11 11 11 – PT2 Through The Portal

Network 1976 – “I Want You To Get Mad”

11 11 11 The Harvesting Of Souls – Part 2 of 2

Before we continue this peek behind the public blog we will start with a bit of numerology so you can see the hidden symbology revered by those entities who mistakenly think they are elite instead of warped minded.

11+ 11+ 11 or 3x11 = 33. 3+3 = 6 – Three 6s as in 3 elevens = 666. Savvy?

So what happened on the 11th of the 11th of the 11th?

Besides another big quake in Turkey and flooding elsewhere it has been hard to find real news about what has occurred around the world. There has been what amounts to a news blackout because the EU shambles has completely eclipsed everything. The entities in suits however are wallowing in the limelight of this dogs breakfast. The circumstances are irrelevant. As long as they get on TV to feed their overblown egos that is all that matters.

We have to wade waist deep through the EU disorder, chaos, confusion and disorder to figure out what the hell is going on. Then again, that is the tactic. Smoke and mirrors to confuse the enemy.

That will be “us” by the way.

When your head stops spinning, you can see that the entities posing as leaders are going at a pace in their quest to destroy the wealth of the Euro countries and crash the financial system around the world which inevitably lead to war in order to distract the masses from the hardship piled upon them.

I got it backwards but it makes no difference because the planned outcome is the same.

Many moons ago in the good old boom time I Predicted the US Dollar would crash and the Euro would become a caretaker global reserve currency for a short time before it too was crashed in order to make way for the New World Order currency. It was to be called the Amero or the Bankor. The Amero or “American Euro” confirms the long term plan when America merges with Europe to complete the mega superstate and almost completing the NWO agenda. I say almost complete because once this has been achieved, the superstate will then declare war on everybody else who does not comply with the new order. As for the other name for the one world currency, the Bankor speaks for itself. Bank-or.

Never lose sight of the fact that behind all the political mess of the meltdown, the real culprits who are causing all the chaos is the elite Bankers. Politicians are merely the front men who get paid to take the flak. Powerless puppets is what they are. Extremely well rewarded puppets at that.

Let us look at their handiwork so far then we can Predict what to expect next. Yes my friends, they really do think the public is to stupid to figure it out and at this point they are so predictable you do not have to be Psychic. What you do need is the ability to read between the lines of the MS Media propaganda. It is called “Common Sense”.

Within days of Greece being in the spotlight and the main focus of the EU meltdown it has suddenly been pushed aside and replaced by Italy’s problems. Did we miss something? Has the Greek problem been solved while we slept?

Anyways, it is the turn of Italy now because the PTB causing all this need to subliminally prepare you for the worst which has yet to come.

Austerity Measures are going to be put in place so expect to see the same discontent witnessed in Greece within the next week or so. To hoodwink the Italians in hope that they remain calm, the PTB have forced the scandal ridden Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to resign. This entity has been under investigation for fraud as well as sleeping with underage girls for a very long time so his sudden departure is very suspicious. Especially since he is insisting that he will step down after the austerity measures have been passed. You would think anyone with such an overblown ego would leave before the unpopular hardship measures were put in place to show himself in good light. Instead he is being used as a bargaining chip to satisfy the Italians and a scapegoat to boot.

In short it means the Italian Austerity Measures are going to be ruthless.

Stay with me here because you are witnessing history in the making as well as seeing the future unfold before your very eyes. This is better than reality TV because it is reality in realtime. You are witnessing not only the NWO being established by stealth, but possibly my Prediction of World War 3 manifesting into reality.

Meanwhile what can expect next?

Greece has been stitched up. Italy is next because it is the Third largest EU economy. The fourth is Spain so like Greece has been aside for Italy it does not take a genius to see that Italy will be put aside as the focus switches to Spain. We will not even deal with Ireland and Portugal at this point because the same treatment is inevitable.

I am residing in Spain at the moment so I feel qualified to comment.

Town Halls are in debt to the tune of millions. Unemployment has recently passed the 4 million mark.

Up the coast from me a Town Hall has its electricity cut off because they could not pay the bill. More local government buildings have been threatened with the same.

So desperate are the local governments, they are penny pinching of the public in a futile attempt to pay off their debts. In Summer the local police had a blitz on tourists cars. If your car was slightly askew in a parking bay, you would return to find your car had been towed away. It costs €150 to get back plus whatever fine on top. Not a good way to promote tourism. But here is the kicker.

Many of the tow truck drivers have still not been payed for months so you do not see many about now. Most are suing the Town Halls and one guy had to go on hunger strike before they settled up with him.

Some Town Hall workers are still a month or so behind in wages. But that is not it either. There is a noticeable lack of police presence on the roads because they cannot afford to run their cars. At the moment they are considering using cars they have seized from criminals.

This one you will not believe but I guarantee it is true.

One Mayor gambled his Town Halls budget for the entire year on the national lottery… and lost!

The point is this. Why now? Like the Greek meltdown, Italy’s corrupt PM, the problems in Spain have been going on for ages yet the MS Media has only recently started paying full attention.

Now there are rumblings and rumours that France is teetering on the edge of the abyss which explains the worried looks on the faces of EU leaders. Next you will here the same about Germany and the UK. France also got “accidentally” down graded by Standard and Poor. In other words it has been down graded but the PTB have stepped in and threatened S&P; to withdraw the information for now.

After all, you cannot have a country like France which along with Germany is leading the EU rescue package letting people know that they too are in financial dire straights because it would give the game away that what we are seeing and hearing in the MS Media is a massive propaganda operation designed to lead people into the new order. It is a PR exercise to calm the masses by making it appear that the problem is trying to be fixed.

Sarkozy and Merkel said they had the answer and would reveal all in three weeks. I told you back then that they had the answer to diddlysquat. Why wait three weeks to tell us what this miracle was? The three weeks has been and gone and they are still running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Now the begging bowl is out to China.

China has learned an expensive with the USA so any help they give will have to be backed security.

