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Welcome to my world Predictions. And what a year it promises to be once it gets into it’s stride.

If you are a new visitor to this website, it is recommended that you browse the old world predictions which I leave posted for research, scrutiny or criticism. It will acquaint you with the accuracy of my Predictions. They will also make you familiar with my no nonsense style and what may seem as outrageous or impossible to happen at the time of writing.

I am also required by UK Law to inform you that Psychics in this country are not taken seriously by the Government so we are classed and filed away under the Entertainment Industry so my Predictions are for Entertainment Only and the fact that over two thirds of these Predictions will manifest into reality must be of a coincidental nature.

Psychic Hacking

Besides Precognitive instinct, I use the same technique to perform a little Psychic Hacking of future news headlines long before they appear. My findings are then fed to you Periodically through my Blog or Slog as I like to call it when time affords. I also use the same technique to penetrate places or situations where I or you are not supposed to be when certain entities prefer to keep things hidden from public eyes. For entertainment only you understand.

Gain The Edge

I have seen some things in store for 2009 which many are totally unprepared for. In fact I hope I am totally wrong about the major things I see, but history or my track record would suggest otherwise.

I am not here to prove Psychic ability to you, that is not an issue for debate, especially at my age. If you are skeptic and think that I am just a good guesser, that’s fine too as long as you at least take some things I say on board and think.

I have a theory of simple wisdom. There is no harm in knowing something even if it does not come true, but if it does happen, you are forearmed and therefore gain the edge. In 2009 you will need that edge more than any other year you have lived.


Another purpose of this website is to make you aware of the year 2012. I have been drawing peoples attention to this for almost a decade. It was hard to convince anyone at first because there was hardly anything written on the internet except for vague research or history websites of great boredom and understood only by academics.

However, in the past few years there has been an avalanche of instant experts who in reality know nothing about 2012 except rehashing what the last non expert rehashed. They make a bit of money, good for them. But there is one slight problem, because they do not know, they are prone to sensationalize and blow things out of proportion.

And so it is that most knowledge you have read about 2012 will make you think the world will end on that day.

And so it will. That is why the ancient Maya called it End Times. That is when their calendar ends, the same calendar that has predicted every kind of eclipse we have seen with great accuracy.

But what those instant experts do not tell you is that the Maya measured time. They knew how far the Moon was within an inch. They calculated that the Earth took 365.4 days to orbit the Sun. Some modern scientists insist the Maya got it wrong because with our modern technology, we have found it actually takes 365.2 days. What is wrong with these people? Two points out! Considering they did not even possess a telescope, I would say it was a pretty close result.

We cannot rely on scientists or the media to learn about 2012. Instead it is far better to travel back in time and listen to the messages or warnings left for us by ancient races who have witnessed the event.

Yes, it has happened before, in fact many times before. But what is this event which the MS Media and Governments avoid like the plague?

A Pole Shift or reversal of our Magnetic Poles. Yes there will be untold chaos on Earth during the process. Yes many places will disappear under the sea. Yes there will be Earthquakes so strong, they will be unmeasurable. And yes, many will perish because the powers that be prefer to keep us ignorant while they scuttle down to their bunkers and leave us to cope with this fearful event.

But my friends, end of the world and mankind it’s not. Sorry to all doomsday preachers but you have it totally wrong. You have sold your non knowledge, made a few quid, now sling your hook and jump on another bandwagon to spread your fear mongering.

I will update this subject soon because there is so much you should know and understand.

Conspiracy To Reality

Meanwhile the run up to 2012 will be a wild ride and 2009 is the beginning. The year when many of you will open your eyes for the first time. But also the year where the majority of people will close them to the truth. The latter will struggle to survive with their sanity intact.

This is the year where you will become suspicious of politicians, governments if you are not already. Trust me, the higher ranking of these people know exactly what is around the corner, but they have an agenda.

Remember that when I warned of recession and House price collapse? Very few people listened and those that did thought old Levi had lost the plot except for a few wise bods. But I kept reminding you throughout the year regardless and took the flak. I do this because I know when the predicted event comes around, it makes you think.

Do I get frustrated at people who do not listen? No, it is only a matter of time before reality kicks in, no matter how strange it may be. Besides, if I told myself about the current global financial crisis last year when easy credit was flowing and a booming housing industry, then I wouldn’t believe me either. In fact I would have a good laugh.

But in all seriousness, those ridiculous no chance of happening Predictions, have now become reality. You are now here living the time of which I warned you. It was impossible back then wasn’t it?

So will you listen this time or continue to live in denial? It matters not one iota to me. You are in control of your life and either believe things or don’t. But let me tell you something now. If you think this financial mess will soon be over, you are delusional and you do not know it.

If you continue to believe politicians and the controlled Main stream Media, you are more delusional than I first thought. Prepare to be utterly devastated before Summer is over.

Here in this place, the rules are simple. Listen and conclude but hold this in the back of your mind.

I warned about last September. It eventually happened and caught most by complete surprise. Many are still in shock whereas others are completely devastated and homeless with a very bleak future on the horizon. How could things turn around and upside down so quickly is a question that may haunt you. But it’s no good crying over spilt milk. You are here in this present time and in the nightmare I Predicted.

The politicians acted as though September was a complete surprise to them. But they stayed cool and made a new expression up. They told you not to panic, it was a mere Credit Crunch. I screamed don’t listen, this is no crunch, it’s a looming recession. When their lies could no longer be sustained, they decided you was ready for the real news. Yes my friends, it wasn’t a Credit Crunch after all. Now it was a Recession

I scanned the situation a little later and what did I see. It’s no longer a Recession but a looming Depression, one not seen since the Great Depression. Disregard my words at your own peril. Things have not even started yet. And still the politicians lie. Still they have difficulty with what they refer to as the ‘D’ word so they have invented another substitute expression. We are in a Deep Recession. Funny that. I thought that is what a Depression was.

How many times you allow yourself to be lied to and misled by these entities is entirely up to you. And I don’t need to be a Psychic to tell where it will all end for you. In tears.

If a horse tipster constantly gives you seven winners out of ten, you know you have found a gold mine. If a politician lies to you seven out of ten, who do you continue to listen to. The Tipster or Politician?

We can no longer afford to be lied to. Be it media or government. But that is all they have on the menu for us. Lies, Disinformation and treachery. The day you treat those two entities as they treat you.. with Contempt, that is the day where the ignorance they have conditioned into you becomes wisdom instead.

This year you will begin to see or feel that something strange is afoot. Trust your instinct and know a lie when you here one. MS Media? Switch off and leave it for the docile lambs to the slaughter. They have become far to conditioned to help now. They are making their bed and soon they will be made to lay in it.


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