2010 Predictions PART TWO

2010 – The Year Of The Point Of No Return – Part Two

Never have so many of my Predictions revolved around money. it brings the old adage back to mind. ‘Money Makes The World Go Round’. Therefore, if the ‘Money’ is removed… then what? Does the world ‘Stop’?

Money is being removed from society. Of that there is no doubt. In fact it’s being done under everybody’s noses in broad daylight. Banks have used bailout money to award themselves record bonuses for failure instead of using it for what it was meant for. Like kick starting the economy and lending again. Even that idea was a con. They take public money to lend that money back to the public and then charge interest to boot. Money for old rope or money for nothing, take your pick. I am repeating this statement because you should read between the lines here. Even if the banks had done as they were told, there would have been cause for suspicion.

Even if you are a skeptic, I would advise you to ‘Think’ more deeply this year. It’s said a skeptical mind is healthy one. I will tell that it can also be a dangerous one too!

This is not a year where you can simply doubt things or sit on the fence to much. Another form of thinking is required. Doubt by all means but also believe. Think ahead and watch the signs that I give you in these Predictions.

Once again I bring you some outrageous Predictions as I have done in the past. Predictions of things that cannot possibly happen, but happened they did.

Yet when people reach that point where the almost impossible has happened and have adapted to the reality of it all, they shrug their shoulders in indifference then carry on down the same road of not believing or not wanting to believe in other difficulties ahead until they happen. This attitude unsettles me because I know what awaits them in not to distant future. And as you know, time flies.

I Urge You To ‘THINK’

If you are skeptical, I would save that for the financial situation. But where the Prediction of a food shortage comes into play I would not. In fact, you would be a fool not to take this with some gravity.. just in case.Look at Haiti. Do you really think a similar situation could not happen where you live? It may not be a quake. It could be a number of unexpected things. So I would advise to say to yourself… ‘What If’?

Think about it today. Set thirty minutes aside today and think. Think of all the things in you daily life which you take for granted. Electricity and food for starters. Your car or transport to get the necessities of everyday living. That 30 minutes of thinking could ease unexpected emergencies or even save your life.

The next Prediction to follow for instance. Energy cuts or failures. Are you ready? Are you prepared?

Most modern homes do not have open coal fires these days to keep warm and heat food on during an emergency. So do you have a camping stove, heater, lantern etc? You can keep putting buying these things of indefinitely but come the event, there will be a run on these things as panic sets in and they may not be available.

Then you sit in the darkness freezing and stave off your hunger with cold food.

You will sit there with no light so at least you can read because you TV screen will be blank. Your mind can only take so much radio or music CD’s before it gets bored. Then you will wish you could read a book or yearn for some other mental stimulation. But all you will repeat to yourself is ‘I wish I bought this’ ‘I wish I bought that’. And especially.. ‘I wish I had stocked up with food’. Shops and supermarkets are not infallible. If stock cannot reach them for reasons which are many, it’s checkmate. The shelves will empty quickly in a panic buying frenzy.

Again I say look what in Haiti. Looting from desperation. Every man for himself. That unfortunately is human nature. A panic buyer will fill his trolley with your and other’s share of water for instance. Then somebody else will get angered over his greed and that’s when the trouble starts.

If you think I’m off my rocker and these things will not happen either this year or next, you may want to have your own head examined. Here are the signs to watch for.

Russia Threatens To Cut European Domestic Energy

While America have been trying to take oil by force, China and Russia have been proving that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. While the Middle eastern wars have been distracting everyone, Russia and China have been quietly busy signing contracts, doing business deals and building pipelines without having to have an army to protect their projects unlike America and Britain which have taken the more expensive and dangerous tactic. A tactic they are destined to regret.

Therefore Russia is at loggerheads with Britain and other anti Iranian countries in Europe. Also Russia controls a great deal of domestic and industrial energy supply into Europe and especially the UK since our beloved government closed down our natural resources. (See Next Predictions Below)

I’m not sure if this coming event is connected to aggression towards Iran but It very well could be. Whatever, it has political undertones. Between March and October there could be severe energy shortages in the UK and European countries. Once again we see proof of our incompetent politicians creating hardship for the rest of us.

Three Day Working Week

A few decades ago, Britain was forced into a ‘Three Day Working Week’

The Three-Day Week was one of several measures introduced in the United Kingdom by the Conservative Government 1970-1974 to conserve electricity, the production of which was severely limited due to industrial action by coal miners.

This was a nightmare for the Brits both for standard of living but also financially. All the suffering was simply to defeat the Mining strikes and break the workers Union. (This was a Conservative Government People so remember come election time and don’t make the same mistake twice)

Ironically, the Brits have forgotten how bad the Tories (Conservative Party) were so there is more than a good chance they will be in power when this event arises. The moment when the Brits realize the mistake of what they have done. But this time it is not a national in fight, it is an international one with Russia.

The public will be told that there is a payment issue by suppliers not paying their bills on time or paying anything at all.

Let me remind you at this point that all of this is already planned to happen although some authority powers concerned do not know yet. Here is the scam.