Are you pondering what I am pondering?

Are your great European leaders selling off your country behind your back?

Even if the Chinese did bail out the EU, the money would be thrown into the black hole which has so far swallowed up trillions of tax payers money. Where do they go for the next bailout? Australia? Canada?

Nah! They are already contributing to the Euro abyss but they too are keeping their people in the dark.

Wait until the guacamole really hits the fan.

It is a waste of space going on about the financial chaos at this point because the PTB are revealing their hand.

It is the reason for the distraction we are interested in.


Let The Culling Begin


One protocol of the NWO is Population Control. If you undress the term it means “A massive reduction of the Global Population by more than two thirds”. Their numbers not mine. A mass human culling if you like. Common knowledge my friends, not a conspiracy theory. They want to reduce the population of the Planet from 7 Billion to one and half billion.

The distraction in Europe is simply another step to this goal that is why it is of the ultimate importance that people wake up then rise up against the PTB and their minions before they get to the point where people will be powerless to stop them.

Once the wheels are set in motion like an attack on Iran for instance, the Genie will be out of the bottle and will take countless millions of deaths and unimaginable destruction before it can put back in.

Instead of the new age of Earth in 2012 being the start of an age of enlightenment, it will be the start of another 1000 years of darkness. Probably the darkest in human history.

In a previous PB we covered the subject which is only mentioned briefly here.

That after the Sumerians, an extremely advance race, we entered the Babylonian age. For a time, this also was a time of wonder. Think of the hanging gardens of Babylon etc. During that age something went drastically wrong and the human race began to go backwards. Each age since we have become amnesic. We have forgotten how to communicate with animals and talk to the Earth. We have gone backwards, wandering around without a clue of why we are here or where we have came from and our purpose has been totally lost.

What is happening now has happened before.

Many ancient races have “vanished” from history. We did that in the PB too. It was called Disappearing Races.

From the Sumerians to the Mayans and ancient Picts of Scotland, just seemed to disappear from the face of the Earth one day.

Did the ancient bloodlines make that happen too, or was there an ELE Extinction level Event which did it for them?

Has the time of “The Great Harvesting of Souls” come around again?

In fact they have recently started justifying in the MS Media that we have reached the 7 Billion figure and the pundits are out in force telling us that the planets finite resources cannot sustain these numbers indefinitely. The 7 Billion today will double to around 15 Billion by 2015. A number which they say is almost unsustainable and will cause serious food and water problems besides exhausting natural resources for energy etc.

We are looking at timeline of only four years. Can you now see a picture emerging against what is happening now?

They Predict that many millions will die of Starvation. But that is not it.

Nations will go to War over precious resources like Food and Water. Either to take them from a weaker country or to protect their resources.

Does that sound familiar? It should because it has been happening for decades. Iraq, Libya anyone?

Whoever controls these resources controls all nations who need them.

The EU problems are real enough but they are also an integral part of the plan. You can see the fingerprints of the Illuminati elites everywhere.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, with more North African countries in the sights along with Syria next then Iran. It should be a very good harvest for the sinister elites.

They are quite aware that 7 Billion people are already causing resource problems therefore something must be done and done soon. They cannot keep invading countries to steal resources to keep their own economies going to satisfy the masses. Besides, there are only a finite number of countries left that they can easily defeat and they are getting fewer because the likes of China are siding with them in order to support its own emerging economy.

That is another important thing to consider.

Within the next few years as things stand now in this moment in time, China is set to be the worlds leading economy.

While the USA and European economies are teetering on meltdown, the BRIC countries are booming.

BRIC is an alliance of Brazil, Russia, India and China hence the name BRIC.

Does anyone believe that the ancient bloodlines of the Banking elite and black nobility will simply shrug their shoulders and relinquish financial power to the East after planning their new world order ideal for the hundred years or so? Ancient bloodlines who have ruled the world from the shadows for the past few thousand years!

It is unlikely that the Western alliance could defeat the East in an all out war but it would be a war which would devastate both economies and that would suit the Western elites down to the ground. In fact they would kill two birds with one stone. Wipe out financial competition while reducing the global population at the same time.

Meanwhile they themselves will be deep underground while a vicious war ravages the surface.

Thanks to whistleblowers who have been betrayed by the elites, we now know that there are underground “Cities” scattered around the world.

Cities my friends, not short stay bunkers like they had during WW2. Cities that are so self sufficient that they can each support a few thousand of the chosen ones for a few years instead of months.

There is a big one below Denver Airport if you care to research.

Listen carefully my friends. You can call me what you like today but you will see I will be proved right tomorrow as often happens with me so any flak will be short lived.

The PTB and their minions are working towards that mass human culling right now as you read this and I hope this blog is opening some eyes which have previously been shut to the truth of what is happening under their very noses.

Why do you think all the G20 and G8 and Biderberg Meeting are becoming more frequent yet the attendees always come out with no answers? They are supposed to be “Think Tanks” are they not. So logic dictates that these shindigs costing millions of tax payers money are a complete waste of time and money spent of VIP food and champagne could be put to a better use. But of course the meetings are nothing to do with what they appear to be.

How many times have I warned that shortly after these meetings something happens to the rest of us which not beneficial? Your memory matters not. Just look the last one weeks ago then look at the present. The Euro is in more dire straights than it was back then. The same “Think Tank” has done nothing to stop the problems of Greece, Italy and Spain next because it is causing them. They think about nothing. They get well fed then take their orders from their elite paymasters.

We have to ask what the likes of Google et al are doing at Bilderberg meetings also. Getting ready to regulate the internet probably.

Again it is in your face hubris. The Bilderberg meetings are blacked out by the MS Media.

Entities we do not know roll up in stretch limos with blacked out windows to discuss things which will affect our future yet it is nothing to do with us. We have no say and are not even allowed to know what has been discussed by entities who are unelected yet deciding our future. Just as well because you would not like what you hear.

