – New York

Although I have never heard of a quake in the New York zone, although I do see eventual catastrophe hitting this place sooner or later. I have know this since a child but also known it would not until well into the future. I would say we are in or entering that time of the future now and within the next two to three years. I have always seen that Water is heavily involved so we are presented with a conundrum but not an unsolvable one.

The involvement of sea water is twofold. First it could be a Tsunami caused by a series of offshore undersea quakes. Or indeed could be an inundation caused by a pole shift around 2012. Therefore New York would not be the sole victim. The victims would be global so I would write of an inundation. (Overwhelming Flood)

I think most of NY is built on solid rock foundation being a Plateau. But even this could not guarantee safety during a massive tectonic plate shift. So this could be a rendering of the NY foundation in the form of a quake. But this is what bothers me. There is a massive shortage of Power and Water either during or before this event. This means that the first sign will be a very minor tremor. Not strong enough to be felt by most, and only by those in the immediate vicinity. I see local people reporting it but the media playing it down.

Whatever. The tremor or tremors will disrupt electrical power in New York and the lights will go out. I will compare this not with the 1977 blackout which was localized to NY City but the more serious one which happened previously in 1965. This resulted in public disorder and looting so whatever is coming it’s going to be pretty serious. Now here’s the kicker and what you must listen for.

The MS Media will totally confuse the outgoing news. Witnesses will report Earthquake descriptions. Conflicting panic will come from reports of an ‘Explosion’. But the main thread will be of a so called ‘Cyber Terror Attack’ or an attack upon either a nuclear power facility. The news I see coming is totally confusing and contradicting. You must at that point realize that is exactly how it’s meant to be. The last thing the authorities want is close on 20 million people trying to evacuate. Look at the sham with New Orleans and you will see that those government agencies like FEMA et al either cannot or will not cope with such a disaster.

I can only deduct that if this event materializes into reality, it will happen the Summer months and here’s why.

Once again I am plagued with visions of lack of ‘Water’ as in hot and thirsty. So maybe we have a scenario where this ‘rend, tremor or minor quake’ has fractured some major water lines. Further signs to watch for this year concerning the New York Zone are reports of disruptions to the water supply by contamination. There also seems to be news of a serious event concerning the subway system. Once again, I admit that I cannot make much sense of the news coming from the media. It is more like confused propaganda.

Other 8 pointers

We have witnessed a strong quake in Haiti which I still defend as an 8 point plus quake. Not the original 6 point and late upgraded to a 7 point plus. This was an 8 pointer my friends. Trust me.

So I have another suggestion that will both expose this camouflaging of quake data and give you a more accurate guide.

You are a human being who has been with a brain that can think. So let’s use it and invent our own measurement of Earthquakes.

I.E. Light damage = 4 to 5 P, Heavy damage = 6+ p, Serious damage = 7+ p and Devastation = 8 point or stronger.

In other words trust your eyesight not the MS Media or your Government controlled agencies. It’s called ‘Common Sense’.

Turkey, Iran, Peru, Argentina, India, Pakistan, China, Philippines, Thailand, Japan and an unusual amount of activity in the Indonesian zones.

I will update nearer the time when I can feel the coming as I have done in the slog blog on many occasions.That is why I’m still suspicious that Haiti was not a natural Earthquake. I simply did not feel or see it coming.

Storm Season And Freak Weather

The 2010 Storm Season is going to be a monster this year. Much devastation in the Caribbean Zone including Cuba, Haiti, and Jamaican Zones. The South American coasts will be affected also. Florida will also suffer as will the North American Eastern Seaboards.

Once again I see another year of freak weather across Central North America. Snow in Summer but this much more rain devastating many crops leading to my promised food shortage there.

Flood wise, the worse will be seen in parts of India, but even more so in the Philippines and parts of Thailand.These zones of the Far East are in for a very rough ride this year. Once again we will see the fall out reach parts of the Australian coast coincidently after a period of serious drought.

I think the bizarre ongoing drought in Oz is coming to an end but at first there may be more rain and water than is welcome until nature reagins her balance in that part of the world. I will add that I think Australia will be one of the safer continents to be during our journey into 2013. Yes, freak weather and all. Oz will get the least roughest time unless you are heading to Siberia.

Please do not contact me about other safe zones around the world yet. It is a massive undertaking of which I am not qualified to tackle alone. There will be many places that will ride any upheaval which 2011 and 2012 will bring. Again, ‘Common Sense and a little research would not go amiss. Many low lying Zones like in the Caribbean, Indonesia and so will probably be mostly under water. There is plenty of time for those people to decide a back up plan yet. But heed the extreme weather because that is Natures warning to all.

I will update by adding more Predictions in the near future.

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