As you Brits know, the energy corporations are preparing to install a Smart Meter into your homes this year. If you let them, I promise you will regret it. It is yet another Orwellian Big Brother move to control your life. They are softening the public up right now to lessen resistance of them being able to install them. Therefore you have been told that the initial cost £350 or more will be shouldered by the energy corporations. Initially. You are also told that the cost will eventually be paid by you in small installments. All this to save £25 per year on your bill. But there’s more.

When you have paid for these meters, your bill will not go down. It will go up. And that is not it either.

Did you know there is more to these Meters than you think? Did you know they can cut of your electricity by pushing a button at HQ? Furthermore, did you know they do the same with your Gas and Water supply too?

That’s Why They Are Called ‘Smart Meters’

So yet again we will be faced with yet another financial mystery. Where is all the money disappearing to between you paying your energy bills and your supplier paying their supplier?

Back To Square One – Back To Fossil Fuel

I like this Prediction. It’s bizarre but I like it for reasons you will see. I will also ask you to keep this Prediction open for 18 months should it not materialize this year. Having said that, you will see the signs this year if not the actual event.

I can see coal mines being reactivated. Leased or sold by the Government through desperation.The offshore oil industry will also be revitalized before the above happens. Watch for before or around June or July. I say this because the Government will hide the true state of things from the public as always. They have the the advantage of Summer so energy consumption will be low. Once again the incompetence in government will surface as they simply hope they can resolve their differences politically before another harsh winter sets in.

This must be a domino effect of the above Prediction of a looming energy crisis in the UK and Europe.

These mining resources will eventually be re-opened out of dire need as the new British Government recoils from public backlash of energy shortages or indeed another similar and desperate situation as the 3 day week.

Here is the irony and the first good news we have seen in decades. The realization around the world that not only are central governments working against their own people, but they are an incompetent unnecessary incumbent on all societies. It will be a humiliating moment for the promoters of the Global Hoax. Much more than the unusual amount of snow we saw last year during their so called conference.

Back to Fossil Fuel? That means those who have passed themselves off as politicians have succeeded only in setting their Green Agenda back and also throwing society back into the Victorian era. As I have said before which will become a household question soon. ‘

‘What Use Are Politicians Anymore?’

Euro Hits Trouble – So Does The Union

In my Prediction about the Crash of the US Dollar which is still a work in progress, (but not for long now) I said it could be replaced by a caretaker currency like the Euro which has gained in strength over the past year or so. Likewise, so has the European Union with the complete farce of the so called Lisbon Treaty.

At the moment these two factors appear unstoppable but appearances can be deceiving especially when controlled by deceptive entities themselves. When I said caretaker currency it means exactly that. Although the Euro Union Mafia will be conniving and double dealing to make it permanent, it will not happen.

The original idea is to introduce another currency to replace the US Dollar. Probably the Amero Dollar but with a different name because of all the barefaced denial of it’s existence. But for sure, the game will be given away when we are told it will once again be an American global currency when in fact it will controlled and backed by that department of the NWO (New World Order) we know as the IMF (International Monetary Fund)

Both these plans will backfire. Another major blow for the Elite PTB (Powers That Be) and what they refer to as ‘The Great Game’. See next Prediction Below.

The Euro will enter very troubled times as will the Union. I see major fractures appearing in the European but cannot see what is responsible for which. It maybe a struggling Euro which causes the upheaval within and which is more likely. But do not rule out the reverse. A power struggle within could make the Euro unstable.

Whichever or whatever, you will witness the beginning of the end of the European Union.

Seeing as the EU itself is a major component of the NWO, this can only bide well for the rest of us as yet another begins to awry for the Elite and their insane NWO Utopia.

Euro aside. The Union itself will begin to fracture as a domino effect and people begin to protest an strike throughout Europe because of increasing hardship.

Same old thing. Everything rising in cost except wages/salaries.

China – The Stalking Dark Horse – Asian Tiger

Once again we see irony playing a major part in 2010/2011.

China, once thought of as a poor country financially will reveal itself to be the Asian Tiger. We see strong signs of this now but the best is yet to come. Do not be surprised if an Asian currency becomes the next ‘Global Currency’ to replace the US Dollar and not a Western one so to speak. Although Japan will be touted which is Western controlled, China’s currency will out perform others in real time. Investors will find it a far stable bet for the future.

Rebirth Of Hong Kong, Singapore And South Korea – But Big Trouble In Little China – Taiwan

What is this strange thing afoot? The hidden struggle for world power that is usually hidden from the masses will begin to break surface.

Hong Kong after a period of stagnation compared to it’s former glory will go through a rebirth of a ‘Global Financial Power Centre as Western Europe and the US finance powers begin to struggle and collapse. Singapore as well as South Korea is destined to enter a new era of wealth. So is Taiwan but age old problems will arise first.

It appears that not only are the Magnetic Poles shifting, but the energy of wealth is shifting with them.

From the West (USA) to the East (China) and from Western Europe (EU Countries) to Eastern Europe. (Russian territory) See Prediction below (Rise of the Russian Bear).