I will ask you again to watch what happens within a week or so after these meetings. After a short respite your government drops another bombshell which puts a strain on your life. And to think people actually turn up the ballot boxes for these entities who are out to destroy everything they know. Bizarre is not the word and no your vote does not count.

The PTB decides who the next President or PM is well before an election which is merely an illusion to make the public believe that they are getting a say in who will run the country.

Look at the UK farce. No way the Tories would get power again after their last rule. Nor did they get the votes and only got into power by another treacherous party.

I have never voted in my life because I knew it was futile before I was old enough to shave never mind vote.

The entities in power are not Politicians in the sense of a Public Servant which they are supposed to be.

They are bag men and women for the central banking elite. They get paid to cause problems for the country while using their power to manipulate armies into starting wars and stealing resources from weaker countries or anyone who does not comply with them like Saddam and Gadaffi.

I have said it before and I will say it again.

Psychotic as they are, they are not stupid. They are so many steps ahead of the game it should scare you.

Although not believed me about Iran a few years ago, today they openly talk about how long they have been planning the attack. Even when Iraq was swallowing up headlines then Afghanistan, they were plotting the downfall of Iran behind closed doors and out of earshot of the public.

It is no different now. While the public is being distracted over Europe they planning something completely different to suddenly happen in the next few months.

I wont even go into what they have planned for 2012 because it may spoil your xmas and it may be the last one you enjoy for some time to come. It will already be a miserable one for millions anyway because the PTB have stole most of their money and higher bills will take care of the rest.

Those who can still afford the festive season will still have it spoiled if they continue to watch the news because they have much more bad news to get out yet. It seems they are hell bent on depressing the masses because they feed off negative energy and that is no joke either. They really do!


Useless Eaters – Prepare To Meet Thy Doom


Mass murder is quite ok with the elites because there are too many “Useless Eaters” on the planet using up precious resources and like Deer they need to be culled before the herd breeds out of control.

That is you and I in case you did not know. If you are not elite or in their club you are a Useless Eater.

It has been planned a culling for a very long time. I was tipped off a few years ago that they were waiting for the 7 Billion figure which was released last week. Another Symbolic Number.

They also refer to this agenda as “The Harvesting of Souls”.

I will not go there because you cannot begin to understand how sinister these entities and their minions are without the aid of a giant leap of the imagination and a valium sandwich.

I know I am repeating myself but I must backtrack because it is important. It is a major sign that you must watch for and if you see the sign you must start making preparations while you can by stocking up on essentials before the panic buying starts emptying shelves so let me run it buy you for the umpteenth time.

I am hinting about a yet unfulfilled Prediction here so please pay attention. A Prediction which I have already carried forward into 2012. A Prediction which anyone can now see the possibility of it actually happening. A Prediction of great dread.

The Prediction of an insane attack on Iran. A Prediction which I have steadfastly refused to let go off because of its strength. I accept a few years ago it was laughable and not even in the frame. It was all about Iraq and Afghanistan. Next will be Pakistan, the next sign. A nuclear power lest we forget.

Syria is now firmly in the frame. Another sign and step closer to all out war.

Then the strategy is complete for an attack on Iran which means China and Russia also. Both of these countries have strongly warned America and alliances what will happen if they attack Iran.

The Middle East will burn my friends and if the rabid mad dog state of Isra-Hell thinks they will get away with starting it they are badly mistaken. They are behind much of the North African an Arab uprisings. That is its style.

But the day they lure the US and NATO into a war with Iran there will be no sneaking out of the back door like they usually do. Not this time. Karma has almost caught up with it and the price payed will be heavy one. In fact so heavy heavy it could crush it out of existence. At least the world will be a better place once the nightmare is over.

China and Russia can clearly see the jigsaw being put together and so should we all because People Power can oust their lackeys from government and throw a titanium spanner into the works of their grand plan.

In fact common sense that the insane act is close because the Israeli PM is openly calling for the attack and said himself the time is very close. When news like that hits the MS Media we best sit up and take notice.

Incredibly though, people either do not believe it will happen because its a conspiracy theory where those who do think Iran will be a pushover and China and Russia will look the other way. Both trains of thought have clearly not thought about the consequences of getting it wrong.

Iran is no pushover and China allied with Russia will not look the other way. As mentioned, they have already issued a warning to the UK, France and the USA that attacking Iran will bring dire consequences. These countries are not known for playing a game of bluff. Unfortunately the dog mad state is completely ignoring the warning and pushing even harder.

Look at the geography and you will see the strategy.

First Iraq which borders Iran. Then Afghanistan. The war is moving into Pakistan as I warned it would.

Then came the “Arab Spring” uprisings. Tunisia and Egypt in North Africa is kicking of again because people realized it was a mere regime change with new puppets in power who serve the same old masters in the West.

Yemen is still a powder keg. The the Saudi military all but invades Bahrain to quell another uprising there where the people are still not getting the leadership they want.

Then the dark horse. Turkey. If they back the West then they have Iran triangulated.

Libya was a showcase and a propaganda coup. Libyans get free health care and education. Students get money to pay for overseas education. They get money and land when they get married. Gasoline is 60c a gallon and many more perks that are unheard of in the West. Yet the Western governments invaded Libya on “Humanitarian” grounds while tear gassing protestors in their own countries. They claim it had nothing to do with vast oil and water reserves but freeing the Libyan people from a dictators yoke. The country is now awash with arms supplied by the West and we are seeing a new Iraq scenario but much worse. Nothing to do with oil yet countries are already playing the bidding game.

Gadaffi was brought down and assassinated because like Saddam before him he was about to challenge the US Dollar as the universal reserve currency and replace it with the more reliable Gold Standard. He wanted gold for oil because the US Dollar is only worth a fraction of what it was because the Fed just on printing and flooding the world out with it.

Libya itself will serve as a good strategic base for war in the Middle East and has plenty of oil to run the Anglo American war machine.

The war itself was strange. Never once did we see Libyan troops fighting, only video clips of rag tag bands of armed men shooting at nothing.

Syria next. Again the MS Media spins the same Humanitarian propaganda about Syrian forces killing their own civilians when in reality they are fighting the same paid mercenaries as in Libya, paid, armed and led by the West.

The Russians and Chinese leaders are not stupid. They are still angry at the Libyan invasion because they have heavy investments in Libya the same as they have in Iran but on a much grander scale. China especially needs energy from Iran in order to support its growing economy which is trouncing the West.

While Western powers have been busy taking oil by force the Chinese and Russians have been busy signing contracts and building pipelines.

While their economy grows, the West has been shrinking. Wars are very expensive for a country and the burden is put on to the tax payer who are then forced to endure hardship through increasingly tough austerity measures. Banks and politicians are the only ones who really profit. Although they use public money it is never given back. Nor are the profits.

The new Greek PM is also a cruel joke. He is an ex banker! Go Figure.

You cannot be blamed for being confused about why the world suddenly seems to be going mad because that is the way it was meant to be. A distraction from something else which is turn is another distraction from something else in 2012. The first distraction is easy…

Can You Say World War Three?

It is there right in front of you. In your newspapers, radio and TV if you fast forward to the present. The rhetoric is being stepped up in the MS Media by Israel and its poodles in the US Admin as well as the UK and France in the form of the usual war mongering criminals, Hillary the cow Clinton USA. William the warmonger Hague and Davy arms dealer Cameroon UK. Nickel ass Sarkozy of France and Miss Merkel the Turtle of Germany et al.

None of which will be around much longer once the guacamole hits the fan.

I find it incredible that they have the gall to go public with their false accusations yet the public say nothing because they have not yet thought about the consequences. After all that was said about lessons learned after WW2 it seems society has caught a bad dose of amnesia.

“We have intelligence reports” they tell us on the news, but they never seem to produce them meaning they can lie about anything they like in order to execute the phases of what they have planned in the “Great Game of Chess” as they call it. All the elite politicians are above the law. Most have committed War Crimes but are protected by their elite masters who still have plenty more dirty work for them to do yet.

As these fakes and sociopaths stir up trouble by poking their noses into the affairs of different cultures and countries which have nothing whatsoever to them, their own countries are going into meltdown and people are suffering as a result. Therefore they should be removed from power by the people and sent to the Middle East seeing as they have so much interest in it. let them do their own killing. Then we could have a wager on how many minutes they would last before they get skinned alive, hung drawn quartered and shot at dawn the beheaded. After all, a lot of Arabs have a lot of scores to settle with them for killing their families.

We really have to wake people up folks.

And I am still seeing ships burning in the Gulf. I can see sand soaking in blood. And what is that Mushroom thing I see in the sky? I have never seen a cloud that shape before.

We have now passed through the Portal of 11 11 11.

Like walking through any door we have decision to make. Left right or straight on.

When mankind walks the path of Destiny, it arrives at a crossroads every so often. In this case we have come to a fork in the road.

One leads to the bright future of a New Age. The other leads back into a dark one.

Unbelievable as it may seem to the sane minded, the masses are walking towards the wrong path and we do not know how to stop them because they are refusing to listen or think. They call politicians liars yet they are still willing to be led by them.

There need not be a WW3 or mass culling or austerity measures for that matter.

We the people have choice. A very simple one at that. Remove these psychopaths from power and take back our governments and remind new Governments that they are paid to Govern for us, not to rule over us like tin pot dictators and megalomaniacs.

Argentina did it back 1999. Kicked out the international bankers and jailed most of their politicians and generals, many of whom are still rotting in jails were they belong to this day.

There are billions of us yet it need only take millions. There are only a few thousand of their minions at most and only 600 of them world wide with only a handful at the very top of the pyramid. No violence is needed unless they become violent.

Civil Disobedience is all takes. Just say the magic word to them. “No”.

What can their small numbers do if the majority refuse to obey them? They cannot knock on every door in the country and demand you obey because power is only an illusion. It is the people who give a government power by playing with them until the time when that government lets them down or betrays them by breaking promises. A point past long ago.

Now these handful of entities are trying to cause WW3 rather than fix the countries they have broken. They have done it twice before with WW1 and WW2. It beggars belief why the rest of us are actually letting them try to bring about the inevitable great destruction upon us. Then again, it does look like the Human Race needs a shock back into reality.

So real is an attack on Iran that I came across information that Israel is pushing for an attack before Winter sets in with or without Americas help, except some of the Israeli government prefer to wait and let the US and NATO fight the battle for them. There is a very small window to strike Iran. A matter of weeks in fact before winter sets in making any air attack very difficult.

Read between the lines and you can see that it has been planned. Those in doubt are not ruling out the attack, they would merely rather have the US and NATO do it for them putting further financial strain on those countries involved and guaranteeing their collapse. And guess what?

That is exactly what the PTB want. Total collapse of the old system so they can introduce the new one after they sue for peace. Assuming the other side want peace instead of taking the step to decimate Western power once and for all so they cannot cause any more wars. A complete reversal would then take place. We would become third world countries while the poor countries become rich. How is that for Karma in action?

A Veteran recently said something like. “I went to fight the enemy in the Middle East. Then I came home and found the real enemy”.

The closest date to their symbology would be the 11th of the 11th 2011 then the next three weeks after.

However, I think the mad dog Israeli government will be held back on their leash for now frothing at the mouth or not because the higher powers are at play here and 11 11 11 is far to important to them and the ultimate agenda.

At this point I will give you a private thought as I often do in the PB.

I have a very strong feeling that I will wake up to the MS News one morning early next year and say “My God, They have actually gone and done it”. By this I mean an attack on Iran by Israel or the US. A hostile move that could quickly escalate into World War Three. A war that was planned almost a hundred years ago by the PTB. A war that will make todays hardship measures look like a picnic and of course one that will make it very possible to establish their new world order agenda.