As the money moves back into Hong Kong and fore mentioned, the movers and shakers will try to compete or gain a foot hole in the rise of the Asian power. This is rich because it’s the same entities who have brought about the downfall of western wealth with their illegal shenanigans. Like a spoilt brat who breaks his toy and demands to play with yours, these greed ridden entities will try to infiltrate (as they did here) and then dominate (as they did here) the new Asian market. They will attempt to this by using Taiwan as the pawn.

Earlier I mentioned they would try to maintain control of the Global Currency using Japan as pawn. The US especially is going to try the same old deal. Controlling a Global Currency means you can print as many dollars as you want, or at least to extent. The US has passed that extent months ago and the USD is only worth a third or less of it’s value. Same old tricks, no imagination, spoilt brat behaviour once more.

I am not a fan of politics and therefore not expert on these matters so am totally confused with this one although you may understand it.

The Western PTB will use an age old dispute about Taiwan being Japanese territory. Remember this could be part of the plan, quest or ruse to retain a global currency through Japan. So when it fails, the next is to political force. Maybe these dark entities are trying to sabotage the new Asian power houses but that will fail also. Then on the other side we have China who also claim ownership of Taiwan. Furthermore, the Taiwanese also claim independence and ownership of themselves which is more valid than history and who owned what and when.

Once again I to shiver to see this manifest. A failing USA, broke and militarily stretched to the extreme limits elsewhere facing off with China from Taiwan. Once again using another pawn (Taiwan) and promising them military help against big bully China. Taiwan needs to oust their US puppet leaders as do we all and negotiate with China.

After the scare when the US backs down and Taiwan sees they have almost been had, then a see a new era of positive relations with both China and eventually Japan who will also join the new Asian power after dumping it’s American owned puppet politicians.

We are beginning to see a negative trend here as the Elite’s dirty tricks continue to backfire on themselves and further isolate their power base of wealth and control.

Oh yes. In case you didn’t know. Taiwan is extremely rich in natural energy resources and gold also. Just coincidental of course and nothing to do with the greed mongers getting in there to plunder.

Rise Of The Russian Bear

Russia too after the all the political upheaval caused by the Western PTB continues to get into it’s stride.

Some of the former Russian satellite countries who were duped into joining the European Union will start to overthrow their puppet politicians who support it and abandon the Union in favour of their former power.

Irony strikes again does it not?

The once oppressive Soviet union because the good guy and the once good guy becomes the Soviet State of the European Union! The mind boggles but in a nice way.

BRIC Grows In Power While G8 Declines

A similar ironic power shift to wealth from poverty will occur on the far side of the globe in South America.Some of these countries have already aligned with China and Russia in what has become known as the BRIC countries. (Brazil. Russia, India and China.) Now we can begin to see why the US Military presence is in Columbia. They don’t like the fact that these small countries refuse to allow American companies in to exploit there own natural resources and furthermore refuse to even sell oils to the present American regime. Hence they have gone under the umbrella protection of Russia and China.

Petroleum Shortage = High Prices – Tension

There are other things that the soon to be PTW (Power That Was) do not seem to be fully aware. That is why their self high opinionated name of ‘The Elite’ does not hit the spot with me. For longer than they know, the Arab kingdoms have been meeting in secret. Old friends and foes alike. At the same time they have merely payed Lip Service to their American and British handlers. They know that the former are getting increasingly out of control and are making the whole Middle East more and more unstable as they do so. They are completely aware that this unstability is on their own doorstep.

They are also very conscious that they have also have a mad dog sleeping next door. Namely the State of Isra-Hell and their insane plan to attack Iran.

These same ancient foes and friends are fully aware that should Isra-hell carry out their threat against Iran, the mayhem will become extremely difficult if not impossible to control for quite awhile. But the biggest worry is that if it came down to Israel winning in some way with the help of the USA, then the rest of Arabia would be next in the sights of Isra-hell to fulfill their insane vision of what they call ‘Greater Israel’.

And so it is that in this secret meeting and enforced in subsequent covert meetings a line has been draw in the sand as it were. If either the Brit or US mad dogs step over that line, there are counter measures in place. It is a logical but clever one too.

Imagine this. What if suddenly overnight, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates decided enough was enough and officially sided with China and Russia? Even worse for us, what if they too decided to dump the US Dollar as payment like Iran and others have done already. Trust me my friends, Saudi has already threatened to do this. But it isn’t quite as simple as that either. The Arab threat has teeth.

What if they decided to cap oil supply to the West? The Military machine cannot run without oil. It would grind to a halt in no time and become easily crushed by it’s opponents. Where would the Western war mongering Elite go begging for oil then in order to continue their wars? Russia? China? Or any of the other countries they have made an enemy of in such a short time? I think they will be shown the door.

An Elite thinking mind should know that not only are wars expensive but military machines do not operate off fresh air. They need money and oil. If they don’t have the money to buy oil, then they have to take it from someone. But that takes a military machine and a military machine takes money to run. Lots of it.

Methinks these self appointed Elites have not only hired incompetent and flawed underlings, but are painting themselves into a corner at the same time.

Arrogance and over confidence have been the downfall of many a man….


To Be Continued Part Three Coming Soon. Quakes and such…

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