This war is not a Prediction as such. It was told to us by the high ranking 33rd Mason Albert Pike who was not Psychic yet Predicted WW1 and WW2 as well as how they would start because it was planned. The third World War was to be the war to end all all wars because it would be so devastating to mankind. Both those wars were instigated by the Zionist Khazar Jews and they have gotten away with them completely for now. They have their Israeli state which has done nothing but stir up tension in the Middle East as it was designed to do.

Again Israel has refused a nuclear Inspection while at the same time accusing Iran of developing a nuclear bomb. It is a law unto itself and anything goes. It is the same WMD aka Weapons of Mass Destruction tactic used as an excuse to attack Iraq. They had “Intelligence” on that too but never found any in the end. Unless of course they were secretly moved by the West for a future False Flag operation.

Now they claim to have evidence against Iran but cannot produce it because of National Security. Therefore the only option is to believe the words of proven liars,

Why else would Israel be nuclear armed by the West?

I will tell you why in one word. The War to end all Wars as they proclaim.

It is to be between the Muslim and Christian faith. West against the East. The final battle called Armageddon to be fought out in the Middle East.

The New Vatican

I asked you to hold on to something earlier about King Solomons Temple in Jerusalem, an ancient city fought over by the crusades in the 11th, 12th and 13th Centuries between Christians and Muslims.

There is something that the Western PTB have always yearned for below Temple Mount. Something they simply must have. They know because a handful of French Knights got permission to excavate the stables of the Temple and discovered something that made them extremely rich and powerful after they went to the Vatican with news of their find.

They later became known as the fabulously wealthy Knights Templars or Knights of the Temple.

They obviously found something that struck great fear into the powerful Vatican. Something that could end it once and for all and expose it for what really is, because the next thing we know is that those poor French knights became extremely powerful and wealthy besides being immune from Vatican power.

In time they were eventually betrayed by the Vatican, a false Pope and King Philip of Spain but that is another intriguing story for another day as is the mysterious disappearance of the fabulous Templar Treasure.

The battle for the throne of the world has been fought over thousands years. Unseen yet in plain sight of a mostly unsuspecting public convinced by clever mind manipulation called Media propaganda.

Although this new order has been stepped up over the past hundred years, it has been planned much longer as mentioned. They have a motto.

“The NWO will be established either by cooperation or conquest”

I think that sends a clear but chilling message to us all. According to these lunatics we have no choice. We are getting a new world order whether we like it or not. End of story.

The warped thinking of those lunatics goes further. They really think and believe that they are saving the future of mankind by culling the population and enslaving it to ensure it never gets out of hand again.

The truth is they want to reduce it from 7 Billion to slightly over a billion not to secure resources but because it is easier for them to control. Their minions do not know that. They too have fallen for the propaganda. The PTB simply cannot control us by force now because we vastly outnumber their police and military forces. In fact we eclipse them if it came down to that. But as always there is another angle.

The PTB are also very aware that the Police and Military forces they dupe and depend on may Mutiny by siding with the public like the police did in Greece. After all, they have families too. I doubt many of them would cosh their own mother with a baton although I am sure some of them would. That is why the PTB bring in police from other parts of the country to make sure they do not know anyone and refuse to get heavy handed.

Meanwhile their colleagues who have been dispatched to their home towns may be coshing their family and friends. I wonder how they would feel then!

Clearly not every nation will submit to the rule of the ancient Western bloodlines because they know what the new order means. Total submission of freedom where the elites and their lackeys will live a life of privilege immune from any crime they commit while the rest of who is left will be subjected to a life of servitude.

And as we have heard, China and Russia have taken the bait.

So it has been decreed that the NWO will be established by “Conquest” and the 11th of the 11th of the 11th is the portal to the beginning of the final battle.

Some great distraction is planned around that date although it may take longer to see it take effect.

We too will pass through the portal but do not expect Harry Potter magic. Though some of you may feel different in some way but not quite know how while others will suddenly awaken and begin to see things much more clearly. Hence this extremely long blog which will surely bring trouble my way.

Do not for one minute think that if you live in China or Russia or any opposing country that you are safe.

The Elite Illuminati Zionists have tentacles all over the world and have their agents embedded deep within many governments.

Japan for instance is run by lackey Prime Ministers controlled by the US Admin. That is why they go through so many of them. After one has done his dirty deed and become unpopular, he resigns and is replaced by the next dupe.

Israeli lobbyists in turn has either bought or blackmailed most of the US Congress so therefore basically control America. In this case they control the impostor who sits in the White House who I maintain is Vatican plant. All his top advisors are Khazar Jews serving a Zionist cause.

All roads lead to Rome!

The Muslim name he uses of Barak Obama instead of his real name Barry Soetoro is a mere distraction and ploy to make the rest of the world wonder just how much Americans are asleep by voting for someone with a Muslim name in the first place. It seems many conspiracy theorists fall for this one because a Muslim would not attack another Muslim country which Barry Soetoro has already done and is planning to do again by stepping up the Bush agenda instead of dismantling it as promised.

He is a Vatican plant. Some say a CIA plant which means the same thing because that agency has also been infiltrated as well as the FBI.

No I am not joking. Most people would know these things if they payed attention to what is happening around them instead of burying themselves in none reality TV etcetera. But they do not, that is why we have been landed with the massive problems we are faced with now. We are sat on a ticking time bomb.

Here is one you will not see in the MS Media.

The Drawing Of The Dark

For instance. Recently a US soldier called William Millay an army specialist and Military Policeman had his email tapped as most American Citizens emails and telephones are monitored these days by Homeland security.

In this case the NSA aka National Security Agency. A kind of American Gestapo like FEMA at al. They turned the information over to the FBI who turned up uninvited at his army base and tried to arrest him. What happened next strengthens my claims about a hidden battle going on within our countries because most Western Governments have been infiltrated by lackeys of the Elite central bankers or the Illuminati as they are known. A struggle for power between them and true patriots.

The FBI tried to arrest Millay but the military refused a Federal or Civilian agency to do so. Apparantly this then led to a Mexican Standoff between the FBI and the Military eventually resulting in the FBI having to back down and go away empty handed. Millay is now in “protective” custody of the army.

The military forces always deal with their own. They have their own court where they can hold a Court Martial and hand out their own sentence.

So what crime against America was serious enough to prompt the FBI into an armed standoff with the US Military? A Spy? No! A Patriot? Yes!

Millays serious crime was because he was warning his Mother, family and friends to prepare for “The End of the World”.

The 22-year-old Military Policeman from Owensboro, Kentucky, stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska had “growing concerns” over the massive military buildup by the US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) of troops and equipment being secreted through his base from Afghanistan, Japan and South Korea headed towards “staging areas” throughout America.

Let us not forget the empty FEMA camps scattered throughout America. Nor the millions of plastic coffins the US government have in storage.

In a past PB we covered the mystery of huge US Military Convoys moving through America by road and rail then seemingly disappearing. Some driving into mountain ranges and not emerging at the other side. Not just weapons and armoured vehicles but heavy plant machinery like bulldozers and such. These covert Military deployments have been going on for a few years now so whatever they have been preparing for is very big and answers the question of where all the money is disappearing to.

What do the US Authorities know that average American does not is another question leading to answers that turn up very sinister motives.

I cannot go into too much speculation here because the answers would warrant a full blog so we will look at the two most obvious.

The PTB are expecting either a National disaster of epic proportions or a complete crash of the US Dollar and the bankruptcy of the USA leading it to almost “Third World Country” status. In fact, one could cause the other. Bearing in mind that the majority of the American public has the right to bear arms, the task to contain them by force may be futile if they are allowed time to organize themselves. Not an option for the government.

Comet Ele-nin is not finished with us yet.

On the 10th of the 11th 2011 or 10 11 11, it just happens to be a Full Moon.

My Prediction is that although we know a Full Moon can induce Lunacy in some, this one will be extremely strong and affect some people in ways like never before and others who have never fallen under the Full Moon influence.

Watch and listen for people talking gibberish. Not just the man in the street or even friends and relatives but politicians, News presenters and the like who are supposed to be professional liars. This usually builds up four days before a Full Moon and takes another four days to subside. Even if you are normally immune, you may experience bouts of confusion or tiredness.

The next day of course is the 11 11 11 date.

This is the time I spoke about when Ele-nin is in perfect alignment with the Earth, Venus and Mercury.

It is also the time when it begins its orbital path for later this year when it crosses the Earths path and we have to pass through its tail which is said to trail debris up to a million miles long.

The doom mongers have spoken. We are going to get bombarded with the debris in the form of hundreds of thousands of meteorites which will wipe out most of mankind and change the face of the Earth itself as we know it. Amen.

Well I will stick to my own instincts. Remember the American Reverend who gave us the date of Armageddon. Nothing happened but that did not stop him explaining that he got the calculation wrong so gave us another. The new date passed two weeks ago and he has gone into hiding as I said he would. The False Prophets all disappear eventually when their attention seeking game is up.

However, besides strange behaviour from a section of the public and extreme gibberish and dangerous talk from politicians and other self serving ego tripping maniacs such some in show business etc, do not rule out a rash of Natural Disasters such as more than one powerful Earthquake and flooding around the world. After all the Moon controls our Tidal System and there is a strong possibility that Elenin will be close enough to play havoc with the Moons gravitational pull.

Here is the real kicker my friends.

It is the lunacy of those in power we should keep a beady eye on.

We cannot do much about natural disasters except stay alert, heed warnings and above all “Prepare” for the unexpected.

On the other hand we have entities who are already dangerous. Not only with their symbolic agendas, but their flawed thinking which could and probably will be affected by the strong Moon effect so do not rule out a false flag attack on a Western power similar to the Twin Towers before the year is out.

Many Moons ago before that one happened I Predicted similar although I thought it may be the United Nation Buildings because I saw many flags. The World Trade Center tragedy had many people perish from many nations in order to stir anger and garner support for the next phase of the Illuminati agenda. An invasion of the Middle East starting with Iraq which had no connection whatever and later Afghanistan in order to establish bases for the next phase. Pakistan, Syria and the ultimate goal of Iran which some intelligence agencies including Israel itself are now echoing my own words.

I think they wait until Spring because the conflict will become a protracted one and cannot be fought in Winter.

It is an absolutely insane idea. But the psychos in power are pushing for this attack like there is no tomorrow. especially the Laurel and Hardy double act of Israel Netanyahu and Barak. Two psychos for the price of one who cannot open their mouths without lying.

What about the story in the press where reporters heard comments about Netanyahu between Sarkozy Obama?

Sarkozy said he no longer liked him because he was a liar. Obama said thats nothing. I have to talk to him everyday.

Every day? Well now we know.

Isnt that like the kettle calling the pot black? It gives you a glimpse into how these entities think. Two liars calling another liar a liar who will lie and deny that they said it in the first place.

So as we pass through the 11 11 11 portal, do not rule out an attack on the UN Buildings or at least a scare in the very near future.

This may happen later or next year however because Iran will be blamed and as mentioned, the window of opportunity is closing fast as winter sets in, making an attack undesirable until Spring or next Summer.

The PTB have put this attack off too many times now and patience is not one of their virtues if they every had any to start with.

Symbology is a very important tradition to them. Most of it is thousands of years old. They steal it and claim it as their own the same way they take everything else like Iraqi and Libyan oil, water and gold.

When you see a Swastika you are conditioned to link it to Hitlers Nazis. It has become a Symbol of “Evil” yet the truth could not be more different.

This symbol was around thousands of years before Hitler was born or Germany formed.

The Swastika Symbol is an ancient one for numerous and diverse cultures around the world. Cultures of India, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and even North America. In India, it has thousands of years of history and still retains its place of pre-eminence among the sub-continent’s spiritual symbols. It remains one of the most prominent spiritual symbols in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, and is found adorning temples and religious shrines throughout Asia today and for eons before being adopted by the Nazis.

Try researching the Stars on the EU Flag if you want a shock reality wake up call. The explanation that each Star represents a member country is hogwash. It is more in line with ancient symbology.The EU HQ being designed after the Tower of Babel is another clue.

The PTB Impostors

Remember that those claiming the right to the Holy Land are not real Jews. In fact there is no such race as Jewish. The word Jew was invented and is more of a cult or religion. It was derived from the “Tribe of Judah” not Jewdah, I think it is only been in use since the 1700s in its present form of understanding. They are Khazar Jews or Khazars from the cult of Jew who pose as ancestors of the Tribe of Judah, one of the lost tribes of Israel.

In reality they are a warlike race hailing from the Caspian Sea zone or ancient Eurasia. They are mainly a Turkic blooded semi nomadic race who adopted their Jew identity in the 17th century or there abouts, to escape the yoke of the then powerful Vatican. Before that they acted as a buffer state between the Muslim and Christian world. Research their history and you will see that they play both side of the coin as they do today. You will also find out that they have been warring with the Muslim world for hundreds of years so nothing really changes.

To establish a new religion for their new world order they must first destroy the Mulsim and Christian faiths.

What better way to do that than manipulate both sides into a devastating war. A tactic that they are very well practiced in.

They caused and used WW2 to create a Jewish state called Israel while financing both sides. They plan to exterminate the Palestinian race completely in order to adopt their identity fully. That is why they will never sue for peace. They accuse anyone who questions them as being Anti Semitic when they are not Semitic themselves. Arabs are Semitic.

Take a good look at a Khazar Jews like those who surround Obama or the forementioned Netanyahu and Barak of Israel.

They resemble Europeans more than the dark skinned Arab race or what we regard today as a Bone Fida Jew.

Palestinians are Semitic. Khazar Jews are not. They are parasites and stealers of identities, wealth, and freedom. Nor are they the Biblical God’s chosen ones as they claim. A claim which they think gives them right to the Holy Land. Fairy tales from the Bible, a book they do not even associate with. Even if they did, they do not posses a written contract from God. Read the Bible properly and you will see that God does not even like them and cursed them to wander the Earth. That is what happens when in depth research is ignored.

This Khazar jewish cult is just that. There is no mention of these jews in the original Bible because it is not a race but a religion and all religions are cults. Yet they have managed to get to where they are now in spite of getting kicked out of every country which has played host to them throughout history because of their underhanded shenanigans.

Covert dealings of mischief which they are up to once again.

They have established the blueprint by creating countries within countries which have different rules than the rest of the world and therefore giving them great advantage.

The “City of London” is a private state within London itself. It has its own private police force. This is the elites NWO aka New World Order “Financial” Center.

You can clearly see how far they have spread their tentacles across the World.

Washington DC is a state within the District of Columbia and is not part of any State of the United States. It is the “Military” Center of the NWO.

The Vatican is a state or country within the country of Italy. It is the “Spiritual” Center” of the NWO. Religion is a very powerful tool for mind control. That is why it is conditioned into you when you are a child and have no say in what you want to believe in.

It is not known what lies in store for Italy because the new Vatican is planned to be reinvented and relocated in Jerusalem. This city is meant to be the new center of World Power. The Roths themselves have invested billions in the project. All they need to do now is take Jerusalem in its entirety through its vessel… Israel.

I have mentioned many times in the open blog about how they plan to introduce a new religion to future generations based on light bringer of the morning star Lucifer or Satan as he is more commonly known. Hence the slow destruction of the Catholic Church by sullying it with accusations of child abuse and other perverted sexual practices.

As I have said before, the elites do things over a long period of time. They infiltrate and place sleepers within organizations. In the case of the Catholic Church they have infiltrated it with known pedophiles who have no interest or belief in the faith besides all this, the Vatican is not what it appears to be.

I am just glad my mother is not here to see what is going on today within that organization.

By the way. Jerusalem, the new throne of the world is also the throne for the new messiah aka the Anti Christ.

The debate is still open as who will play this roll of the false prophet except for the fact that it will have to be a Jew from one of the Khazar Jewish bloodlines.

Much of this content is of no shock or surprise to those in the PB and other websites who are sharing this information with you.

In fact it is only a drop in the ocean compared to what is really going on behind the backs of the masses but 2012 will reveal much.

Meanwhile the masses are kept in the dark by distraction. They live in the world of the MS Media and a society that has been created to keep them occupied from the truth and mysteries of this planet. A consumer society entertained by reality TV which is far from real. There is very good reason for that too.

Elite Fear

11th of the 11th 2011 is the portal into 2012 in a metaphysical sense. It is also a point of no return for many if a heightening of consciousness is on the books. An evolutionary leap in other words.

No evidence has ever been found how we jumped from the Stone age to the Bronze Age to the Iron Age to the Steam Age to the Age of Technology we are at now. No old artifacts which show any gradual progress of development.

In a previous PB looked into an event many thousands of years when our ancestors around the world suddenly eased back on their life of farming and started to build Pyramids. Recent research has dated them at all being constructed at the same time in history.

Who or what told them to do this. Different races or cultures spread across the Globe who did not even know of each others existence. Yet all the Pyramids are very similar. Who or what gave these farmers the knowledge to suddenly know how to build a Pyramid? From simple farmers to a crack engineers in such a short time is no mean task.

The great enigma of 2012 and beyond may lie in our DNA. More than Two thirds of which is regarded as junk.The same goes for the human brain. We only use a very small portion of that also. Although some can use more than others.

Like our previous leaps in our evolution, maybe what back then is about to happen again.

The 11 year Sun cycle corresponds with the Mayan Date of December 2012 of “End Times” and has been Predicted by space agencies that this cycle is going to be very one. Solar storms which can knock out our technology big time. Seeing as we are now mostly dependent on technology, a mass solar ejection could send us back into the stone age for a time. Maybe that is how we got to the last Stone Age who knows except those who will not tell?

The ancient Golden Serpent which swallows its tail is a symbol of death and rebirth. In this case the Earth and everything on it and inside it.

You see that is why the PTB are trying to create a new world of their own before the Earth changes happen.

The Planet Earth is about to go through great changes. A rebirth if you like. Things are going to get a little rough and the elites are planning to make it much worse in a “Physical” sense. To them it is a matter of survival. They cannot afford a peoples awakening. It would expose them. Even their lackeys like G W Bush was overheard saying something like “If the people ever found what we are doing they would string us up in the streets.”

Trust me. If you found out the full extent of what these ancient bloodlines have done and what they plan to do, I doubt the masses would be kind enough to let them off that lightly. Besides, why waste good rope as some say.

The new world order is no longer a secret. Every agenda must be revealed eventually because people are going to find out anyway once it has been executed. A process that has already begun.

They wish to rule the New Earth societies as they did with the old ones.

The question which everybody must ask themselves is this.

Is the timing of the NWO agenda purely coincidental to the arrival of 2012 AD? After all, the financial system is crashing nicely. The Euro and US Dollar are in big trouble and “Will” crash as I have Predicted. If I can tell you that Gold would reach $1800 and be right, then you would be wise to start thinking about what is being said here about a global crash. It is absurd to think that the financial collapse and the Tsunami to come has been caused by incompetence. They know exactly what they are doing. The hard part is convincing the public that incompetence or mistakes are to blame for the dire situation we find ourselves now.

It is a manufactured crisis. A distraction designed to cause maximum stress through hardship and fear through escalating war.

A war which will cause many things to be rationed and dependence on government handouts. Furthermore, to receive those handouts when the system has crashed you will have to accept the Biometric ID Card of chip if you want eat or work. The Mark of the Beast. In case you missed my previous explanations or did not know, the micro chip is based on 18 digits. Divide by the sacred number of 3 and you arrive at 3x6 or 666. If you are religious you will be familiar of the Biblical warning “Not” to accept in your hand or head.

At the same time in 2012, the world itself will seem like it is spinning out of control as Nature produces her own brand of chaos. The PTB intentions is to use natural chaos to their advantage also.

“Order Out Of Chaos” is another of their tactics. cause a problem then appear to fix it but usually with oppresive new rules and laws.

Everything points in one direction. “Distraction” of the human consciousness so people will miss the chance of a conscious switch on to a higher and clearer level of understanding and thinking.

There was a film called “Close Encounters of the First Kind” where people across the world received a Psychic message about a place they had never heard of yet a place where ET where about to land. In other words, these people had been “Invited” to the event by the ETs. Many did not make it while others simply did not understand the message. But they got it anyway.

True to life, the government created a false flag black op by pretending that a serious chemical spill had happened so they could clear the area. This is what I meant earlier about how the PTB hide things from the masses and keep them totally ignorant as to what really goes on this planet. The same way they are have hidden Nicola Teslas Free Energy from them for the past hundred years.

There are over 600 patents to harness “Free Energy” but none on are the market and must be bought underground and put together yourself.

The problem is that if the masses found out that oil is not necessary, the PTB would lose control of a great deal of power and wealth so the illusion must be kept alive to keep them alive. The war for oil is a scam. There are other things in those ancient countries which the elites covet and they will take them by war or any other means.

I am sorry but I must remember that this is an open PB so I am not willing to say what any of those things are except to say that truth is often much stranger than fiction. However, if you subscribe to the Private Blog you can access all past PBs in the archive but it will take you months to wade through all of them. Donate £25 and you will automatically be subscribed. The content in the PB has to be “Private” in order to save me much hassle and legalities. Lackeys of the PTB do not like truth sites this one and therefore get “attacked” at regular intervals.

I will be very surprised if this website does not experience a few problems after this has been posted. It seems what I can away with in the PB I cannot repeat in the public domain without causing some kind of trouble for myself.

Meanwhile, those who are experiencing synchronicity, are receiving a message from Nature. The new energy arcing across from 2012 and beyond.

Yes, the ancient cultures like the Mayans and those who preceded them are quite accurate with prophesies about “End Times” and the End of the World but as usual they have misinterpreted by disinformation.

It is merely the End of the World as you know it in its present form and rule.

That is of course if we make it so.

We Didnt Start The Fire. The PTB did!

A footnote from Levii

Both Web Guy and myself triple checked the first open PB for typos and mistakes in order to establish the fact that somewhere between posting and reading some interference is taking place. Also a number of attempts were required to get it out. I could have posted it on the fly without warning but decided to publicly announce it to give the agency backed maggots time to do what they are paid to do but more importantly to send a message that we are watching them watching us. How stupid they are.

It happens often. Sometimes we are at fault but this time confirms that the interference is from an outside force of little maggots working for government agencies. In their tiny minds, they believe trying to sabotage the truth from getting out is patriotic. It proves the old saying is true. Playing with yourself too much can make you stupid. I am exercising my rights of Freedom of speech as a Freeman while Freedom is still available to a degree but it seems that is also a crime these days.

By the way. The world rankings for this website have now dropped by over a million in the past few months despite visitor numbers being the same. It defies logic but I am not alone in this enigma.

Looks like another of my warnings about control of the internet is beginning to manifest.

Freedom of speech is being attacked as well as Freedom. The stronger the Big Brother alliance is allowed to get, the more the internet will be monitored. At this rate I doubt very much that you will recognize the internet this time next year. It will become like TV. Nothing but corporate advertising with rubbish in between and political lackeys stealing the limelight from entertainers so they can peddle their propaganda and lies.

If you think that your politicians are arrogant now, just wait and see how they behave if they we let them take complete control as they are trying to do now. You really cannot imagine. Nor do you want to.

Like I said. Politics is show business for ugly bastards…

I hope you have found this foray into the PB world behind the open blog useful and eye opening.

If you have I hope you will use the donate button below so this website can continue delivering the truth behind the lies.

Thank You for listening…

On The Wind – Levi


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